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    Talking Rate My Team

    I have 4 badges currently. Because I don't have the game on me, I can't tell you the stats, I will update later.

    KADABRA/PESCI Lv. 32 - Psybeam, Confusion, Teleport, Shadow Ball
    QUILAVA/BURNER Lv.31 - Flame Wheel, Ember, Cut, Quick Attack
    TOGETIC/EGGYBREAD Lv.31 - Metronome, Headbutt, Flash, Headbutt

    I wanted to get a Heracross but unfortunately they are rare.
    Considering getting a Vaporeon, tell me what you think my next additions should be!

    (Also my first post, YAAAY!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRaichu View Post
    (Also my first post, YAAAY!)
    You don't say.

    You might try here:

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    Sorry, Was unsure what RMT meant :/

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    As said, this is the wrong section, but if you do want your team rated it should be a complete team. Please be sure to read the rules of the Rate My Team section.

    And BCVM, the mini-modding is unnecessary.


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