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Thread: Pokemon Heroes: Another Legend (Altoshipping, PG13)

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    metallic_pikachu Guest


    Great chappie Sumnor.Ohhh...I hope they get the Soul Dew back. By the way, will the end be like in the movie?

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    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest


    Oh...I was waiting for Chapter 7 for SO long! No offense though, I can understand.

    Oh, I was crying when Latios came in and Ash was hugging Latias, that was so cute. Except I found one error; when you said that Latios dove underwater (assuming he's in Pokemon form), he was too concerned to feel the ice water on his flesh. Latios and Latias have layers of fluffy feathers that can protect them against the cool water...

    I hope Latios doesn't die; I hated that part...

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    Issa Guest


    *Bounces* Yay! Wow, I loved this chapter, especially the part where Latios saw Ash holding Latias like that. <3

    I can't say I'm not a little upset that it'll be a while 'til chapter 8, but I do understand.

    This was awesome!! Worth the wait. O_~


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    Well, I have finally finished Chapter 8 after almost 6 months. I am truly sorry for the really long hiatus, and I hope you all will forgive me. =(

    It’s all right for me to be able to post the chapter update even with SPPF’s one-month rule, since I have discussed this issue with Murgatroyd, and he allowed me to update without worrying about the rule.

    metallic_pikachu: Oh no, it won’t end like the movie does. This fic is my different take on the movie, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. ^^

    ~*Ratiosu*~: I haven’t really thought about Latios and Latias having layers of feathers, but I’ll take it into consideration. =)

    Issa: Oh, thank you, Issa. ^^ If you still go to SPPF, I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter.

    Without further ado, here is Chapter 8! ^^

    Chapter 8

    Espe!!” Espeon and Ariados on command fired a flurry of yellow darts and black thunder towards the defenseless dragon Pokemon. Latios, though a fast flyer, could not escape the attacks in time. He could do nothing except screech out in pain as the combo attack struck him hard, almost piercingly.

    “Oh! What a good hit, Ariados! Hm, I thought Latios would be a lot stronger than that,” Oakley laughed in amusement as Latios skidded across the concrete ground.

    Annie flipped her bangs through her fingers. “How pathetic. Espeon, finish this off with a hard Tackle.”

    With a simple nod, Espeon began to race towards the fallen Pokemon. Latios, however, refused to give up so easily. As soon as the purple Pokemon came closer to attacking range, Latios spun himself on his stomach and struck Espeon square face with a hit from his strong wing. Caught off-guard, Espeon flung over and tripped to the floor. And Latios, without any hesitation, grabbed Espeon’s tail with his mouth.

    Espeeeeeee!!” Espeon cried frantically, flailing its forearms. Ariados began sprawling its way to Latios in the hopes of poisoning him. Realizing this, Latios began spinning Espeon in the air twice before he hurled it towards Ariados. With a great thud, both Pokemon fell backward and landed shamefully in front of their trainers’ feet.

    “… Guess I was wrong,” Oakley admitted with regret.

    “Well, that’s something I don’t hear from you every… H-Hey, Oakley, watch out!” Annie yelled as Latios sped angrily at them. A fast cartwheel from the thieves made Latios miss his targets by a margin.

    Landing on her feet, Oakley muttered in a rage. “That Pokemon’s not going to get away with this! Ariados, Night Shade!”

    Recovering from the last attack, Ariados shot another black beam at Latios. Latios in quick response shifted his feathers to refract the moonlight beaming on him, making him invisible throughout. The Night Shade attack flew by him harmlessly.

    Annie smirked at the sight. “Up to your disappearing acts, huh? Looks like the book we stole was helpful after all.” She reached into her backpack and pulled out the same pair of sunglasses. “Come out, come out wherever you are, Latios!” she sang.

    She searched around each corner of the garden, but it didn’t take long for her glasses to uncover Latios’ body heat hovering right above the thieves. It seemed that Latios had begun rearing his head for a powerful Dragonbreath attack.

    “Let’s see some shooting stars tonight, shall we? Swift!”

    Espeon fired another series of yellow stars straight up at Latios. The Swift attack managed to connect this time, and with a critical hit. It struck Latios so hard that it even halted his own attack.

    Espeon continued ceaselessly to fire Swift, until it became too much for Latios to bear any longer. The dragon gave out one final cry before he fell to the hard ground below with a deafening thud.

    “Okay, Ariados, String Shot now!” Oakley commanded.

    The spider Pokemon with its spinnerets shot a never ending string of webbings, wrapping Latios tightly. Latios struggled to break free, but the material was too strong to escape from.

    Oakley took out a small pod of elastic netting from her backpack. “Looks like you’ve just lost, Latios!” she proclaimed menacingly.

