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Thread: Clandestine Visions to the Future (Pearlshipping [PG?])

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    Default Clandestine Visions to the Future (Pearlshipping [PG?])

    To All Readers, this is the fanfic that I wrote for the Pearlshipping fanfic contest. The contents, except for the author's note on the bottom, was not altered in any ways. Please do read the author's note on the bottom once you are finished as it contains some interesting info. Without further ado, enjoy the fanfic!

    With the Sinnoh League comes to a close, Ash, Dawn, Pikachu, Piplup, and… err… oh, Brock, decide to travel back to Twinleaf town. “That was an amazing match between you and Paul.” Dawn said as they walked down the road. “Hey, Thanks!” Replied Ash, “But why are you still wearing your Cheerleading uniform?”

    “Well… I kinda forgot to wash my cloth while the Sinnoh League was going on… and I didn’t want to miss any of the action.”

    “Oh, I see. The Sinnoh League sure was amazing. There were so many powerful trainers, Nando, Conway, that trainer from Isshu, and especially Paul.”

    “I was more surprised by Paul’s behavior after the league was over,” Brock suddenly butted in. “He decided to care for his Pokémon much more.”

    “I know.” Ash continued. “He must have finally realized that it takes more than just searching for powerful Pokémon and rigorous trainings to achieve their true potential. I can’t wait for our rematch one day.”

    “Do you think he will do well in the Battle Frontier?” Dawn asked. “Of course he will.” Ash confidently replied with Pikachu following up.

    Moments later, the heroes entered a city that they are unfamiliar with. “Where are we?” Ash asked. “Well, from what the Pokégear indicates, we are in Harven City.” Brock replied. “It’s mostly a tourist--” Brock suddenly stopped when he saw a short haired lady wearing a swimsuit who was passing out flyers to the tourists. Needless to say, Brock ran up to the lady in record speed that only Ninjask can match. Immediately, the surrounding became beautified along with Brock, who began flirting with the lady. “Hello, miss. The name is Brock, and what’s a beautiful woman like you doing at such fine beach, wearing a beautiful swimsuit, and passing out flyers?” The lady, who became a bit terrified, slowly said, “I… am passing out flyers for the annual Luvdisc festival…”

    “Ahh… Luvdisc, the Pokémon that represents love to the highest degree. That body shaped as a heart, beating as strong as mine.” Brock continued as he grabbed her hands. “It must be our destiny to meet like this.” By this time, Croagunk already popped out of his Pokéball, and just as it was about to deliver the fatal strike, “I actually have a boyfriend…” the lady said.
    Both the trainer and the Pokémon could not be more devastated by her answer…

    While Brock is telling Croagunk to Poison Jab him so to put him out of misery, Ash and Dawn ran up to apologize for the depressed trainer. “He gets like that quite often…oh, and I’m Ash from Pallet Town.” Ash said. “My name is Dawn from Twinleaf Town.” Dawn continued. “Nice to meet you, my name is Annika. Here, please take one.” Annika introduced herself along with the flyers. “The Luvdisc festival, huh? It sounds a lot like the Croagunk festival back in Pastoria City.” Dawn said as she looked at the flyer. “Oh, so you know our sister festival.” Annika smiled. "So what kind of a festival is it?" Ash asked.

    Annika took a deep breath, and began explaining, “You guys know the Pokémon Luvdisc, right? Every year, a school of Luvdisc would come here on its migratory route. Because of this, Harven City has always been famous for Luvdiscs. Legend has it that if a couple came here and was blessed by the Luvdisc here, usually either by Sweet Kiss or Aqua Ring; they will be eternally blessed with unlimited love. To celebrate this event, Harven City created this festival to celebrate the Luvdiscs’ coming, for single people to find their true love, and for couples to be blessed eternally. Of course, catching any Luvdisc here is strictly prohibited.”

    “That sounds beautiful!” Dawn exclaimed, while Ash is still confused by why people have to celebrate love…”Still the same oblivious Ash we know, huh…?” Dawn sighed along with Pikachu. Annika looked at them carefully, and chuckled a bit with a bit of blush as she commented “Please do enjoy the festival, you two.”

