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Thread: Pokemon Heroes: Another Legend (Altoshipping, PG13)

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    If this fic was locked, why can we still post to the thread?

    Besides, I didn't see anything wrong with it.
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    You can still post to it because I unlocked it after checking it against the rules and fixing the one thing that looked like a minor violation.

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    Talking Hooray!

    Weee, my fic is reopened! ^_^ I thank you for those who have gone to support me, and thank you Murgatroyd for checking and unlocking my fic! Hmm, I thought I put the rating in an obvious spot, but I guess I was wrong. ^^; Anyway, as “celebration,” I give you guys Chapter 5! This one is full of information (and it’s a long chapter, too), but I promise that this will be the last “slap-info-in-your-face” chapter! Heheh… Chapter 6 is where we start the action! =P

    Chapter 5 is by far the hardest one to write (because of too much info to include), so there might be some mistakes that I overlooked… so if you guys find any of them, feel free to tell me and I’ll fix it. ^^;;;

    Chapter 5

    “… What’s taking him so long? We can’t wait for him in this museum all day long!” Triko complained. Both she and her GF were still standing around in the museum, thinking that Ash would come right back after that bizarre little event.

    “But why would Ash run off like that? It doesn’t make sense,” Vrikesho pondered.

    “I don’t know. Come on, we better go look for him before he gets lost out there,” Triko said as she started walking out of the museum. “I don’t want him to get into any trouble.”

    Vrikesho,” the creature uttered in agreement, following his friend to the exit.

    After wandering through the darkness for a short while, Ash could finally see light at the other end of the path. Latias let go of his hands and stood beside him, letting Ash go on ahead of her. He walked on towards the light, and when he reached it, he saw a grand and beautiful garden. It was filled with lush trees, green bushes, well-kept grass, and even Pokemon. There were various pools of calm water situated near the white stone lanes stretching out all over the garden. Ash could also see a great fountain and altar far off in the distance.

    “This place is wonderful,” Ash said, turning to the girl. “Do you live here?”

    Latias nodded to him, and then she took off down the stairs and turned left to the bushes. Confused, Ash followed her, and after running by a pool he saw her sitting on a swing, swaying up and down. As he neared her, Latias got off the seat and offered it to him. Still puzzled, Ash accepted her offer and sat down on the swing. This is it, thought Latias. She then stood in front of Ash, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Blue light soon shone on her, and instantly she transformed to her true Pokemon self!

    “Waaah!!” was all Ash had managed to say about that! He grabbed on to the ropes of the swing to keep himself from falling off in surprise, but after gazing more closely at the red dragon Pokemon, he realized something. Wait a minute… the statue at the museum, the shadow, and her… eyes…! They’re just like—

    Ash reached out his hands and slowly brought Latias’ bewildered face towards his own, staring at her golden eyes. He raised his right hand to his face… felt his lips with his gloved fingers, reminiscing that day at the race, and he asked her softly, “… Were you the one…?”

    “Ash!! Are you in here?” a voice called out, interrupting their little moment. It came from the same entrance that Ash and Latias went through.

    “Wha… Triko?” Ash said in surprise, recognizing her voice. Turning his head, he could already see her and Vrikesho walking into the sunlight and staring at the breath-taking scene in front of them. Triko’s reaction soon changed from marvel to anger the moment she saw Ash sitting on the swing.

    “Where have you been, Ash?!” Triko glared at him. “We’ve been looking all over for you! Lucky I sensed you here before anything bad happened to you. We—hm?” she suddenly stopped herself. The way Ash was still holding up the red dragon’s head close to his own caught her attention. Realizing this, Ash immediately released his grasp and put his hands on his lap, looking down with a scant hint of red on his face.

    “Excuse us for intruding on your premises, miss, but we were looking for our friend here. We were very worried about him…” Vrikesho apologized to Latias, just as Triko resumed her glaring at Ash, “… as you can see.”

    “I’m sorry that I didn’t come back soon like I said, but I made a new friend, and she wanted to show me her home,” Ash explained, glancing at Latias for affirmation. The Pokemon nodded happily in agreement.

    Triko sighed. “… All right. But don’t run off without telling us where you’re going, okay?”

    “I won’t,” Ash smiled.

    “Well, glad that’s settled, I guess. Sorry again for barging in like this,” Triko apologized to Latias. After the dragon accepted their forgiveness with a nod, a pair of footsteps was heard coming towards the group. When all of them turned their heads to see who it was, they saw a boy with blue hair looking angrily back at them.

    “Sister, who are they?! What are they doing here?” the boy demanded Latias telepathically inside her head.

    Latias hovered up to her brother and chirped excitedly. “No need to worry, Brother! They’re very kind, and they’re all my newest friends!”

    “Friends or not, they are forbidden here! You know that,” the boy reminded his sister.

    Latias shook her head sadly. “Brother… please?”

    As the two were conversing with each other, Vrikesho, Ash, and Triko couldn’t help but overhear them... well, at least oversee their emotions, anyways.

    “He’s mad at her for bringing me here… Man, I feel awful,” Ash said guiltily.

    “Hey, Ash, this isn’t your fault. She wanted to bring you here,” Triko reassured.

    Nodding, Vrikesho added, “She must really think you’re someone special to let you come to her beautiful garden home.”

    “R-r-really?” Ash stuttered with interest. He looked down and smiled at the thought while Triko and Vrikesho looked at each other with sly smiles on their faces.

    Finally finishing their conversation, the boy and the red dragon went up to the group.

    “… I am sorry for my rude behavior, but it has been a long while since we have had any humans here. That’s why I was shocked to see you two humans here,” the boy said without moving his mouth.

    “My brother and I have always lived here with no one else but the various Pokemon that visit our home,” Latias communicated to them in the same way.

    Ash, Triko, and Vrikesho all glanced at one another. “You guys can speak psychically?” Ash asked. This wasn’t the first time the three experienced telepathic communication—in fact, they befriended a Pokemon with that ability, but he was the only one they met who had it, until now.

    Latias giggled. “Right! It’s one of our species’ special powers.”

    Something didn’t seem right with that explanation. “Uh, excuse me for asking this, but are you two siblings... in the same species? If that's true, then how is it that you’re a human… and you’re a Pokemon?” Triko asked, baffled.

    “Oh! We’re terribly sorry for confusing you!” the boy exclaimed. “Well, I think it’s finally time for me to change back.”

    “Change back…?” Vrikesho questioned. The boy nodded approvingly and closed his eyes. Doing just what Latias did for Ash, the boy transformed back into his Pokemon self: the blue Eon dragon Pokemon Latios!

    Triko and Vrikesho just stood there staring at Latios with wide eyes while Ash grinned. “So you two are Latios and Latias, the legendary guardians of Altomare? And you have the ability to shapeshift into humans? That’s really neat!” Ash commented.

    “Thank you, … um,” Latias started to say. Oh, I still don’t even know what his name was! she thought to herself.

    Predicting what Latias was probably thinking, Ash smiled and answered her unsaid question. “Sorry for not giving our names earlier. My name’s Ash, and this is Vrikesho and Triko,” Ash extended his arm to his two friends as he introduced them.

    Ash… so that’s his name… Latias thought to herself, happy to finally know after all this time.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you all. It seems my sister has chosen very good friends,” Latios complimented. “Well, you three must have already visited the Museum of Altomare and read all about us, have you?”

    “Why, yes, that’s right,” Vrikesho confirmed. “How did you know?”

    “The museum is very popular for both natives and tourists, so naturally I would think that anyone who comes here would take a visit there.”

    “Oh. So everything written in that museum is true?” Triko asked.

    Latias nodded to Triko. “Yes, they are. We made sure the writers got everything right,” she added in a smile.

    “… So that must mean that you guys were still around before the museum was built?" Ash asked.

    “Yes, that’s right--Ash. But we age at the same rate as people do.” Latias answered, happily uttering his name for the first time.

    A perplexed Vrikesho spoke up. “I’m not sure we understand…”

    Latios crossed his dragon arms. “We have the power to halt our growth. My sister and I decided long ago that we would keep our state as it was back then in order to protect our city for many generations. But we only have one chance to use it. Once we choose to return to our normal growth, we cannot stop our aging process again.”

