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    Default Pokemon Heroes: Another Legend (Altoshipping, PG13)

    Here it is, the “popularly requested” (well, kinda) Altoshipping fic! ^^; Before we get to the actual story, I’ll have to make some things clear for you guys. This rewritten version of the movie Pokemon Heroes fic links my Pokemon/Final Fantasy VII-IX fic (called Final Fantasy: Forever Bonded) to its sequel. Because of this, there will be some things that you won’t quite understand, but I’ll try my best not to confuse you guys or spoil my P/FF fic!

    Oh, yes, there will also be two of my original characters making an appearance (okay, more than an appearance) in this fic! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ve provided a profile pic and a tiny description for each character:

    Triko: (Not pronounced “Treecko,” as in the Pokemon, but like the word “triangle.” ^^;; ) A seventeen year old girl from the world of Final Fantasy VIII who wields a unique ax/spear and a whip. After their adventure together, her usual serious attitude gets somewhat mellowed out by Ash’s personality.

    Vrikesho: (Rhymes with “Triko”--heh, I just realized that!) A winged Guardian Force of Triko’s. He helped raise Triko since she was a child, so they both have a very special bond with each other.

    For the rating, this fic will be PG-13 for violence only. Alright, you guys, let’s get going!

    Pokemon Heroes: Another Legend

    Chapter 1

    “Here it is!” whispered a female. “The book that talks about the legend of Latios and Latias!”

    “What about the jewel? Does it say anything about that?” questioned another female.

    The two women were inside an empty library of ancient books and scrolls at night, reading over a book they plan to steal. Just then, footsteps were heard coming towards them.

    “Hey! Who’s in here?” yelled the security guard.

    At that, the women stuffed the book in their backpack and ran off to the window in which they broke in to. The blonde stayed back however to leave their trademark card and rose in the book’s empty slot.

    “Come on, Annie. Let’s go!” said the other female in a harsh whisper.

    “There! Coming, Oakley!” As the two escape the library, the security guard walked in to the aisle where the book was stolen. He suddenly caught a glimpse of the card and rose jutting out of the shelves with his flashlight, and immediately he pulled the security alarm. Unfortunately, the two women were already far away from the library to be caught for their recent crime.

    Inside their highly advanced vehicle (which is able to transform to a car, a jet, or a boat--right now it’s a jet), Oakley, the silvery-blue haired woman, started to give a little recap of what little she glanced of in the book to her partner, Annie.

    “I’ve read that there is this powerful machine built in Altomare, called the DMA. It’s rumored to give absolute power of the city to the one who controls the machine!”

    “Oh, that doesn’t interest me! I want that beautiful jewel!” exclaimed Annie.

    “Well, coincidently, that jewel, called the Soul Dew, is what we need to get that machine working,” said Oakley. “Of course, we need to keep those Guardians of Altomare out of our way.”

    “You mean Latios and Latias? Nah, they won’t be much of a problem, since we are two of the most wanted criminals in the world!” cried Annie in a positive tone.

    Over the horizon, the bright lights of Altomare emerged into the duo’s view. “Well, here we are!” said Oakely. The two ladies smirked as they flew off into the peaceful city, ready to begin one of their most heinous crimes yet.


    It was a bright and sunny day at Altomare, but it also happens to be the day when the yearly “Tour de Altomare” race is held. The race involves the players to use a water Pokemon to guide them through the city’s canals as the they hold on to a rope attached to their Pokemon and ski on the surface of the water with their pods. Including the unusually high number of participants in the competition that year is a tough-looking girl named Triko and a spiky black haired boy named Ash Ketchum, both wearing regular t-shirts and jeans. These two have just signed up in the race, much to Triko’s annoyance. After Ash had pleaded her to join in, she ultimately agreed to get him off her back. Then she thought amusingly to herself, At least it’ll be fun to beat Ash and rub it in his face!

    Above them were two Pokemon hovering in the air, watching the race taking place. They were hidden from the public eye because of their special feathers that could make them invisible. One of them was Latias, a red female dragon Pokemon, who exclaimed, “Look at all the Pokemon and humans, Brother! It’s going to be an exciting race!”