    Team Rocket, who has been spying them from the beach, smiled as James said, “A Luvdisc festival, I bet that there are lots to eat!” Jessie continued, “I bet there are lots of new fashions for my future contests!” Meowth, instead of continuing along, yelled at them “Are ya two blind? Luvdisc, the Pokémon is our target!” James sighed, “Aww… Can’t we, just once, not try to capture Pokémon and just enjoy ourselves? I mean, since we came to Sinnoh four years ago, we haven’t really had a break…”

    “Wait, it’s been 4 years already?” Meowth confusingly said.

    “Yeah, and we have been trying to capture that twerp’s Pikachu for almost 10 years…”

    “Come to think of it, why haven’t anyone aged since this series has started?” Jessie Pondered… As the three of them brainstorm for the answer to the question, Meowth interrupted and said “Let’s forget about that for now, and focus on capturing the Luvdiscs for the boss!”

    “But would the boss want a pokemon like Luvdisc?” James asked.

    “Of Course! Imagine one day that the boss met the girl of his dream. Sadly, she wasn’t interested by any money, flower, or even power, but a Pokémon that represented his feelings. Then, the boss shows her a Luvdisc that we caught for him. The girl would immediately fall in love with the boss. The boss would then say ‘Because of Meowth and his team caught me Luvdisc, the girl of my dream finally fell for me. They will be paid well, promoted, and become one of my head teams for the future!’” When Meowth finished, Team Rocket’s eyes were shining with joy, while singing “Capture Luvdiscs for the boss, and a big promotion is waiting for us!”

    “But before that, I am going to get something to eat.” James demanded.

    “And I’m going to look for some new accessories and fashions!” Jessie continued.

    “Fine, I’ll just look for some lonely Glameows or Skittys… meowth…” Meowth sighed…


    The scene switches back to our heroes, whom just arrived at the entrance of the Festival. Brock is still depressed by Annika’s rejection 10 minutes ago, said “I can’t believe that she has a boyfriend already…” Dawn, who was in the center of the trio, said “No need to worry, I’m pretty sure that you will find somebody here…” Brock, who’s now even more depressed, shouted “But there’s practically no one else better than her. That beautiful face, that amazing figurine, that smile, that—huh?!” He suddenly stops sulking the moment he saw two beautiful ladies shopping in the festival. Before you can say Happiny, he already ran 80 yards to meet up with the two girls. The background along with Brock was once again beautified, and a confident voice came out of Brock’s mouth. “Hello ladies, you two must be looking for true love. Well, look no further, cause he is right in front of-” Before he could finish, Croagunk already Poison Jabbed him right in between the crack. After a series of reactions to the Poison Jab, Brock fell on his back, and then Croagunk dragged him away. During this whole time, Ash and Dawn watched silently along with a big sweat drop behind their heads. “Well, at least he recovered fast…” Dawn said with a bit of sarcasm.

    “So what to do now? The main event doesn’t start until 3 hours from now.” Ash asked. “There are a lot of stands here for the Luvdisc Festival, why don’t we check it out before it begins.” Dawn replied with a smile. “That sounds like a great idea, but shouldn’t we check on Brock first?”

    “No need to worry, he’ll be fine. Besides, Croagunk is with him.” Dawn said, but a familiar voice in the distance shouted faintly, saying that it’s not fine with Croagunk around. “Do you hear something?” Dawn asked. “Not really, why?” Ash replied, and that same faint voice shouted louder with the same words. “Must have been the winds.” Dawn said. “Anyways, let’s go before the main event begins!” Dawn continued as she held Piplup with one hand and grabbed Ash’s wrist with the other.