    “Hmmm… at least you have a choice to go back to a normal life…” Triko broke off, turning her solemn face away from the group. Ash stared after her with concern, not understanding her sudden change of mood. He knew something was bothering her, that’s for sure, but what it could be…

    “*Ahem* Uh, please excuse me for asking, but Vrikesho, sir, what species are you? You don’t seem like a Pokemon I have ever seen, even though we have been here for several centuries,” Latios asked.

    “Oh! U-u-uh… well…” Vrikesho stammered, desperately looking for something to answer Latios’ question.

    “Er, you see…” Ash began, trying to help his GF friend in this awkward situation, but Triko interrupted.

    “I think it’s time we explained some things,” Triko sighed. “Latios, Latias, the truth is that Vrikesho and I… are from another world.”

    “Huh? From another world?” Latias repeated.

    “How is that possible?”

    “Well, just like you two have abilities specific to yourselves, Triko has the ability to travel into any world and time period she wishes,” Vrikesho explained.

    “And that’s how we got to see each other. I’m originally from this world like you guys, and I guess by fate Triko ended up where I was… and a lot happened after that,” Ash added.

    Triko nodded slowly in agreement, her eyes closed. “So much took place… We all fought for the things we believed in, suffered unbearable hardships… watched close ones die…”

    “… We’re sorry. We never knew…” Latias apologized.

    “No, it’s alright, Latias. A great friend of ours told us that we should always look towards the future and never let any sorrows of the past haunt us. So, I’m keeping on to her words and not let any losses I had to endure bring me down,” Ash said with determination.

    I was right… Ash has been through so much… but he’s dealing with it so maturely… Latias thought with both sadness and pride.

    “Hey, Latias?” Ash interrupted her thoughts. “What did you wanted to do when you brought me here? You know, I’m really looking forward to it!” Ash flashed a sweet smile in Latias’ direction.

    Of course, Latias couldn’t protest at that! She faced her brother, who replied, “You two go on ahead.” Delighted, Latias took Ash’s hand like before and led him off to another part of the grand garden.

    “Hmm, they seem to get along really well,” Triko observed the two from a distance. “It… makes me happy that Ash is finally enjoying himself after so long.”

    “You know, I haven’t seen my sister this ecstatic either. It makes me wonder how they first met,” Latios said while they watched Ash and Latias beginning to play a game of tag.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Vrikesho spotted a fountain and a beautifully designed altar a little ways off. “What is that over there?” Vrikesho asked Latios.

    Latios turned to look at what Vrikesho was talking about. “That altar? It is where we keep the Soul Dew.”

    “You mean the same blue orb that made the dark storm from the legend disappear with its light?” Triko recalled.

    “That’s correct. We’ve been protecting it here ever since. Would you two like to see it?”

    “Well, only if it’s alright with you,” Vrikesho said.

    Smiling, Latios led the two up the stairs and turned to the right towards the altar with a small pool of bubbling water containing the glowing blue sphere.

    “It’s really pretty,” Triko complimented.

    “The Soul Dew also has the power to bring fresh, crisp water all over the city, which flows from this very altar,” Latios explained.

    “So the jewel was the one that helped create the canals that are all over Altomare?” Vrikesho asked as Latios nodded in agreement.

    “And it also allows more availability of clean, drinkable water in an island surrounded by ocean saltwater?” Triko elaborated.

    The blue dragon smiled. “And that too, of course. The Soul Dew is very important to everyone living here. It is really the source of the whole city. Without it, the water will leave, giving the greatest possibility of the city’s downfall.”

    “Something as terrible as that should be prevented, especially with so many lives at stake,” Vrikesho exclaimed.

    “Which is why my sister and I take the safety of the Soul Dew very seriously… but some people do not realize that. Here, let me show you this,” Latios said, motioning Triko and Vrikesho to follow him. He turned his back to the podium and approached a floor full of gray stone tiles. Upon a closer inspection, each of the stone tiles had an inscription written in some kind of ancient language. They looked like instructions for operating a machine that looked very familiar, but the tiles were all scrambled out of order.

    “Hey, isn’t that the machine in the museum, Latios?” Triko recollected.

    “Yes, it is the same machine that was designed to further guard Altomare in a crisis, but at a risky price. The DMA requires the Soul Dew and a Latios or Latias host to give up as much of their energy as possible in order to provide the machine its power over Altomare.”

    “What! How would the DMA protect Altomare if it’s putting its water source and guardians in danger?” Vrikesho cried.

    “… That’s the very same thing I was thinking when they first built it, but we couldn’t do anything about it… they just shunned us…”

    Triko and Vrikesho were now silent from shock. They never realized that Latios and Latias had to put up with such disrespect.

    Breaking the silence, Latios added positively, “Fortunately, the machine was never used, so my sister, the Soul Dew, and I are still free from harm. And I doubt anyone would know how to get the DMA operating,” the dragon focused his attention to the stone tiles filled with ancient symbols, “especially with the instructions being difficult to solve.”

    “Hey, you’re forgetting one thing: You and your sister are powerful guardian Pokemon, right? So of course you two can prevent anything like that from happening,” Triko reassured.

    “I suppose it’s true,” Latios agreed, showing a valiant grin.

    “Oh, before I forget, are there any other powers characteristic to your species? It really quite amazes me,” Vrikesho commented.

    Latios thought for a few seconds. “Hmm, well, there are our feathers that can refract light to enable us to become invisible…”

    “That seems very useful,” Triko stated.

    “It is, Triko. I’ve used it quite often while patrolling Altomare,” Latios nodded. “… And there’s one last ability…”

    “Hm, any idea what they’re talking about, Latias?” Ash was back sitting on the swing seat, with Latias levitating directly behind him and swinging right along his steady beat.

    “Brother is probably explaining to them the Soul Dew, the DMA, and the stone inscriptions that are up there. He knows a lot of things,” Latias said as she held on to both of the swing’s ropes.

    “Hey, you’re pretty smart, too. You did help with the information accuracy in the museum, remember?” Ash declared, but after a slight pause, Ash added in a very low whisper, “And you knew what to do when I passed out from that attack yesterday.” Ash soon fixed his sight on Latias’ face in admiration. The red dragon suddenly felt his warm gaze on her, so she looked down and saw Ash’s kind expression in return. Both of them stared at each other’s eyes for an instant, until Ash turned his head to the ground with red on his face.

    “U-uh, want to switch places, Latias?” Ash asked quickly, trying to cover up his awkward behavior.

    “… Okay…” Ash then got up and went around to the back of the seat, climbed up, and mounted his feet on it as Latias flew to the front slowly and levitated over the seat. I wonder why Ash is being so nervous… Was it something I did to make him act this way? … , but Latias didn’t have another second to find the answer since her eyes started glowing a psychic blue aura.

    “Latias? What’s wrong?” Ash asked in alarm when he saw what happened to her eyes.

    “Don’t worry, Ash. This is Sight Sharing,” Latias said, glancing at him.

    “Sight Sharing?” Ash asked, stepping down from the swing.

    Just then, the two could hear Triko running up to them. “Latios told us to come here with you guys. He wanted to show us something,” Triko said as Vrikesho landed next to the group after his short flight from the altar.

    Immediately the scene around them started to swirl out of view. The image that replaced the garden was a vision of the blue sky with scattered white clouds.

    “Wha…” Ash stared in wonder. It felt like he was actually flying in the sky, but his feet were still placed firmly on the ground. “Latias, what’s going on?”

    “We’re seeing exactly what Brother is seeing. He can send me his perspective of a place and from there I can project it for you guys to see. It’s called Sight Sharing. Right now Brother is flying high over Altomare,” Latias explained.

    The clouds moved away to reveal the beautiful grand island in full. “This is incredible,” Triko remarked. The scene then moved closer to the island, picking up incredible speed as it went.

    “Whoa, it’s like a roller coaster!” Ash cried in excitement. As soon as Latios approached the Altomare grounds, he made a sharp turn to the left and zigzagged all through the alleyways and buildings, zipping by various people without being noticed, thanks to his invisible feathers.

    “I’d never thought of flying like this before,” Vrikesho thought, planning on trying it out himself. After a few more turns around the buildings, Latios dived down in one of the canals. He swam straight ahead the path, passing schools of Quagsire and Remoraid that were swimming in the same canal.

    “Latias, can you tell Latios that we thank him for letting us have the chance to experience something so amazing?” Ash asked. Latias nodded happily as her brother continued his Sight Sharing tour of the city.

