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Thread: *Rangers Of Taron* Sign Up

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    Default *Rangers Of Unova* Sign Up

    Hello and welcome tp my sign up thing for a new RP soon to be made. I will be accepting 4 people to join and I may open it up for more people

    This is the lowdown.

    You are A soon to be pokemon ranger. You are currently enrolling at the Ranger School for 7 days. In these seven days you will learn the basics of becoming a pokemon ramger. ( 7 days means 7 rp days not RL days) You will learn to use your 'stylus' and then become a pokemon ranger!

    More extensive intro in the actual RP. This rp will either be made tomorrow or later tday if I can be bothered.

    Sign up sheet.
    RP name:
    Age: (11-12)
    3 pokemon starters: (you will put these three on your sign up sheet then I will pm you wich starter of your 3 preffered starters you will get)
    Misc InfoOptional)

    EDIT: Changed to being set in unova. It be so much easier.
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    Also how can I change this from showing the actual url to my own text?

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    Time for my sign up sheet.

    RP name: Ryker Harriot
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Description: Ryker is about 4' 11. He has blonde hair with a blue streak in it. He recently moved to Nuvema town to study at the pokemon school. (More description when I get more characters)
    Personality: Kind Easy-Going but reckless
    3 starters: Elektrike, Oshawott, Riolu

    IMPORTANT: im not sure what will happen with the NPC's yet.

    IMPORTANT 2: Remember to have fun in this RP!
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    this might be interesting

    Sign up sheet.
    RP name: Aakash Sivayogan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Description: Aakash is about 4' 9. Jet black hair that is neatly arranged with a fringe with light blue eyes and light brown skin, he wears a set of signature frameless glasses. He is originally from Hoenn, but has moved away to become a ranger.
    Personality: Aakash is a good boy at heart, though at times he can be excessive with his intelligence, to the point it is annoying.
    3 pokemon starters: Litwick, Pawniard, Karrablast

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    Read the rules, or get the modslap.

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