    As they toured around the stands of the Festival, they saw quite a few collections and items revolving around Luvdisc: Games, Dolls, Pillows, Glass figurines, even food in the shape of Luvdisc. “There sure are a lot of Luvdisc related materials.” Dawn astoundingly said. “I know, especially these Luvdisc chocolate chip cookies, they’re amazing!” Ash replied as he stuffed yet another on into his mouth. “Old habits die hard since Pastoria City, huh Ash?” Dawn with yet another sarcastic response. “What do you mean? Oh, almost forgot, do you want one?” Ash asked as he handed one to Dawn. “Well, I guess I’ll have one…” Dawn replied as she took it and bites it down. She quickly smiled as she said that these are delicious. As they smiled towards each other, they were interrupted by an old guy behind one of the counters of the stand. “HEY! YOU TWO YOUNG FELLAS!” The old guy yelled, and Ash and Dawn quickly turned towards him. “What is it?” They asked. “It’s quite rare to see such a young couple here in the Luvdisc Festival! How old are you two, 10 or so?!” The old man shouted with a smile.

    “C...c…C…Couple?! W…We’re not like that!” Dawn stuttered while Ash was confused. The old man let out a fulsome laughter as he continue, “Don’t be so shy, you two! Come here and take a look! I bet there’s something you two young love birds would like!” This time, even the King of Oblivious was realizing what the old man was talking about. “We…are just friends…” He said under his breath.

    As the old guy continued to pressure the two, a young guy showed up behind the booth cover, pulled the older guy back, and calmly said “Calm down, Dad, we’re trying to make a sale, not trying to scare them away…” The old man turned around and apologized, “Ah, sorry son, guess I got too excited. But they really look like they’re a young couple!”

    “Like the last ‘couple’ you said, and the last, last one, and the one before… need I go on…?” The hatted, young guy sighed as he walked out of the booth. “Sorry about that, the old man gets really excited around this time of the year… It’s either the atmosphere here, or he needs to see a psychiatrist… with my opinion shifting towards the latter…” Ash and Dawn chuckled a bit while the young guy scratched his head in embarrassment… “I’m Hayden, and you guys are?” The group, sans Brock, introduced themselves as usual. “Nice to meet you two. As a token of apology for my Dad, please accept this.” Hayden said as he handed Ash and Dawn a ribbon with a crystal figurine of Luvdisc. “What is this?” Dawn asked. “This is a Crystal Luvdisc Ribbon. It’s said that by having this, it increases the chance of seeing a golden Luvdisc.” Hayden answered. “Really, buy why would we want to see a golden Luvdisc?” Ash asked. “Glad you asked. As you can see, if you see a golden Luvdisc as a-” Just as Hayden was about to explain, he noticed that his Dad was pressuring yet another couple… “Sorry, I got to stop him before he went overboard again…” He said as he ran back into the booth…

    “So why do you think he meant by the golden Luvdisc?” Ash asked as he and Dawn walked towards the Pokémon Center just outside of the festival. “I don’t know, but this ribbon looks quite rare.” Dawn replied as she examined the ribbon with Piplup and Buneary. When they arrived at the entrance, they saw a familiar short hair lady in front of the entrance. This time she’s wearing a beautiful white and pink colored dress and a short sleeved vest. It was as if she’s waiting for a certain person to come. “Annika!” Ash and Dawn shouted as they ran up to her. Annika turned around and greeted the two. “Hey, you two, how was the festival?”

    “It was quite interesting. I can’t wait for the main event when the Luvdisc comes in an hour and a half.” Ash said. Annika smiled as she said that she can’t wait either. “Oh, almost forgot,” Dawn suddenly said, “There was someone talking about the golden Luvdisc, do you know what that means?”

    “The golden Luvdisc? Yes, I do know. It’s actually one of the biggest reasons why we set up this festival in the first place. I guess we should’ve put that on the flyers…” Annika smiled embarrassingly as she scratched her hair round the temple. “I guess you guys want to know about the legend of the golden Luvdisc in Harven City. Okay, here goes. While the legend of the blessing of Luvdisc had been celebrated for ages ago, the legend of the golden Luvdisc didn’t get started until about 50 years ago. When my grandparents first met here in Harven City, they saw a school of Luvdisc swimming by. One of them was a golden, alternative color Luvdisc, which it came up to bless my grandparents. Soon afterwards, they got married. Eventually, every year, when a couple is blessed by the golden Luvdisc, they lived a happy life full of love. My grandfather dubbed the Luvdisc ‘the pokemon of true destiny’ because the couples that it blessed were practically destined to meet each other, even if they begin as complete strangers. But I thought only a handful of people knew about the legend of the Golden Luvdisc, did anyone else tell you about this?”