    “Wow, that’s amazing. I never knew those two could even do that,” Annie complimented as she stared at the laptop screen.

    “Good thing we made our camera follow Latias and that boy. Now we know where they keep the Soul Dew. Haha, this is just too easy!” Oakley laughed.

    Annie nodded. “I can’t wait to hold that jewel in my hands. Eeeee, it’ll match with all my outfits!” she squealed.

    “So when do you want to start stealing that Soul Dew?” Oakley asked her cohort.

    “How about tonight, when those two Pokemon are all sound asleep? It’ll be less work, and we’ll be able to take them by surprise!”

    “All right, then, let’s go at midnight. Hm, I think since we have time, why don’t we prepare and get ready?”

    “Right. I need to fix up my hair,” Annie said as the two ladies cackled and drove their boat off towards the secret garden.
    Reviews and comments are greatly appreciated! =)
    Ara ara! The SD version cast of ARIA! ^_^

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    Yatta! Another Chapter! I was beginning to worry...

    I love how you describe the characters' emotions. It's so cute! Please keep up the good work!

    Go Sumnor!

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    Thumbs up

    I'm not one of your regular reviewrs, but this is a really good fic. I like FF and thought this was a good crossover thinger. I like the divergence from the original and if you can, can you draw a picture of Vriekesho, I only played one FF game, but I looked it up and it sounds cool.

    OMG, your Latios human picture was so good! I've always wondered what he looks like in human form, why don't they put him in human form in the movie? And I hate how he dies, he's the best ever, I cried when I saw it.

    Long Live Latios!

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    Oh, thanks for your kind feedback, IGAF and shinylatios! ^^

    --I'm pleased that you liked Vrikesho, shinylatios, but he's not in any FF game; he's my original character. You can see his pic in the very first post of my shipping fic thread here. =)

    --In fact, Latios was shown in human form in the 5th Pokemon movie. It was cut out from the original Japanese version, but you can see him in's 5th movie section "The Legend of Altomare" here.

    I'm still working on Chapter 6 (even with all this testing going on at school), so please be patient! Again, if there are any questions, corrections, or anything, post them here and I'll try my best to answer them as soon as possible. =)
    Ara ara! The SD version cast of ARIA! ^_^

    Banner made by me. Please no stealing!

    Many many thanks to the amazing Yoru Ryu for making these adorable Ash & Latias Couple Dolls!! *Huggles them*

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    sorry, forgot about that. like i said, i don't play Final Fantasy a lot, but I play it enough to know about this.

    in the movie, though, they should have showed him in human form, at least, like yours. i was just rereading it.

    i hope Latios doesn't die, i would cry again if he died.

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    Hit Annie and Oakley with Knights of the Round and/or Omnislash and/or Renzolkuken combined with Lionheart!

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    Not too bad, but a little less action-packed than I expected. It seems a bit sterile in places, like the characters are going through the motions to just get from one line of dialogue to the next. I'm not sure sterile is the the best word to describe it. Maybe its because because this chapter had to be a lot "wordier" than most of the other chapters?

    Also, I guess I kind of miss Ash's face-plant during the swing scene - that's one of the best scenes of the 5th movie!

    Looking forward to chapter 6!
    Latias aways gets a little carried away when it involves love - or perhaps that would better describe Ash in this situation! ^_^

    AltoShipping is Pikachu-approved! ^_^

    Latios and Latias Fans - unite!!

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    I think that It's pretty good. Even in an action fic, there needs to be chapters with more dialogue than action (unless, of course, it's a one-shot ^_~). The descriptions of the surroundings could use a little work, but everything else is well written. Keep up the good work Sumnor!!! ^_^

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    Requesting an update.

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    I second that request. ^_^ I'm excited to see what will happen differently in the garden with Annie and Oakly, and personally, I want to see Ash get FF on their butts!

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    Wow, you're all so excited for the next chapter! Thanks, everyone! ^^ Well, I've been working really hard in Chapter 6 (and trying to avoid the mistake in Ch. 5), and here it is! ^^ It's actually longer than Ch. 5, so I hope you guys will have a big enough appetite. XD As promised, there's action in here, plus some very shippy moments! ^__^ The beginning might be a little slow, but it'll get more interesting later. =)

    Chapter 6

    “Thanks again for showing us your Sight Sharing abilities. We had a really great time,” Ash thanked Latios after the Pokemon returned back to the garden from his exhilarating flight.

    “It was my pleasure, Ash,” Latios replied. But as soon as he finished speaking, however, he saw through the tall trees that the sky had by now taken an orange, yellow, and purple color. “It’s getting late. I’m terribly sorry for keeping you three here long. You must go on back before dark.”

    Latias trilled sadly, unable to believe that the day was over. Latios gave her a comforting tap on the back. “I know, Sister, but they need to rest up and regain their energy. They must be tired,” he said. He then turned his head to Triko and asked her, “Do you mind telling us where you’ll be staying at so all of us can keep in contact with each other?”

    Strangely, Triko felt uneasy upon hearing that. It seemed like she forgot to do something important... “Well, uh, you see… I… still haven’t found a place for us to stay at yet.”

    “What?” Ash cried incredulously. “What about that Pokemon Center you guys took me to?”

    Triko closed her eyes and shook her head. “Sorry, can’t. I was only able to get you there because it was an emergency. Now that you’re all right, only Pokemon trainers get to stay at the Center, and since you aren’t one anymore, we don’t have that luxury,” Triko said, glaring at Ash accusingly.

    Ash couldn’t believe what Triko just did. “Are you blaming me? It wasn’t my fault that I didn’t get a hotel reservation after all this time, Triko!” Ash exclaimed, giving her another glare back.

    Apparently, this caused Triko to burn up in rage. “Look, Ash! I was busy looking for you when you ditched us at the museum! What do you—”

    “Calm down, you two!” Vrikesho quickly held out his wings to physically break up Triko’s and Ash’s arguing. “This isn’t getting us anywhere. We’ll just have to manage with the time we have left and find the nearest hotel from here,” he resolved.

    Vrikesho’s reasonable plan only made Latias worry. They can’t find a hotel in time; there isn’t any around here. Only homes and a few shops… but after some quick thinking she thought up of a wonderful idea.

    “You guys can stay here! Brother and I will take very good care of all of you while you stay, and then we’ll be able to play more!” Latias suggested excitedly, a gleam of light shining in her eyes.

    Ash became really fond of the idea as he fixed his view on Latias’s beaming face. “That sounds great, Latias! Triko, can we stay here? Please?” he pleaded with his fists clenched in eagerness.

    Ash’s friend was hesitant. “Well, I guess we could, but only if it’s alright with Latios.”

    “You’re more than welcome to stay. I can’t be rude, leaving you out alone in the city at night,” the blue dragon affirmed.

    Vrikesho smiled at the sibling’s kindness. “Thank you for your hospitality, Latias and Latios. We appreciate it tremendously.”

    Latios nodded, “It really is no problem, but I’m afraid that I won’t be here long to keep you company. I must keep my position as guardian and go make my nightly rounds around Altomare.”

    This particularly caught Triko’s attention. “Nightly rounds? So you actually confront criminals and the like?”

    “And bring them to justice too, of course. Why?” Latios asked.

    A smile slowly crept up to her face. “Eheh… I would like to come with you on your patrol of the city. I haven’t been able to battle for so long since I came to this world!” Triko said enthusiastically, pulling out her spear-ax in a warrior-like stance.

    Never before did Latios ever think of a human participating in combat without receiving aid from a Pokemon! Then again, she is from a different world than their own, but eventually his brother instincts took over. “Are you sure you can handle it? It will get dangerous out there,” the blue dragon warned.

    “Hey, don’t worry, Latios! Triko can handle it,” Ash stepped in. “She has lots of experience in fighting. She even helped me learn how to battle with my staff, so she’ll be a real big help to you!”

    “And I’ll also be coming along with you, Latios. Triko and I are inseparable,” Vrikesho added positively.

    Latios nodded reluctantly. “So the three of us are going? The more the merrier, I guess. Sister, I need you to stay here and protect our garden home and the Soul Dew,” he instructed Latias.

    “Okay, Brother!” Latias raised one claw in a “thumbs-up”.

    “Ash, do you want to come along?” Latios asked him.

    The boy shook his head. “No thanks, you guys go on ahead. I’ll stay here and help out Latias,” Ash replied in a smile.

