Before we go with the discussion, here are a few questions for you to choose personally. No wrong answers.

a. Who is a better Fire-flying type?
Charizard or Ho-oh

b. Who is better with the ability Skill Link?
Cinccino or Cloyster

c. Who is a better Parahax flincher?
Togekiss or Jirachi

d. Who is a better Sheer Force user?
Nidoking or Darmanitan

e. Who is better with the ability Speed Boost?
Sharpedo or Yanmega

f. Who is the bulkier dragon type?
Altaria or Dragonite

g. Who is a better Dragon-Water type?
Kingdra or Palkia

h. Who is the most feared of the Muskateer trio?
Cobalion, or Virizion, or Terrakion, or Keldeo

i. Who is a better user of the ability Technician?
Ambipom or Scizor or Breloom

j. Which duo is a better pokemon on being an impenetrable defensive core in double // single battles?

Skarmory and Blissey, or Ferrothorn and Jellicent

If you answered all 10 questions, good for you. But now I want you guys to share to all of us about the challenges, risks, and burdens of using lower rank pokemon on the higher Tiers, specifically OU (overused) and Ubers.

a. Why do most players of the OU and Ubers, or at times UU, do not want to use their in-game favorite pokemon in the Competitive field of pokemon? And what encourages those few casual (ignorant on competitive standards) / semi competitive players (mindful on competitive standards while clinging to their childhood favorites) to bring their treasured pokemon to the higher tiers knowing that it will loose from the get go before it even does its job (or on some cases, they made their favorites competitive quality)?

b. Are most (majority but not all) competitive pokemon (who are only mindful of winning instead of enjoying a battle for fun, with a few and rare exceptions) players you met/fought insult their opponent if the opponent has a pokemon "that sucks!!!" in the OU realm and say "don't use your wimpy pokemon x! use badass pokemon y!"? How harmful is this to certain players (specifically, anti-smogon players and casual players)?

c. Does a team full of NU pokemon automatically lose to a team full of OU pokemon? Why do certain people hate using low class pokemon (NU and RU) and only praise high class pokemon (OU in general)? Is the competitive society of pokemon sometimes act like racists when it comes to which pokemon does it better?

There goes a saying that "while your pokemon has a role, another pokemon does it better." Does that mean that you must disregard the pokemon you have and use the better one you do not like instead, especially if your goal is to win? What if you are not the player who is only here for fun? Or for those who wanted to win only with their treasured favorite pokemon?


Non competitive NU Team player

Cinccino, Gardevoir, Walrein, Camerupt, Butterfree, Serperior


Competitive OU Team player

Latios, Politoed, Ferrothorn, Dragonite, Jirachi, Terrakion
I bet you know that the NU team has only 20% chance of winning. But does that mean that as a competitive player yourself, you must never bring a team full of NU or low class pokemon in Ubers and Overused?

So which kind of victory is more triumphant for you? Winning with a team full of low class pokemon? Or full of high class pokemon?

It is giong to be interesting for me to find out about your answers. Just curious