    “Yeah, there was a guy telling us this, but he got interrupted by his dad before he could explain anything else.” Dawn said. “Oh, also, he also gave us this.” She took out the Luvdisc Ribbon that Hayden gave. Annika’s face suddenly changed after a close inspection. “Who… did you say give this to you…?” Her voice became quite monotone and shocked. “Umm… I think he said that his name is Hayden.”

    “Where is he?!”

    “L…Last time we checked, h…he was at the second to last stand on the left block with his Dad…” The moment Dawn finished, Annika ran as quick as she can, to the point that rivals even Brock’s speed. But when she arrived, the stand was already closed, as if there was never anyone there. “Why are you hiding from me…?” The girl said as she was trying to catch her breath. Annika then noticed the two kids and their Pokémon that she was talking to catching up to her. “What happened? You just took off like that…” Ash asked. “Sorry… I must have gotten a bit worked up…”

    Sitting on the cushion of the Pokémon center, Ash, Dawn, and Brock, along with Pikachu, Piplup, and Buneary stared at Annika, who was quite depressed as she looked down on the floor. Though the group tried to ask if she is okay, Annika remained silent. “You guys must be wondering what’s my relation with that guy, right?” The silence was broken after 30 minutes had passed. The group said nothing, but their expression said all. “We first met 6 years ago. He was just a rookie trainer that started his adventure when he came to this town, while I was practicing my coordinating skills. Our first meeting wasn’t quite pleasant, as our training method weren’t quite on the same page. We argued a lot, but we also respected each other’s skill as a battler/coordinator. Eventually, I decided to travel with him. I didn’t know why, but probably because without someone to argue with, it actually gets quite lonely. When I saw him taking down every trainer in the Sinnoh League, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Had he not relinquish his position, I don’t think it would be Cynthia standing on the throne of the Sinnoh Champion. I was slowly attracted to him as he won the league and defeated every champion. But when I asked him why he always refused to accept his position as the champion, his answer is always the same ‘what’s the use of being a champion if you aren’t free to do what you want?’… I must have gotten off topic. Sorry.” After taking a deep breath, she continued “I think he began avoiding me on this very day, one year ago. We were actually blessed by a Golden Luvdisc. It was when we made it official. While it wasn’t that obvious initially, slowly but surely I know that he was avoiding me. One day, he just disappeared, and left a note that he’s going out for a walk. Since then I haven’t seen him at all, no phone calls, no mails, nothing… It’s really weird, to be blessed by the symbol of destiny, yet the result is not the same as I expected…”

    “It must have been tough for you.” Brock said as Annika put up a tough smile. Dawn then noticed something and said, “You have been standing outside of the festival entrance, right?”

    “Yes I have.”

    “And you didn’t see anyone like him left, right?”

    “Do you mean that he’s still here?”

    “That’s right! If there is no other way out of the festival, then he’s probably still here!” Dawn confidently said. “And we can help you find him and see what’s going on!” Ash shouted as he stood up and with Pikachu shouts. “Thank you guys!” Annika said as she wiped her tears off. “Of course…” Brock said as he grabbed her hands “If there’s a possibility, perhaps we could—“ Before he could finished, Brock got Croagunked again… “Is it just me, or is Brock mainly for comic relief now…?” Dawn asked with yet another sweat drop behind her. “Probably…” Ash replied with a similar background as the girl next to her.