    “All right. You two will be staying here,” Latios agreed. The arrangements are working out quite well, surprisingly… but there still seems to be one thing that bothers me… he thought with concern. Suddenly, as if a light bulb had just clicked in his head, he became aware of the idea of Ash and Latias being alone together at night...

    As the dragon went in a deep disconcerting thought, Triko and Vrikesho were already at the exit. “Come on, Latios! Let’s get going!” Triko called out to him.

    “Don’t worry about us, Brother. We’ll be fine. Take care!” Latias reassured him as he flew off after his new patrol group, shrugging away the idea.

    After the three disappeared through the passageway, Ash turned to Latias slowly. “So… Latias? What do you want to do now?” he asked.

    Latias thought for a moment. “You know, I feel like playing tag again! How about it?”

    Coincidentally, tag was just the thing Ash wanted to do as well! “Sure, let’s play that! Who’s it?”

    The red dragon teasingly poked him on his shoulder. “You are!” she cried as she started to dart away from him.

    “Hey! Latias, come back here!” Ash laughed as he ran after her.

    A small scatter of crickets chirping ceaselessly filled every corner of an empty town square situated in the center of the island. The bright moon and the street lights brightened the place as Triko, Vrikesho, and Latios (in his human form) arrived there at nightfall.

    “Hmmm, I think it would be better if we split up; we’ll cover more ground in less time that way,” Latios suggested.

    “Yeah, we should do that,” Triko agreed, looking all over the place.

    “Yes, but I must come with Triko. We work better as a team--and also because I need to make sure she doesn’t get herself into trouble again,” Vrikesho smiled.

    Triko turned to her friend, arms crossed. “Vrikesho… You know full well that I can take care of myself,” she smiled back.

    Latios chuckled. “It’s settled then. I’ll take the eastern part of Altomare while you two take the west. When we’re done patrolling, we’ll meet back at this spot. Do you know your way around the city?”

    Triko thought for a second, looking down at the cobblestones. “Well, Vrikesho can fly above the city and pinpoint where we are from this square, so getting lost shouldn’t be a problem,” she explained.

    “All right, then. I’ll see you later,” Latios said as he transformed back to his Pokemon self and disappeared through the dark streets.

    After watching their blue Pokemon friend leave, Triko spoke up, “Finally, it’s time for us to battle!” She drew her weapon out gallantly. “But you know? I kinda want to go back to that garden and check up on Ash and Latias,” she said as she lowered her weapon to her side.

    “Why? They’ll take care of that place and themselves. You don’t need to worry about them,” Vrikesho said, confused.

    “No, it’s not that. Besides getting an opportunity to train, there’s another reason why I wanted us to come out here and leave those two there…” Triko said, giving that same sly smile from before.

    A pause. “… You didn’t!” Vrikesho cried, finally making the connection. “I’m surprised I haven’t thought of that sooner!”

    “Heheh. Come on, let’s get to work,” Triko chuckled cheerfully as they made their way westward.

    Back at the secret garden, Ash and Latias had finally stopped chasing each other, being completely exhausted from running and flying all over the place. Nevertheless, it was one of the most fun they ever had.

    The two decided to take a rest at the base of a large tree. Ash took off his staff strapped on his back, set it aside, and sat himself down on the ground with his back leaning against the grand tree. Latias had taken a spot just a few feet away from Ash’s left, planting her front body on the grass.

    Today was filled with so many incredible things! I can’t possibly be able to forget such wonderful moments… especially the ones with Ash, Latias thought joyfully. I’m so glad we’re finally together again. He’s… the only human friend I ever had, since that day our human parents rescued us on the beach… She sighed. Even with my brother and some wild Pokemon visiting us, I can’t help but feel lonely, watching people going about their lives from a distance, never able to say a simple “Hi” to them at all…

    “Latias, what’s wrong?” The red dragon looked up from her troubled thoughts, and met Ash’s concerned face in return.

    “Oh, it’s nothing. I’m fine… now,” she replied quietly.

    “… Latias…?” Ash felt something was wrong that was making his friend so silent. Hmm, was it because…? “Is it something that happened yesterday? You know, the two women who chased you before?” He gave an encouraging smile to her. “Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore, Latias! I’ll be what they thought I was: your bodyguard. From now on, I’ll protect you from anything that’ll even think of hurting you. So don’t look so down, okay?”

    Latias nodded in surprise, still speechless. What Ash mentioned wasn’t what she was contemplating about, though. But still, it was so kind of him to make such a caring offer to her, and it made her blush slightly. However, after thinking about yesterday’s events a little more in detail, she remembered another name the two ladies called him. It reminded her of something that she had always wondered since she met Ash face to face in the open circular rest place. “Ash… I’ve been wondering. I don’t mean to sound rude or intrusive at all, but… how did you get those scars on your face?”

    Ash just sat there silently, staring at the ground with a disturbed look on his face.

    Latias immediately regretted asking that question. How could she be so cold and touch upon an incident that was so sensitive to him? She got up and tried to apologize to Ash sincerely, but he stopped her by raising his left hand. “It’s okay, Latias. I’m all right now, and it’s all that matters. These scars are nothing but a reminder of a distant memory,” Ash reassured her.

    The Pokemon gradually floated back down and rested her head on the grass reluctantly, but Ash reached out his arm and patted her on the head, showing her that it wasn’t bothering him. Latias really is a great Pokemon, but whenever I’m around her, I get this weird feeling. Is it like I’m… drawn to her? No, that’s the word for it. It’s more like I want to be there for her, stay by her side for as long as possible… but I’m not really sure why. Ash tried to find an answer, but then all of a sudden a little girl’s voice boomed inside his head, “It’s love, dummy! Don’t you get it? Just look at Zidane and Garnet, and Squall and Rinoa; they want to be with each other to the very end. That is what love is, Ash! Argh!”

    Ash chuckled softly to himself, remembering her irritated explanation clearly. Anyone can tell that it was Eiko speaking. She was always impatient with him, waiting for him to “take the first move,” or whatever that meant. She gave up on him, though, being too tired of having to explain so many things for him.

    So this is what I’m feeling? If Eiko was right about wanting to be with someone to the very end, then maybe I’m—? He shook his head quickly in disbelief. No, it can’t be. I mean, we’re totally different; she’s a Pokemon, and I’m a human. It can’t happen , but Ash had trouble believing that himself. In fact, he didn’t even care about their differences at all anymore. His impulse to be there for Latias and protect her was much stronger than what any reasoning could do.

    Ash closed his eyes and took a deep breath of cold, crisp night air. When he opened his eyes again after a moment, his gaze fell on his Pokemon friend. She was already asleep, curling herself in against the chilly evening. Without thinking, Ash quietly moved closer to her. He held her head tenderly and brought it closer to him gently, slowly placing it on his lap to make her more comfortable. The red dragon noticed the change in warmth, even as she was still asleep. And unaware of what she was doing, she nuzzled her head against Ash’s chest, making him blush furiously. He later put his left arm around her neck and his right hand on her forehead and looked up to the twinkling stars. He smiled as he stroked her affectionately.

    “(Good night… Latias.)”


    Not too far off from where the secret garden was were the cunning thieves Annie and Oakley making their way through the top of Altomare’s buildings. By moonlight, they jumped from rooftop to rooftop with skills and precision unsurpassed by most people—in their world, that is.

    “You sure it’s this way, Oakley?” Annie asked skeptically.

    “Of course it is! Stop asking!” Oakley replied, annoyed.

    “Sorry, but I don’t want to waste this one chance to get the Soul Dew,” defended Annie. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Shouldn’t we try to catch both Latios and Latias while we’re at it anyway? We can get a fortune for a set of those rare Pokemon!” she suggested.

    Her partner considered the idea grudgingly. “Well… all right, fine. We’ll catch them both, but if things don’t work out the way we planned, it’s your fault,” she gave in.

    Annie smiled broadly. It wasn’t often that Oakley would listen to her plans, much less do them. Just then, however, the sight of the secret garden’s entrance caught her eye. It made her jump in excitement, literally. “I think this is it!” she exclaimed as she landed on the street below, with Oakley right behind.

    “Shall we go in and say hello?” Oakley asked, having fun.

    The other thief giggled as she faced the dark corner. “We’re guests after all.”

