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It is quite dissapointing & sad to say boring..But I think we're all just growing up. Pokémon may not be getting boring but we're just growing up, ya know? :// I agree but we're just growing up nothing we can do to change that...Besides not everyone worldwide will like Pokémon B/W. Every Gen has it's 'mehhhh' Pokémon. ~Nya :33
I think this is my main reason as much as I hate to say it. I mean its a good game...but it won't be the classics. Just like with any franchise, sonic, Mario, Zelda they all have their classic fans and i'm just one of them.

It's really just sad to see that the era of pokemon that I grew up with is now gone and won't ever return. My childhood is basically dead now...that's why i'm compelled to make a lets play of blue to show this new generation just exactly what it was like for us kids back in the day. Just letting them really get to see in depth what the first chapter of pokemon was.

I feel like I should be saying you kids and your generation 5's and your fusion pokemanz and your enhanced graphics and your story lines;..