    As they searched for the missing person in the festival, Team Rocket went back to their rendezvous point. “They sure have a lot of free samples!” James said with satisfaction as he picked his teeth. “And I found a lot of new clothing for my future contests!” Jessie smiled as she carried lots of shopping bags. “You guys sure were lucky, Meowth…” Meowth said in a depressing tone. “Not one Glameow or Skitty would even look at Meowth…” Jessie and James ran next to their depressed teammate and tried to cheer him up. “Come on, Meowth. You’ll find some lucky Pokemon that likes you.” James said as he patted his back. “And don’t forget, we still need you for our plan!” Upon hearing that, Meowth fully recovered as his eyes were burning with fire, and shouted “That’s right! We still have a job for the Boss! Let’s get started! Meowth!!!”

    The festival was about to start, and they have yet to find the guest of honor. All three of them apologized to Annika, but she doesn’t blame them at all. “I should be the one apologizing for dragging you guys into finding him for me…” She said. “If you guys help me to search any longer, you guys will miss the Luvdisc blessing event. It’s really beautiful, and a shame to miss it. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Although they were reluctant to go, Annika eventually convinced them by telling them that she will lead the group there and watch the event with them.

    When they arrived at the beach, Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Annika saw a lot of people, mostly couples, waiting for the Luvdisc to arrive. The time was nightfall, with the moon completely full rising from the edge of the ocean. The reflection of the moonlight onto the sea easily set the atmosphere of the festival. While Dawn was complementing the beauty of the setting, and how it sets up for couples, Ash, as usual, is completely oblivious as he question why. The reflection of the sea slowly turned from white to pink, a symbol of the Luvdisc arriving to Harven city on its annual migratory route. Everyone was getting excited, but Dawn could still notice that Annika wasn’t fully paying attention. “No need to worry, he’s definitely here, I’m sure of it!” Dawn reassured the wondering girl, to which Annika could only reply with a thank you. Just as the Luvdisc is about to arrive on to the shore where the most of the people were, a giant net was raised, catching every single Luvdisc that was swimming towards the shore, and put them inside a tank. “What’s going on?!” The words that was spreading like wildfire on the shore of Harven City. Needless to say, it was done by one particular group that’s emerging from a giant Luvdisc Submarine.

    “Listen, is that chattering that I hear?”
    “Sounds like trouble to my ears!”
    “From the sea!”
    “Past the Moon!”
    “Love Affair!”
    “Taking away love at a neckbreak pace!”
    “Dashing hope, putting fear in its place!”
    “Without love, everything is no longer sweet!”
    “When Luvdisc is delivered, our work is complete!”
    “And it’s James!”
    “Skitties and Glameows, Meowth wants revenge!”
    “Putting the do-gooders in their--”
    “TEAM ROCKET!!!” Ash, Dawn, and Brock shouted from the beach.

    “WHY DO YOU TWERPS ALWAYS INTERRUPT OUR MOTTO BEFORE WE FINISH IT?!” Jessie screamed on top of her lung. “What do you mean we always interrupt, this is probably the second or the third time we did in the past four years in Sinnoh.” Ash rebutted. “Wait, weren’t we just thinking about the four year part or something?” James said. “And the original twerp along with the twerpette look remotely close to 14 years old… wonda’ why?” Meowth continued. As they thought deeply on that question, a random Murkrow flew over the crowd as it cawed.

    “A…anyways, that’s not important. The important thing is that we are leaving with all of the Luvdisc!” James shouted. “No you are not! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!” Ash commanded, and just as Pikachu is about to zap Team Rocket, Jessie suddenly interrupted, “I wouldn’t do that unless you want to hurt those Luvdisc as well!”

    “We knew that the very first thing you will do if we do anything wrong was a Thunderbolt, so we specifically designed the tank for the Luvdisc.” James added.

    “Any attack done to us will trigger an even stronger electric shock to the Luvdisc Tank!!” Meowth laughed. With that said, Ash recalled his attack. “What do we do now, Ash?” Dawn asked in desperation. “Ughhhh… there must be something we can do, but what?!” Ash replied as he gripped his fist as hard as he can. “The only thing you can do is let us be, and now we take our leave!” Team rocket rhymed.