    At that, both Annie and Oakley began walking through the hidden entrance, with Oakley lighting the dark path using a small flashlight. A cool breeze from ahead blew through the two’s hair as they made their way, assuring the thieves that they found what they were looking for. After a while of struggling through the narrow passageway, the two finally reached the end as the great garden loomed over them…


    Back at the base of the grand tree, Ash had sensed something, someone coming in the garden. He knew without a doubt that it was intruder; it couldn’t be his friends arriving back from their night patrol. He heard the tapping of high-heeled shoes approaching, and knew full well that it wasn’t Triko—she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those. Ash lifted Latias’s head up from his lap and set her down on the grass, careful not to wake her up. He then stood up and put his back close against the tree, listening closely to pinpoint the intruder’s location.

    Feeling cold again, Latias yawned and finally opened her eyes. She saw that it was still dark outside. Confused, the Pokemon looked around and saw Ash standing there, concentrating on searching for something with an alarmed expression on his face.

    “(Ash, what’s going on?)” Latias asked in a concerned but shaky whisper. It was evident that she was scared.

    Hearing her, the boy turned his head and saw that she was awake. “(Latias!)” He kneeled down and faced her. “(There’s someone breaking in here. Just stay behind this tree so they won’t see us, okay? I’ll try to drive them out of here,)” he explained as Latias nodded worriedly.

    “Hmm, where are those guardian Pokemon? I thought they were playing with that strange group,” Annie thought out loud.

    Oakley turned off her flashlight and put on her tech sunglasses. She observed all around the garden through them--and found Ash and Latias’s body heat easily behind a tree. “Well, I think they’re sleeping right now,” she played around.

    Annie had her sunglasses on, too, and picked up on what her partner was doing. “No, I think that they’re still playing,” she smirked. “They must want to play hide-and-seek with us, Oakley.” She took out her PokeBall. “Too bad for them, though, ‘cause I see ‘em… There! Espeon, Swift!!” she commanded as she threw her PokeBall.

    The Espeon flew out from it in a white light, ran towards the tree, and spat out a flurry of sharp yellow stars right at Ash and Latias. Ash by quick instinct picked up his staff from the ground with his right hand, pulled Latias behind him with his left arm, and deflected Espeon’s Swift attack by spinning his weapon fast in front of him. The stars rebounded from it and hit the attacking Pokemon directly in the face. The Espeon was flung backwards in pain, but as it stood back up, ready for more, Annie called it to stop.

    “Now now, Espeon, no need to get excited right now. We need to negotiate with these two first,” Annie declared as the thieves and Oakley’s Ariados approached the two.

    Seeing who the intruders were made Ash infuriated. It was those women who attacked Latias before! “You two! What do you want?!” he yelled at them, still keeping Latias behind him and holding his staff threateningly.

    The thieves, on the other hand, weren’t as surprised or intimidated to see Ash. “Oh, it’s Scar-boy! Haha, I knew you’d be around to protect your sweet little Latias. But, you can always give up your bodyguard job and hand her over to us. It’ll be much easier that way for everyone, and we won’t hurt a single feather on her,” Oakley explained.

    “Never!!” Ash swung his staff through the air in anger, shocking Latias as she floated behind him. She never saw him this angry, and seeing that it was all for her protection made her pure white cheeks pink…

    Annie put a hand to the side of her waist and smirked. “He’s getting all feisty now, isn’t he? Well, I guess we have no choice but to take Latias by force, then! Espeon, Psychic!”

    “Ariados, Night Shade!” Oakley ordered next. The two Pokemon promptly followed their trainers’ commands and aimed their attacks at the dragon Pokemon. But immediately Ash thrust his left arm in front of him and cast a large protective pink sphere—Shell.

    As his magic blocked off the red and black beams, Ash cried out, “Go, Latias! I’ll hold them off while you escape! Hurry!”

    Latias, however, refused to go and leave Ash alone to fight the Pokemon by himself. She nudged her head sadly on his shoulder to show that she wasn’t going anywhere without him. Feeling her concern, Ash turned to her and smiled calmly, “Don’t worry about me, Latias. Just go. I can’t hold this barrier much longer, anyway. You better get out of here.” Indeed, Ash’s left arm was shaking and struggling to keep the Shell magic working. Latias nodded at Ash and used her feathers to refract the moonlight, causing her to become invisible as she flew away.

    After waiting for a few moments to make sure Latias was already gone, Ash finally shot the pink barrier forward at Espeon and Ariados, knocking both of them to the ground as it dissipated. Ash then leaped high over the two Pokemon—and prepared to land his staff at Annie and Oakley! However, the thieves narrowly missed his downward strike by cart wheeling out of the way.

    “Hasn’t anyone told you that you shouldn’t hit a girl?!” Oakley scolded Ash.

    Ash responded angrily, “You’re one to talk! You tried to harm Latias!” He gave another swing of his staff at Oakley, who barely dodged it again by jumping out of the way.

    “Latias is a Pokemon, silly. She’s not human like us, so she can take a hit,” Annie declared as she joined Oakley’s side.

    Ash was now furious. That insensitive statement made him go right over the edge. “Latias is more human than you two will ever be!!” he yelled at them. Ash gave all his might into another strike at the thieves, and this time his attack connected. His staff struck right across Annie and Oakley’s bewildered faces, which caused them to fall to their hands in a pain they never felt before.

    “… Heheh… you’re quite a tough bodyguard, Scar-boy, but strength isn’t everything in this case…” Oakley chuckled as she struggled to get up.

    “What do you mean?” Ash demanded.

    Both the thieves had finally recovered from Ash’s attack and stood up strong. “It’s cleverness that stands out. We’re not here just for Latias and Latios, you know. Our Pokemon are looking for something else,” Annie said menacingly.

    Ash was confused. What else were they looking for besides the guardians of Altomare…? He thought hurriedly… and then it finally hit him: The Soul Dew. Ash instantly ran towards the jewel’s altar to his left, but Annie and Oakley blocked him off in time. “You’re not gonna leave us, Scar-boy. Our Pokemon will get the Soul Dew; no need to do it yourself. You’ll stay right here!” Oakley commanded as she took out a compressed net of elastic plasma…

    Meanwhile, Latias had made her way towards the large water fountain at the base of the altar. There was a hidden underwater tunnel there that led out to the streets of the city, and then she’ll be able to search for her brother, Triko, and Vrikesho and get help.

    Before she dived in the water, however, she caught Espeon and Ariados out of the corner of her eye. They seemed to be scurrying over to the Soul Dew’s resting place! Latias turned sharply away from the water’s surface and quickly flew directly at the two Pokemon. The moment Ariados was about to grab the blue sphere with its forearm, Latias gave it a tackle on its side. The spider Pokemon rolled and landed on its back as it moved its legs wildly, trying to balance itself right up again. On the other hand, Espeon just stood still and closed its eyes, concentrating on the invisible Pokemon’s movements by reading the varying air currents with its large ears and forked tail. As Latias prepared another tackle, this time at Espeon, the Sun Pokemon opened its red eyes and aimed a Psybeam at the Eon Pokemon. It scored a direct hit that made the now visible dragon fall to the hard stone floor.


    Ash had yelled out her name the moment he saw her hit the floor. He tried to make a run for her, but Oakley acted more quickly. “Looks like you couldn’t protect her! How pitiful,” the silver-blue haired woman ridiculed Ash. “Now she’s ours!” She then threw her ball of plasma that expanded wide like a web in the air. As soon as Latias pushed herself back up, she was instantly wrapped around with the contraption! The black balls on the net then sent out a spark of red electricity that made Latias cringe and cry in extreme pain.

    Ash couldn’t take any more of this. His friend was suffering, and he had to save her now! He lifted his left hand up in the air and cast another spell. Orange-yellow light engulfed him as Annie and Oakley watched in astonishment. An image of a yellow clock appeared in front of him with its hands starting to speed up. Once the clock disappeared, Ash dashed towards the criminals with unbelievable speed.

    “He’s moving twice as fast!” Annie managed to exclaim before she was struck and knocked hard against a tree. Oakley faced the same situation after her as well. Unfortunately, while Ash was busy fighting with Annie and Oakley, their Pokemon continued on their mission. The Ariados crawled up the steps to the Soul Dew and used its jaws to grab it while Espeon stood watch. Consequently, the jewel wouldn’t budge as the spider pulled on it, but only by anchoring its legs on the altar’s frame did Oakley’s Pokemon managed to pry it out.