    She threw the pod up to the air that expanded as it left her fingers. The netting lunged for Latios and grabbed him like a beast’s clamping jaw. The electricity that escaped from the net didn’t make things any better either. It shocked and paralyzed Latios, stopping him from making any more sudden struggling movements.

    Annie clapped her hands in delight. “We did it! Latios is ours!” she cried giddily.

    “Don’t forget, we still have a busy schedule ahead of us,” Oakley replied, a little annoyed by Annie’s apparent giddiness.

    “Oh, come on. We have the Soul Dew and Latios. Why don’t we just get out of here now while we have the goods?” Annie pleaded.

    “NO! The DMA is the main reason why we’re here! We've come this far, and I'm not going to back out on a perfectly good opportunity we have now. Now stop complaining, I want to get a closer look at these tiles here,” Oakley said, pointing at the engravings on the ground.

    “Okay, okay…” Annie gave in. She didn’t want to be in one of Oakley’s very nasty tempers again. “So… What’s special about those things?”

    Oakley began typing commands on her laptop. “It appears that they are the key to operating the DMA… They’re all scrambled and written in an ancient language, but with help from the book and this computer, we’ll decode it in no time,” she explained.

    “If you say so…” Annie said skeptically.

    “I know so,” Oakley shot back.

    Unbeknownst to the thieves, Latios, still barely conscious, had been spying on them. He couldn’t keep his two eyes open against the stinging electricity, but nevertheless he still kept watch.

    … If Sister is going to be fine… he thought to himself, Then maybe she would be able to tell the others of what terrible events are taking place… And suddenly, he recalled how closely Ash was looking over his little sister…

    Using his last ounce of energy, his eyes began to glow blue…

    … Huh?

    Latias opened her eyes slowly, waking up from a sleep that lasted like hours to her. Her eyes started to focus in the strange room she was in.

    Where am I...? ... How did I get here? She raised her head, puzzled. She started to look around the dark room more closely, but stopped short when she felt something brushing up against her from beside the bed. When she looked down to see what thing was next to her, her heart almost skipped a beat.

    “… Ash?”

    And there he was, sleeping with his head resting beside her. But the faint resonance that came from Latias’ voice drew him away from his soft sleep.

    “Mmm…… Hm? … Latias?” Ash blinked a few times and slowly lifted his eyes up to her… Up to the same golden eyes he had waited so long to see. “Latias!” Not a mere moment passed before he wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. “Latias! I’m so glad you’re all right!” he exclaimed. “I thought I was going to lose you…”

    “Ash... " Latias replied. “… Did you bring me here all the way from the garden to help me? And you stayed by my side all the time I’ve been asleep?” she asked him gently.

    Ash let go of his arms around her and scratched the back of his head. “Um, I… Well, um, y-yeah, I-I did. Uhh…” he stuttered in reply. And did the dark room deceive her eyes, or was he really blushing red just now?

    She didn’t know why Ash would stammer in front of her, yet the very thought made her smile. It seemed to warm and comfort her, somehow... But sadly, it didn’t last very long when suddenly she felt a psychic rush taking over her.

    “Latias? What’s wrong?” Ash asked in concern as her eyes began glowing strangely blue. Instantly before their eyes, the hospital room warped away and disappeared. To Ash’s bewilderment, the room was replaced with another location somewhere outside at night. The sky was full of leaves from familiar trees, shrubbery that lined the white stone pathways, flat pools scattered around, and… the water altar. They were back at the secret garden! “Wha… Is this Sight Sharing?!”

    He looked around the new scenery, trying to comprehend what exactly was going on. However, straight ahead of him he caught sight of two familiar female figures.

    “Those two again! What are they doing back here?!” It didn’t make any sense to him. Why would they come back to the garden when they wanted to escape before?

    Coincidentally, it was Oakley who would provide the reason why. “Well, according to those tiles, these are the requirements on how to get that machine operating.”

    “Isn’t that information already on the book we stole?” Annie asked.

    “This has information that the book didn’t have, genius. When can you stop asking questions? *Sigh* Come on, we better…” Oakley’s voice unfortunately soon began to grow fainter before Ash and Latias could hear her finish her sentence.

    A few yards away from where the thieves were, Latios lied on the ground, unable to keep his Sight Sharing from going on. He was growing weaker and weaker with each passing moment. The net, in its unmerciful bind, then shot a surge of electricity that proved to be too much for Latios to endure anymore. The blue dragon finally lost consciousness and fainted, breaking up his Sight Sharing with his sister.

    No sooner than the image of the secret garden appeared to Ash and Latias that the view before them suddenly began to distort once again. “W-what’s happening now?” Ash thought aloud as the garden swiftly disappeared. The last thing they saw was a swift flash of electricity before they were transported right back to the dark hospital room. Latios’ Sight Sharing was cut short.

