Thought I'd post this and see if there was any interest. I've spent quite a bit of time lately at the Battle Tower myself and I'm sure quite a few other people have as well. We already have a thread as to how to Build a Battle Tower Team, but not a thread where people can post their three man BT teams to be rated, or to ask for help/moves/items etc.

So if the point of this thread is to invite people to post their teams/ideas for teams here and we can help rate/suggest improvements to help people reach that elusive 100-win streak that we all want

I'll start by saying that I personally have quite a bit of experience with scouter/sweeper/sweeper, TrickScarf/Set up sweeper/Set up sweeper, and TrickScarf/Set up sweeper/Revenge killer Teams, and would be happy to help anyone who has any questions. Feel free to post I'll check back daily, and if it takes off, i'm sure others will be happy to help