    Their mission complete, the Espeon took out its held item and activated it. It was a Smoke Ball that could emit black smog and enable the holder to escape without trouble. The thick smoke rapidly traveled to where the three humans were, interrupting Ash’s battle.

    “Time to get out of here!” Oakley was glad to say. She didn’t want to deal with Ash and his freaky powers anymore.

    “Ta-ta, Scar-boy!” Annie called out. All four of the intruders then navigated through the smoke with ease, leaving Ash there to cough from the pollution. When the smog finally disappeared, there was no trace of them anywhere. Ash’s Haste spell had also worn off by then, and so he returned back to his normal speed.

    “Latias!” Ash cried out, still keeping her safety first in his mind. He ran up the stone stairs and found Latias lying there beyond, unmoving and unconscious. “No…Latias…” he whispered. When he came up to her, he fell down on his knees and immediately ripped off the plasma net still entangling her. After he freed her from all of her bindings, Ash held Latias close to him. She was filled with burns from the net’s electricity, and her breathing was slow and weak. I have to get someone to help her… Ash thought worriedly. Or she’ll… No! That’s not going to happen! I’ll have to get someone for her quick! Ash then shifted his position to Latias’s side, put her head and arms over his shoulders, and carefully carried her on his back.

    “Please, Latias, hold on…” Ash begged his friend. “I’ll get help for you, I promise. Just don’t leave me…” He staggered onward to the garden’s exit, desperately clutching on to Latias as he made his relentless search.
    *Sniff* So sweet of Ash… Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! ^^
    Ara ara! The SD version cast of ARIA! ^_^

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    Yaaaaaaa hooo!

    Ash and Eiko? O.o She always seems to go for really older guys...

    Hahahaha, I'm still trying to get over Ash using FF spells in the Pokemon universe. Annie and Oakley go wide-eyed as he casts them spells...XDXDXD Ohhh, that was just TOO GOOD!

    Made by Voltaic

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    Yes! A chapter update! Very nice fight scene I must say. It appears that Ash is a force to be recconned with! ^_^

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    Reckoned, IGAF.

    FF Spells in themselves are a force to be reckoned with, especially in other fandoms. Blizzara, Haste and Shell aren't the most powerful spells either. Though I doubt she'll use them in the fic, the most powerful include Ultima (THE most powerful) and Flare. Blizzaga, Thundaga, and Firaga are the most powerful ice, thunder, and fire spells respectively.

    There, a little intro to the FF spelliverse.

    Made by Voltaic

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    Very good, chapter. i got your PM, thanks fr telling me. good job with the shell and haste spells, they were really in character. i liked the way you described them, very good. my friend that used to babysit me has FF and showed me a lot of spells, half i can't remember, but i know i saw shell and i think i saw haste. very good.

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    If Sumnor's too busy, I'll make a lil list of FF spells so people'll know what you're talking about.

    Depending on which FF fandoms Sumnor is using, this spell (along with every other unless noted otherwise) is capable of targetting either one enemy or halving damage and targetting all enemies.

    Spells are listed in order from least to most damaging. Visual effects vary, so I'll leave that to Sumnor's discretion.

    Spells that appear in every FF

    Elemental Spells

    Fira (Fire2)
    Firaga (Fire3)

    Blizzard (Ice)
    Blizzara (Ice2)
    Blizzaga (Ice3)

    Thunder (Bolt)
    Thundara (Bolt2)
    Thundaga (Bolt3)


    Cure: Restores HP.

    Cure (Cure)
    Cura (Cure2)
    Curaga (Cure3)


    Protect (Barrier): Reduces physical damage.
    Shell (MBarrier): Reduces magical damage.
    Wall: Combination of Protect and Shell.
    Reflect: Sends spells back to the caster. Some spells are not bound by reflect. Most are, including cure spells

    Time Spells

    Haste: Speeds up character
    Hastega: Speeds up all allies
    Slow: Slows down target
    Slowga: Slows down all targets
    Stop: Completely freezes enemy.


    Flare: Targets one enemy for high dosage of non-elemental damage
    Ultima: Targets all enemies for high dosage of non-elemental damage

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    Lol Thanks Arrow. The list is great! ^_^

    Sorry about the spelling error. I was a bit sleepy at the time of my last post. ^_^()

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    I'm glad you guys liked Chapter 6! =)

    I appreciate the spell list, Arrow, but it isn't really necessary. I'm already done with FF spells for the whole fic, so no need for readers to know the others. But thanks for the effort anyway. ^_^; Although with Slow-Slowga and Haste-Hastega, I'm not going to use them, since they are from FFX and so on (my fic spans from FFVII to FFIX only).
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    Thumbs up Excellent!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sumnor
    Suddenly, as if a light bulb had just clicked in his head, he became aware of the idea of Ash and Latias being alone together at night...

    As the dragon went in a deep disconcerting thought
    Also read as: "Hey what are you planning to do with my sister??"

    Ash turned to Latias slowly. “So… Latias? What do you want to do now?” he asked.
    Gee, I wonder what...

    Latias thought for a moment. “You know, I feel like playing tag again! How about it?”
    Or maybe not.

    A pause. “… You didn’t!” Vrikesho cried, finally making the connection. “I’m surprised I haven’t thought of that sooner!”
    So, are like these two all shippy behind the scenes, too?

    Latias! I’ll be what they thought I was: your bodyguard.
    Uh oh, Do I hear Whitney singing "Aaaand Iiiieieieieiii, will always looove yoooou!"

    That is what love is, Ash! Argh!”
    Argh, indeed.

    Without thinking, Ash quietly moved closer to her. He held her head tenderly and brought it closer to him gently
    Heh, totally shippy moment! Great scene, here.

    Seeing who the intruders were made Ash infuriated.
    Wow, Ash protecting Latias this time. That's an interesting switch. I like how you handled the plotting since it would be difficult for Ash to defend both the Soul Dew and Latias.

    *Sniff* So sweet of Ash… Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! ^^
    I did! The best chapter so far!
    Latias aways gets a little carried away when it involves love - or perhaps that would better describe Ash in this situation! ^_^

    AltoShipping is Pikachu-approved! ^_^

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    You're really making this like Cloud/Aeris. The only real difference is though that Latias is more than capable of doing some of the fighting. (unlike Aeris...10-20 per hit...-.-)

    Made by Voltaic

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    I'm not a regular fanfic reviewer, but, well just look below:

    OMG I love this fanfic! I've seen the movie, and (you might like this part, shinylatios), seeing as I'm also a Latios fan (despite my username, which points out that I like Blaziken, too), I was also really sad when Latios died.

    Quoting from shinylatios,

    Long Live Latios!
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    This is my first review of your fic (because I just found it) AND my first post here! ^^

    I'm in love with your story. There's just not enough Altoshipping fics out there! *Sniff* Lol.

    This is really good, and I'm praying you'll update soon. *Pleasepleaseplease* I loved the pictures, espesially the one of Ash with the scars! He's even cuter there than in the anime! *Squees* <3 Hehehe. I like Latias' hair-do better in your drawing than in the movie too. ^^

    So, please post soon! I'm waiting! *Twiddles thumbs while watching the Computor screen* XD

    ~Issa a.k.a. Melissa

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    Hiya, everyone!! Wow, it’s been… 2 months since the last chapter? Man, I am really sorry about that. I had a few cases of writer’s block, mostly dealing with word choice and transitions. And even now I’m still unsure about Chapter 7’s quality, but my brain isn’t working with me, so I can’t really improve it as much now.

    AscendingLatios: I really liked your Chapter 6 review. It was humorous and it cheered me up! ^__^

    Arrow: Nah, Aerith isn’t useless in battles. Just give her some green magic Materia and she’ll kick butt. XD

    Blaziken Rocks: Glad you liked my fic! It’s always nice to get new reviewers. =)

    Issa: Hi there, and welcome to SPPf ! (Yeah, I know I already welcomed you in the Altoshipping thread before. ^^; )

    Thanks for your wonderful review, I really appreciate it (It helped me get through and finish Chapter 7, for one!).

    Oh, my artwork isn’t that great to top the Japanese animators’ drawing abilities. Mine pales compared to theirs, in my opinion. ^^; But thanks for those encouraging words.

    Without further ado, here’s Chapter 7! It might not be as good as Chapter 6, but it gets really emotional here.