    As Team Rocket is about to take their leave by diving down into the sea, a Metagross suddenly showed up and hit Team Rocket with Bullet Punch. “Hey! Whoever did that, do you not care for your precious Luvdisc anymore?!” Jessie shouted at the Metagross, which caused the shadowy figure on the man-made cliff to shout, “As long as I don’t trigger the electric shock means the Luvdisc won’t be hurt, right?” Everyone was looking at the person on the cliff, and one specific girl has already recognized that voice. “True, but it’s a hair trigger, do you really think that they won’t be harmed at all?!” Jessie shouted on the microphone.

    “Do you see any of the Luvdisc being shocked?” The shadowy figure smiled. Everyone stared at the tank, and none of the Luvdisc seemed like it was shocked. “WHAT?! But how?!” Team Rocket screamed. “As long as I focus the attack on one spot without wasting any energy on the surroundings, it shouldn’t trigger the electric shock. Wouldn’t you say?!” The mysterious person said as he removed his hat to reveal a familiar face. The face of everyone, especially Annika, was shocked by the appearance of the person. “Hayden…” Annika quietly said. “But I must applaud you guys for finding such a powerful armor. My Metagross’s Bullet Punch has the ability to even break through Steelix’s defense.” He continued as he jumps down from the cliff. “So What?! Even if ya did find a way to break through our trigger, we can still take care of ya, Meowth. Mecha-Luvdisc, Hydro Pump!!!”

    “But Luvdisc can’t learn Hydro P-”

    “I DON’T CARE!!! FIRE!!!” With that scream, the submarine fired off a powerful jet of water onto the Metagross. Metagross effortlessly dodged all of the attacks, while Hayden merely snickered at their efforts. “If that’s the best you guys can do, then it’s time to wrap this up.” With his fingers pointing at the Mecha-Luvdisc, and four people running towards him, Hayden commanded, “Meteor Mash!” The limb of the Metagross shined, and the force of the attack easily cut through the water that was aiming for it. With the last bit of the water cut through, Team Rocket began to scream in fear of what will happen. The attack went through, and the Luvdisc Submarine was split cleanly into two pieces, with Team Rocket’s piece falling towards the beach, and the wild Luvdisc released back into the ocean.

    Team Rocket emerged from the broken cockpit and the first group of people they met was the mad couples that were angry for them for interrupting the festival. “If that doesn’t work, then we will battle for them! Prepare to have a taste of Meowth’s Fury Swi-” Meowth cried out, but was interrupted by Ash and Dawn. “We don’t have time for you guys, Pikachu/Piplup, Thunderbolt/Hydro Pump!” The two Pokémon combined both of their attacks and struck Team Rocket, and with an explosion, they were sent flying. “Even in a fanfiction it’s the same old ending…” James sighed… “Wait we are in a fanfiction?!” Jessie was shocked. “Haven’t you notice that we have been breaking the fourth wall like crazy?! If it wasn’t the dub, what else could it be?!

    “We’re blasting off again!”

    As the trainers congratulated their Pokemon, Annika ran up to Hayden and immediately give him a slap in the face. “Guess I deserved that…” Hayden said as he stood without any resilient. “You left a note and disappeared. You didn’t call, write, or even text to talk about your status, and now you just show up out of nowhere and being some hero without telling me that you are back, what makes you think that you didn’t deserve that?!” Annika yelled. “Do you hate me or something… is that why you are avoiding me?” She continued as tears slowly drips out of her moist eyes. By now, Ash, Dawn, and Brock have surrounded them like spectators. “No… it’s not like that… I couldn’t hate you even if I tried…

    “The truth is…that I was afraid… To be blessed by the golden Luvdisc when we least expected, and made it official at that moment, it scared me like crazy. You already knew that I was quite oblivious when we first met, and when something like this happened all of the sudden, I have no idea what to react. I was afraid that I’ll hurt you, disappoint you, and left you in pain and/or fear… That’s why I left without saying anything… I was afraid I’ll hurt you badly. Sigh… thing were easier when we were just friends…”

    “And you think I wasn’t afraid? Don’t you know that women are more afraid of love than guys? Do you know how worried I was when you started avoiding me? Do you know how painful it was when you just leave with a note and disappeared? What if something happened to you? What if you were injured, in trouble, or if something worse happened? How could I live with myself if anything happened to you? I…I just don’t know what to say anymore…” Everyone around them were stunned, with Ash and Dawn wanting to try to calm them down. However, Brock stopped them, saying that they must work this problem out by themselves. Everyone was watching, the couples around the beach, the main group, and all the Luvdisc that was on the shore.

