Hello everyone, I'm new here but I'm a long-time hardcore pokémon fan.

I currently own Pokémon FR, LG and Ruby and I'm planning on buying Emerald. But as many of you, I wanted to be able to catch all the pokémon. I know it's impossible due to the fact that the events are long gone, but I started thinking of ways I could get it to work. I don't want to cheat/hack, so here's what I was thinking:

1- Buy one of those unlocked Emerald games from ebay (the ones that come with all the pokémon, items, etc..). The one I'm thinking about comes with all the special event items (eon ticket, mystick ticket, aurora ticket and old sea chart).

2- Since it includes all the special events items, I was thinking about trading them to my other games.

- Does this work? Since the items were "obtained" in one game, do they work in another one?
- If it works, once I use the items, do I get to keep them or they disappear/become useless?
- Can I clone the items, so I can get them in all my games at the same time?

Any help, within the forum rules, would be much appreciated
I apologise in advance for any english mistakes (writing from Portugal).