    Chapter 7

    The sound of lone dragging footsteps, echoing throughout the eerily empty streets of Alto Mare, became slower and lifeless with time. It has been… how long? Ash couldn’t keep track of the time he had been carrying Latias on his hunched back. It seemed like forever, though. Ever since he left the garden’s entrance, too many disturbing thoughts had flooded in his mind, and he tried constantly to keep them away. But they always manage to come back.

    Night has already fallen. No one here will help you… No one.

    How will you even keep going? You’re struggling trying to hold her up already.

    But it’s too late anyway. It seems like she can’t make it, the poor thing…

    And you know full well, even in your own Pure Heart, that very soon she will d—

    “—NO!” A hot tear sprang out of Ash’s left eye, dripping down from his cheek to the brown cobblestone floor instantly. His sudden outburst made him weak all over. Unable to support himself, he fell down hard to his knees. But as he hit the ground, he still held his firm grip on Latias. He started to shut his eyes to keep even more tears from coming out as he breathed slowly and heavily.

    After a few moments of utter silence, Ash tried to regain his strength and get back up. But, he was hurting both physically and emotionally.

    You failed to protect her. You were too slow. Too weak. It’s all your fault she’s like this. Face it, you are a danger to her.

    Sadly, Ash couldn’t help but finally give in to that thought. “… Why… why should she have to go through this?” he quietly asked himself with regret. “She doesn’t deserve any of this… Why couldn’t I be the one… so she can be spared from her pain…”

    … And that desperate promise you made to her. How pathetic.

    At that, Ash immediately sprang open his eyes—in intense anger. That’s not true! I will get help for her! He shook his head angrily. I can’t let her suffer like this anymore! I have to keep on going…

    Ash slowly but gradually got up on both of his feet, balancing his friend’s limp body on his back. He turned towards her face that was resting on his right shoulder. “I’m not gonna back out on my promise, okay Latias? So don’t worry,” he whispered gently to her. He then continued to stagger down the dark street, intent on keeping his word—to the end.

    “Well, I guess we’re done here,” Triko said to Vrikesho. Both of them were at the island’s west coast, observing the dark black waves for any sign of trouble out beyond the ocean.

    “Too bad there wasn’t any criminal in sight,” Vrikesho chuckled, which made Triko cringe in annoyance.

    “Grrr, all excited for nothing.” She sighed in defeat. “… Oh well. Guess we should head back to the center of the island and meet up with Latios then.”

    Vrikesho nodded as Triko mounted herself up on his back. With a few grand flaps of his wings, both of them took to the skies. The winds of the flight raced throughout their bodies cool and crisp as they traveled the night air. Triko always enjoyed riding on Vrikesho, ever since she was a little girl. The thrill of flying up so high never ceased to amaze her. But the sensation came to a halt when Vrikesho called out to her in alarm.

    “Triko, look over there! Isn’t that Ash and Latias?” Vrikesho cried against the wind, motioning his head down to a small yet visible yellow and red figure. Triko shifted to one side at the GF’s direction to check it out, searching through the maze-like streets, and saw that he was right, they were down there.

    This was confusing. “Why aren’t they at the garden? They were supposed to protect the Soul Dew.” She squinted her eyes and took another careful look. “…… Wait a minute, there’s something wrong; Ash is carrying Latias.”

    “And she isn’t moving…” Vrikesho added worriedly.

    “They must be in trouble! We gotta go down there now!” Triko called to Vrikesho.

    Following her command, Vrikesho instantly angled his direction down towards Ash and Latias and dived below at incredible speed.

    “*Pant, pant*… Have to keep on going… Can’t stop until I find… help...” Ash kept telling himself as he walked on. After neglecting many opportunities to view his surroundings (since he was too preoccupied with Latias’ well-being), he finally decided to look up just for a brief moment—and stared at a familiar sight that caught his attention: A large bright red capital “P” sign with an image of a PokeBall.

    The sight of it got Ash in high spirits. “The Pokemon Center! I know who’s going to help you now, Latias! Hold on!” he cried hopefully as he ran as fast as he could to the Center’s double doors.

    “Chansey, I need you to take this first aid kit to the storage room, okay?” a lady with orange hair and two curled ponytails said to the pink Pokemon.

    Chan~sey!,” the Pokemon cried in agreement as it strode off to the other side of the hospital.

    Suddenly, a loud bang from the entrance caught Nurse Joy’s attention. She turned her head to the noise and saw a young boy running up to her, carrying a large and seriously injured red Pokemon on his back.

    “Oh, my! What happened?” Joy asked, alarmed. But as soon as she observed the Pokemon more in detail, however, she realized that it was the legendary guardian Pokemon of Alto Mare! “I-It’s Latias!” she exclaimed in surprise.

    “Someone was trying to capture her, and she got hurt badly. Please, Nurse Joy, can you help her?” Ash pleaded to her.

    Joy gave a somber expression. “Of course I will. Chansey, Blissey, I need you two to help carry Latias to the emergency room!”


    Blissey, Blissey!

    The two hospital Pokemon took Latias from Ash’s grasp carefully and marched off to the ER on the right. Before they disappeared inside the room, however, Ash took one last longing glance at Latias’s sleeping face. As soon as he did, his eyesight became a hazy blur. Unable to see, he lost balance and staggered, ultimately falling to his hands and knees again in complete exhaustion.

    Nurse Joy saw Ash’s sudden collapse to the floor, hurriedly bending down to him with worry. “Sir! Are you all right? I think you need immediate medical attention as well!” she exclaimed.

    Joy moved to pick him up, but Ash shook his head side to side, still facing the ground. “No, forget about me, Nurse Joy. Just focus on helping Latias. She needs it more than I do.”

    “But sir—”

    “Please…” Ash lifted his head up to her, his face full of desperation.

    Just one look at him convinced the nurse otherwise. Joy slowly nodded. “All right. As you wish,” she said solemnly. She rose up from her knees and quickly made her way to care for Latias in the ER.

    Catching his breath for a few seconds, Ash looked around the hospital, trying to find a more appropriate place to rest than the floor. He spotted a group of benches to his left. He tried to get up and drag his tired body over there—but another loud bang from the entrance made him stop in his tracks.

    “Ash!” two familiar voices called to him at the same time.

    “… Triko? Vrikesho?” Ash thought, trying to turn his head towards the entrance, but Triko was already right in front of his view.

    She held both of his shoulders, bringing him up from the floor. “Vrikesho and I saw you carrying Latias while we were flying, and you ran inside this hospital. What happened?!” she asked in a serious manner, almost forcefully.

    Ash sighed dispiritedly. “These two ladies… the same ones I told you about before. They broke into the garden, and they attacked Latias…”

    “What?!” Triko uttered in disbelief, letting go of him.

    “So you carried her all the way here?” Vrikesho calmly asked Ash.

    “… Yeah… I just hope I was quick enough…” Ash swayed a little in place, another dazed look in his eyes. Without warning, he again collapsed onto Triko in extreme fatigue.

    “Whoa, Ash! Come on, pull yourself together,” she said to him, holding him up in her arms.

    Hearing that, Ash became silent for a while. “…….. You’re right, Triko. I really need to stay strong. For her…” he said, the last two words barely audible.

    This caught both Triko and Vrikesho in astonishment, but they soon brushed it off as they helped him lie on the benches. After Ash was settled in somewhat, Triko went ahead and reached into one of her vest pockets, pulling out a single Potion—her last one.

    “Come on. Take this,” she commanded, opening the bottle without hesitation. “This’ll give back some of your energy.”

    Triko held the blue bottle and brought it to Ash’s lips, slowly tipping it as Ash gradually swallowed the contents with a little difficulty. But right as he took in the last remaining drop, Ash could finally feel his strength recovering as if by magic.

    “You okay now, Ash?” Vrikesho asked.

    Although he was feeling a lot better health wise, Ash looked away from his friends with downcast eyes. “…… No, not really,” he reluctantly admitted. Taking a deep breath, he pushed himself up from the bench and made his way to the ER’s front door. Through its window he could see Nurse Joy and her Pokemon busily caring for Latias as best as they could.

    Triko sighed as she eyed her troubled friend. She felt awful, even guilty, that Ash and Latias have to bear this arduous ordeal. Thinking back, she wished she had never left those two alone in the first place…

    “You know you couldn’t have seen this coming, Triko. There was nothing we could do to prevent this,” Vrikesho reassured her, seeming as though he had read her mind—just like he always does.