    “I am planning to leave tomorrow.” Hayden said as he turned around.

    “Then go…” Annika cried as she wiped her tears.

    “To prepare for the Champion of Champions League.”


    “I want a partner to help me train for it…”


    “Are you interested to be the one helping me, like old times?”

    “…I don’t want be like the old times…”

    “…I see… does that mean that--”

    “I’ll go with you, but if you can’t convince me that you are ready to be with me, I will leave before the league starts. Does that sound fair?”

    “I understand.” The moment Hayden finished, Annika ran up to him, and both held each other as hard as they could. Everyone around started clapping along with the Luvdiscs spewing out water to celebrate. “That was beautiful.” Dawn said as she clapped. “I know, even though I don’t really know what they’re really arguing about, but it was wonderful that they made up.” Ash commented, and Dawn’s face had a bit of change to awkwardness.

    The main event began, and every couple that was on the beach, except for Hayden and Annika, was blessed by the Luvdiscs. Some of the couples were blessed by the Aqua Ring that surrounded and spinned around the pairs. Some of the other couples were blessed by Sweet Kiss that had hearts flowing around their surroundings. A few even had both blessings at the same time, which the main organizers were saying that they will eternally love each other. However, to everyone’s surprise, there was no golden Luvdisc this year. “Perhaps those Team Rocket scared it off… but it’s okay, things happen for a reason.” Annika said. All in all, the main event was successful in the end.

    One hour after the main event had passed, and Dawn was watching the scenery of the sea on the beach. The sea breeze along with the beauties of the surroundings was something that cannot be replicated or substituted easily. Couple of minutes later, Ash suddenly showed up where Dawn was. “Ash!” Dawn exclaimed. “Hey Dawn, what are you doing here?” Ash asked.

    “Annika said that she wants to teach me some coordinating tips here.”

    “Really? Hayden said that he wants to give me some battling tips here.”

    “…Do you think that they did this on purpose?”

    “…I don’t know… maybe… but why?”

    “I don’t know either…” Ash said in a confused tone. As they stood there, they were listening to the sound of the sea crashing onto the shore, the sound of the breeze, and some other echoes made by the surroundings. The glittering reflection of the moon was at its absolute best, and the stars were shining as bright as it can. “This place is really beautiful, isn’t it?” Dawn smiled. “It sure is.” Ash replied.

    “Hayden and Annika, they really like each other, don’t they?”

    “I don’t really know, but they were happier when they weren’t arguing with each other.”

    “Do you think that one day we will find a significant other, and share a similar relationship and history like them?”

    “Of course we will, Dawn. But first, I hope to follow Hayden’s footstep and become a league champion first, and then Pokémon Master.”

    “I know, and my goal to become a top Coordinator like my Mom.” Dawn said with a happy smile, and both of them exchanged a high-five. “But do you think they’re coming?” She said a bit anxiously. “Yeah, they’re late. Why don’t we see if they’re still at the Pokémon center?” Ash said. “Sounds good.”

    Just as they were about to leave, they suddenly heard a sound of something emerging out of the sea. The both of them turned around to see what it was. Initially, they thought that it was just a reflection of the moon, but upon a closer inspection, and with the ribbon that Hayden gave them glowing, they saw a rare, golden Luvdisc in front of them. Ash and Dawn ran up to the golden Luvdisc, wondering if it was lost or late. The shiny Luvdisc stared long and carefully at the two kids, gave a big smile, and all of the sudden, performed an Aqua Ring and Sweet Kiss simultaneously on Ash and Dawn. The shiny Luvdisc quickly left the scene, leaving the duo completely stunned and blushing on the beach. “W…wh…what d-d-ddid you think that m-m-meant?!” Dawn stuttered. “u-u-uh I don’t k-k-know.” Ash copied her. Although the two kids tried to look at each other, they couldn’t look into each other’s eyes like usual. “W-w-w-why don’t we go back to the p-p-p-Pokémon Center first?!” The both of them spoke simultaneously, and walked as stiff as possible back to the center.

