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That. Expect it around Tuesday / Wednesday.
lol I might need more time than that. Don't worry though I promise we will find time to do it.

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Your Team: The Golden Eagles
Opponent's Serebii Username: pikachu725
Opponent's Team: The Goo Lagoon Sharks
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): W: 3-0
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): W: 3-0
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): N/A

GG's bro. I also have to say that pikachu725 had to wake up at 7:00 in the morning, and that might've affected his thinking a bit, so I have to thank him for adapting to this timezone stuff. Thanks pikachu725!
WHOOOO. Go Justin!