    “But Vrikesho, can’t we just go back two hours in time and stop this from happening?” she asked pleadingly.

    Vrikesho held up a wing. “You also know that interfering with the past may corrupt the present and the future. We might be making things worse than it already is, and we can’t take that risk.”

    A long sigh escaped from Triko. “……… You’re right. I’m just letting my emotions get to my judgment. But I just feel helpless right now,” she admitted.

    “Well, first of all we should let Latios know about this immediately. He needs to be here for his sister,” the GF stated.

    “Oh, of course,” she nodded as she stood up from her seat. “But you go on ahead, Vrikesho. I need to be there for… you know.” She looked over her shoulder, glimpsing at Ash as he waited anxiously for Nurse Joy’s examination to be done.

    Taking a quick glance at who she was referring to, Vrikesho gave an understanding smile to his friend before he strode out of the hospital doors and took off to the sky.

    Sighing, Triko turned her head back to Ash, who was still apparently uneasy as he sat on a lone bench that was facing the ER. She wasn’t very good at these sorts of things, cheering people up through tough times, but she didn’t want to have Ash worry this much for Latias.

    “Hey,” she greeted as she came up to him.

    “… Hey,” Ash replied back, but in a dejected voice.

    Triko sat down beside him and started fidgeting with her fingers, trying really hard to find the right words to say without being offensive. “… Uhh, Ash. (Let’s see…) About—”

    “—It’s all my fault,” Ash interrupted her in a shaky whisper. “I… couldn’t protect her. I made an oath to be her bodyguard, but I failed. Failed to protect someone so close to me…” he closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around himself miserably.

    Now the situation became even more awkward for Triko! But somehow, she knew just what to say to her depressed friend. “Hey, Ash. It wasn’t your fault that this happened, got that? Not any of it. You did your best to protect her, right?”

    Slowly and reluctantly, Ash nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah, I did.”

    “Then that’s all that really matters to Latias, that you gave it your all to save her. She would never blame you for that,” Triko laid a comforting hand on Ash’s right shoulder.

    Ash finally opened his eyes and turned his head to Triko, “… Do you really think so?”

    Just then, Nurse Joy opened the ER door in front of the two—with a smile upon her face. “Sir, everything’s all right now. Latias is going to be okay.”

    Ash couldn’t believe what he heard. He bolted out of his seat. “R-really, Nurse Joy? She’s going to be fine?” he asked her, trying to contain his eager excitement.

    Nurse Joy gave a small giggle. “Hmhm, yes, she is. Would you like to see her?”

    “Y-yeah,” Ash answered her happily. He turned to look back at Triko, who gave one of her rare smiles to him.

    “Go ahead, Ash. I think it’s better to ask Latias if she really blames you or not,” Triko chuckled.

    Ash returned a smile back to her before he followed Nurse Joy into the room. “Latias is still sleeping. She just needs a good rest and she’ll be good to go,” Nurse Joy explained. “You can be by her side here until she wakes up, okay?”

    “Okay. Thank you for everything, Nurse Joy,” Ash smiled at her.

    “Anytime, sir. Anytime,” she said, closing the door from the outside, leaving him alone with Latias.

    Slowly but surely, Ash turned to face Latias sleeping on the hospital’s bed. He noticed how calm and peaceful she looked, seeming as though all the troubles of the world kept their distance from her. He steadily walked up to her bedside, grabbing a nearby chair resting against a wall. Careful not to make a sound, Ash adjusted the chair so he could sit close beside her. He placed his elbows on her bed, resting his forehead on both of his hands, thinking deeply.

    “Latias… I know you can’t hear me right now, but I really want to ask you… Do you blame me for all those terrible things that happened to you? I, I really tried to keep you from getting hurt, but…… If you really do blame me, then I am truly sorry about all of this. I never wanted you to face this pain, or any other kind of pain for that matter. But, if you don’t blame me, then… I’ll be the happiest person in this whole world just knowing that.”

    Ash moved to wrap his left arm around Latias’s neck, stroking her head feathers gently through his fingers. He kept his gaze on her graceful face, waiting ever so patiently for those beautiful golden eyes to open again…

    Though her back was against the door, Triko could still see Ash and Latias through the window at the corner of her left eye. How Ash behaved in there shocked her. She never realized that he cared this deeply for Latias. And she never saw him feel that way about anyone else either. It was strange, even for her. Sure she wanted Ash and Latias to end up together, but she only meant for it to be something fun. This time, it was for real. And yet, despite all of this, she didn’t mind at all.

    Just as she finished that last thought, Triko immediately heard someone burst through the front doors of the hospital. Walking out to the main hallway to see who it was, she spotted Vrikesho and a boy with blue hair running up to her.

    “Where’s Sister?!?” Latios demanded Triko.

    She pointed to the ER’s door. “She’s inside the room over th—”

    But Latios didn’t wait to hear the rest when he made a sudden dash to Latias’ room. He had to hurry and see his ailing sister. Before he could reach the door, however, Triko managed to block him off in time.

    “Latios! Calm down! It’s all right, Latias is going to be fine,” she told him.

    “But Triko! I need to be there for Sist—” Latios suddenly stopped struggling against Triko’s arm and stared straight ahead of him in disbelief. What he saw through the window made him speechless.

    Knowing right away who Latios was staring at, Triko let go of him. “Don’t worry, Latios,” she softened her voice. “He’s taking care of her. She’s in good hands.”

    The boy just stood there, still watching through the window’s glass. There, he could only see Ash’s back to him, but he knew without a doubt that Ash was concerned for his sister--just as much as he is.

    He really does care about her… he thought to himself. I remember Vrikesho telling me that he protected Sister from those intruders. And he did so when even I could not… Maybe, just maybe, he…

    Latios nodded slowly, whether it was at Triko’s words or his own thoughts.

    “Did Vrikesho tell you everything?” Triko began to ask him, giving a small glance at the GF with a nod.

    “Yes, he did, but only all that he knew. I ask, why would the intruders attack her?”

    Triko wondered the same thing. “I don’t know…” she muttered, placing her hand under her chin in deep thought.

    Instantly, however, the dragon Pokemon became wide-eyed, suddenly realizing something. He knew why the intruders came. He almost forgot about the one important thing in the whole garden: The Soul Dew. It had to be!

    “I have to go!” Latios yelled out as he rushed out to the exit. This time, Triko wasn’t fast enough to stop him.

    “Latios!” both she and Vrikesho called to him, but he didn’t look back. Just as he ran outside, he transformed back to his Pokemon form and flew to the garden like a jet.

    I have to protect the Soul Dew, before our home will be nothing but ruins!

    He darted past tall buildings, speeding down to ground level as he made his way to a nearby canal. Latios dived into the freezing waters, too determined to feel the ice cold temperature on his skin.

    He rounded sharp corners in order to get to the hidden underwater passageway to the garden that the humans made for them centuries ago. Only after a few turns and a passing class of Remoraid did he finally spot the dark tunnel ahead of him.

    Please let the Soul Dew be safe… Latios wished as he splashed up to the surface of the grand fountain. He flew directly to the jewel’s altar and anxiously peered into it. Unfortunately, what he feared the most came true: The Soul Dew was gone.

    No… Latios closed his eyes in defeat. He could feel his whole body slumping down to the ground. Those intruders… Where could they have gone? he asked himself.

    Unexpectedly enough, he would get his answer when he heard a rustle of leaves in a nearby bush.

    “Well, well. What have we here this time?” a sinister female voice asked out loud. Turning his head, Latios could make out the figures of two female humans and two other Pokemon walking out of the shadows of their hiding place.

    “Oh, it’s Latios! Good thing we came back here, Annie, or else we wouldn’t have this one up for grabs,” Oakley said, cocking her head to her partner.

    “Just my thoughts as well!” Annie replied. “All that waiting made me bored. Time for some excitement!” She pointed threateningly at the bewildered dragon and yelled out to her Pokemon.

    “Espeon, Swift!”

    “Ariados, Night Shade!”

    Hope you guys at least enjoyed this chapter, since it would most likely be a long while before I get Chapter 8 up. I’m truly sorry about this, but my brain still won’t function with me for some reason. =(

    I hope all of you will be patient with me until the next update.
    Ara ara! The SD version cast of ARIA! ^_^

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