    The other Pokemon Latios, a blue male dragon, answered, “But I doubt anyone’s going to defeat Ross and his Wailmer this year.”

    Below, the participants and their water Pokemon began to get into their starting positions. Ash took an open spot beside Triko and the Kingdra she’s using for the race.

    “Hey, good luck, Triko!” Ash said, smiling. He had the confidence to win and show her a thing or two about how good he can really be!

    “Thanks, Ash, but I think you’ll need it more than I do!” Triko said jokingly. Sometimes it amazed her at how well they got along together now than they did when they first met.

    Suddenly, the voice of the announcer broke Triko’s thoughts. “Are you all ready for the “Tour de Altomare” racing competition!? Racers, when you hear the Xatu, that’ll be your cue to start!”

    “Alright! Are you ready, Mantine?” Ash asked his racing Pokemon. The Pokemon turned its head to Ash and nodded excitedly.




    “And the racers are off!” exclaimed the announcer.

    In a rush, all the competitors hurried to claim the first place lead. Ash struggled to get out of the way of the oncoming racers as Triko jets past him, lightheartedly ruffling his short black hair before Ash had the chance to say, “Hey!” Of course, last year’s champion Ross sped ahead from the rest of the racers with ease, but Triko easily comes up beside him.

    “Wow, there’s someone just as good as the champion!” said Latias.

    “It looks like they’re going faster than the rest of the racers.” Indeed, both Ross and Triko were a few feet ahead than the clump of competitors behind them. “I’ll just follow the leaders and see which one of them wins, Sister.”

    “Okay, Brother,” replied Latias. She wanted to stay back to look at all the different Pokemon and humans. Just then, she saw a boy with spiky black hair speeding up to the head of the pack. That Mantine can sure swim! Latias thought to herself. But as the boy faced a sharp turn, the Mantine started to get excited. The water Pokemon swerved to the left harshly, causing the boy to lose balance on his pod.

    “Waaaaahhh!” Ash yelled as he was flung off his pod and into the balcony of a building.

    Oh no! He’s going to hit those sharp railings! thought Latias with great concern. She immediately flew right in front of the boy so she can cushion and protect him, but something unexpected happened. With Latias blocking his way, Ash was heading right at the dragon Pokemon. Instead of facing a world of pain as he had thought, he was greeted with a soft impact on his lips. The dragon Pokemon, on the other hand, was feeling the exact same thing. Apparently, Latias had unintentionally saved the boy with a kiss!

    Even more so, Ash had his arms wrapped around the invisible Pokemon’s neck. At the weight and anchor of the boy, both he and Latias fell down to the water. As they dropped, Ash caught a glimpse of Latias’ golden eye through a small beam of sunlight, but lost his gaze from crashing to the waters. Underwater, Latias helped carry Ash up to the surface and quickly placed his arms onto his floating pod. As she was doing that, Ash noticed on the pod a shadow, but it suddenly disappeared just as that comforting warmth behind him vanished…

    Getting back to the race, Ash started to replay the whole thing in his mind, and it made him smile, even though he was one of the last racers.

    At the head of the competition, both Ross and Triko were battling for first place as they approached the finish line. Latios watched with interest at how the race would end up in. With the finish line just seconds away, Kingdra gave every ounce of its energy to lunge forward, and because of that… the Pokemon became victorious!

    “That’s it! The new champion of the 'Tour de Altomare' race is Triko!!”

    “YEAH! We won! That was great, Kingdra!” complimented Triko.

    “Congratulations, Triko. That was an amazing race, huh?” Ross asked.

    “I guess it was!” replied Triko. “Hmm, where’s Ash so I can rub it in on him!”

    A short while later, Latias reunited with her older brother, but with her eyes casted downward.

    “Sister, is there something wrong?” questioned Latios. But as Latias lifted her head, it seemed to him as though she was smiling and blushing a little! “… What happened?”

    “Oh, I shouldn’t bother you with it, Brother. I’m fine!” Latias explained.

    “... Alright, Sister. Come on, let’s go home.”

    At that, the two Eon Pokemon started off for home, just as Ash rounded the corner and saw Triko up in the winner’s platform.
    So how did you guys think about the first chapter? Please review! ^^
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