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    Default White 2 Ingame RMT

    I am currently on the Start of Victory Road. What level should I train my pokemon up to so they can be ready for the E4? Where can you find Red Shards the fastest? I will not be swapping out pokemon from my team at this point, but moveset recommendations/ changes are appreciated!

    Current Team :

    Emboar(M)Heatblitz LVL 55
    Adamant Nature
    Flame Charge(will be replaced by Flare Blitz when at LVL 62)
    Wild Charge
    Earthquake (achieved by trading to B/W to use TM on)
    Brick Break (achieved by trading to B/W to use TM on)

    Torterra(M)Torqhammer LVL 55
    Impish Nature
    Leech Seed
    Stone Edge
    Wood Hammer

    Milotic(F)Stormsurge LVL 55
    Calm Nature
    Ice Beam

    Staraptor(M)Crushtalon LVL 55
    Jolly Nature
    Brave Bird
    Close Combat

    Haxorus(F)Draceana LVL 55
    Adamant Nature
    Dragon Dance
    Dragon Claw (will be replace with outrage once at LVL 66)
    Earthquake (achieved by trading to B/W to use TM on)

    Lucario(M)Xenonfist LVL 55
    Naive Nature
    Work Up
    Brick Break (will be replaced with Ice Punch once 10 red shards are collected)
    Aura Sphere
    Shadow Ball
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