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I'm excited to read the RSE Ark since I've yet to only read the current VIZ Kids released PA books, but I have to ask, why is Norman beating his son to a pulp? :P
Or is it different than in the game?
In this continuity, Norman's got a bit of a nasty temper and is already mad at Ruby for running away to be a Coordinator. When he finally finds the poor kid...

On topic, I agree that Norman's stellar parenting and Ruby's, ah, "problem" with the Salamance will almost certainly be censored, unless VIZ has really loosened up since the whole GLARE thing. I mean, if one instance of parental violence can't make it through the censors, then an entire scene's worth...? (When they get to that arc, they'll probably also censor Emerald's tendency to pee on people off of buildings too, haha.) Still, so excited!