    The morning came, and the trio left Harven City. “The festival sure was fun, wasn’t it?” Brock cheered, but Ash and Dawn said nothing. The expression on their face showed that they didn’t sleep a wink at all last night. “Are you two okay? Why do you two seem like you guys were hiding something from me?” Brock asked. “Nothing happened last night!” The both of them shouted out loud. “O…kay.” Brock replied slowly. Although they tried to pretend that never happened, the impression of the shiny Luvdisc and the relation impact of Hayden and Annika was too strong. They peeked at each other, “No need to worry?” Ash quietly said, “No need to worry.” Dawn replied. With Brock checking the Pokégear for the location of their next destination, Ash and Dawn slowly reached towards each other’s hands, and hid it behind their back as they stared at each other with a smile, symboling that no matter what happens next, they will face it together from now on like their role model they met back in Harven City.

    Author’s note (8/14/10): In terms of style, I tried to keep it as close to the anime as possible, such as the personality and the storyline, along with a few exceptions. There were actually more materials that I had planned for this short story, but due to a lot of stuff (summer courses, MCAT, etc…) I am doing forced me to rush a lot of stuff and left out some others. Some of the materials that I left out/forgot to add include:

    • Meowth’s fantasy with the boss had another part, where he planned to replace Persian, and his love for the boss was supposed to be more… affectionate.
    • More explanation on why Dawn was wearing the Cheerleader dress.
    • More on similarities between Dawn and Annika, along with Ash and Hayden
    • After the Mecha-Luvdisc was destroyed, there was suppose to be a battle between Meowth alone against Pikachu, Piplup, and Buneary, with Meowth winning. Then Hayden and Annika coached Ash and Dawn on Meowth’s movement and strategies, and defeats Meowth with Ash and Dawn’s teamwork.
    • After the Golden Luvdisc event with Ash and Dawn, there was suppose to be one more scene between the four of them. I planned for Hayden and Annika to tease a bit on Ash and Dawn, their stiffness upon coming back, which links to the Golden Luvdisc event, and private talk between guys and gals. Hayden tells Ash do not let someone like Dawn go, while Annika tells Dawn similar things.
    • The ending also ended a bit abrupt and would benefit more with the point above. Brock was also to ask them in a sarcastic tone rather than a normal questioning.
    • Brock and Hayden’s dad was suppose to be meet up and comment on the similarities between the two pairs.
    • Inintially I wanted to add more on the origin of the Luvdisc Ribbon, and how it ended on Hayden’s possession. The Legend of the Golden Luvdisc, while remains true in the short story, it could only have worked if the couple possessed the Luvdisc Ribbon, and the Golden Luvdisc must have blessed both ways. But these were removed to make the legend a bit more mysterious, yet it didn’t felt complete when I did that…
    • Hayden was suppose to use either Pikachu or Lucario to battle against Team Rocket, but I felt that Pikachu would lack enough power to strike it down the way I planned, and Lucario can’t really make it over to where Team Rocket was on the ocean.
    • Quite a few parts of the story were actually rushed without checking for completion. As such, some parts of the story didn’t really blend well…

    I hope that you guys enjoyed this fanfic, and hope that you guys will continue to support Pearlshipping!!
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    Thumbs up 10/10 Very good PS fic.

    plxtreme Awesome job. I loved the one-shot that you've made. If only there was an episode like this in the Anime lol. Its too bad some things were cut out but it was still good non the less. I loved the golden Luvdisc part with Ash and Dawn and their reactions. I hope you write more Pearlshipping fics because this is one of the best I've read so far. Thank you for sharing this fic with us Pearlshippers. Until another time crimson out.

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