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Thread: Pokemon RPG-With A Twist!

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    Default Pokemon RPG-With A Twist!

    So, in this role-play you are a Pokemon. You are in the region of your choice (You can switch regions by reasonable means, such as flying if you are a Starly, for instance.) You roam the lands doing whatever you want to, really

    The Twist...

    You do not choose your Pokemon. What happens is you send an easy form, I go and generate you a random Pokemon, and I respond saying that Pokemon. You could get a mighty Arceus or a puny Sunkern.


    1.Be fair-Even legendary Pokemon have their limits.
    2.The usual-No racism, No smexy stuff ECT.
    3-Have fun!


    A little about yourself (Even a sentence is fine, just weeding out the N003sjpd Pl0xiors...)

    Suggest a type?: (Only the first five can suggest "Dragon" type):
    What do we call your character?:

    I suggest you find the Serebii-dex for your poke and keep it up, just in case you want to know a move it has.
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    This really sounds more like it belongs in the Games section. Please read the RPG Rules - you must supply a 400 word-long plot at the minimum, and players should really have some kind of sign-up form to fill out including the basics (Name, Gender, Personality, etc). Please read the rules before posting.


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