    Latias fell on her bed and regained back the gold color of her eyes. “Brother!” she cried.

    “Latias…” Ash thought for a moment, recalling something that looked familiar to him. “Did you see electricity before we got back here? I’m positive that that was the same type of electricity I saw before… when you were caught in that net those two ladies used.”

    Latias shook her head in despair. “Noo… That means Brother is in trouble! Ash, we have to go there now and save him!” she pleaded.

    “We will, Latias!” Ash assured her. “But are you sure you’re okay before we go? I’m worried that--”

    Latias shook her head again. “Don’t worry about me. Brother needs help more than I do.” Latias levitated off from her bed. “Come on, we have to hurry before it’s too late!” She quickly flew through the door of her room out to the hospital’s lobby, with Ash following right behind her.

    Meanwhile, Triko was busy talking with Nurse Joy about Latias’ condition, until she saw to her bafflement Ash and Latias speeding by past her.

    “Hey! Where do you guys think you’re going?!” she yelled after them.

    Ash turned his head back to her, but still running. “We don’t have time to explain! We have to go now!” At that, both Ash and Latias burst through the Pokemon Center’s front doors, leaving Triko and Vrikesho behind, confused.

    Triko looked ahead with a serious look on her face. “First the attack in the garden, Latias in the hospital, and now this? Something is definitely amiss here.”

    “Indeed. I can feel an ominous presence waiting to be released…” Vrikesho solemnly replied. “And I do not think it will be waiting very long.”


    Finally arriving at the secret garden with Latias leading the way, both Ash and Latias raced their way up the stairs to where the Sight Sharing took place.

    Please let Brother be okay… Latias wished silently to herself. They called out to Latios, hoping that he would respond and lead them to him. But as they reached the final step of the stairs, there was no one in the vicinity. Latios, the two thieves, and their Pokemon were nowhere to be found.

    "Brother...?" Latias looked around the empty garden in disbelief. "They took him... We were too late..." She hovered lower to the ground, casting her eyes downward. Tears sprang to her eyes, but she tried hard to hold them back. “He’s gone… They took him…”

    Ash hurried over to her and bent down to hold her in his arms. “Sshhh… Don’t cry, Latias,” he whispered to her. “I don’t think that they’ve gone very far. When we find them, I’ll make sure your brother will be with you again. So don’t cry, okay?”

    He stroked her feathers, wondering if he could really save Latios. Though he knew the thieves couldn’t be far off, he haven’t the clue of exactly where to look. He started to replay the Sight Sharing in his mind to pick up leads, any leads. Suddenly, he looked over to the direction where the tiles were located. “… I remember one of them saying something about the tiles here...”

    Latias wiped a tear away and advanced over to the inscriptions on the floor. “… I remember too…” she replied.

    Ash searched around the scrambled floor, trying to make out what the tiles were saying. He then spotted a picture of a familiar machine in the middle of the tiles. “Hey, I've seen that picture. It looks like the DMA I saw at the museum……!” Ash’s eyes widened as it hit him. “Wait a minute! The museum! They’re at the museum!”

    Latias gasped. “It makes sense now.” She shook her head sadly. “They’re going to turn on the DMA by using Brother and the Soul Dew as power. And then they’ll have the ability to control the whole city of Alto Mare! If they do, then they’re going to destroy it with so much power! We must hurry!”

    “All right, Latias! Let’s go!”


    “Finally, we made it,” exclaimed Oakley. She and Annie had arrived at the museum without much difficulty and came face to face with the large looming DMA.

    Ariados, who had carried the unconscious Latios behind its back, crawled towards a large circular platform on the floor and placed the dragon there. As the spider Pokemon moved out of the way, Latios began floating slowly above the ground. A strange glow emitted from the platform below, and three large circular rings somehow detached themselves from the floor. They centered themselves to Latios’ altitude and revolved around his body.

    Next, the large jagged anchors that held the DMA in place started to move and groan. The anchors moved a little away from the machine and descended down, right through the marble floor, leaving the DMA vulnerable.

    Annie and Oakley looked in awe at the sight. “It’s really working…” Annie said in wonder.

    Oakley, who snapped out of it, reached in Annie’s backpack and took out the Soul Dew, despite her partner’s reluctance. She then walked over to the machine’s base and examined it carefully.

    “Now, it said that there should be… Ah, here it is,” Oakley said as she put the Soul Dew on a mysterious pedestal on her left. Once she placed the jewel there, the machine started to recognize it. The clasps holding it up now released the Soul Dew to let it fall right into place on the pedestal.

    The DMA, with its two power sources now available to it after so many decades, became alive as it rotated and moved around on its gears. The machine then brought one of its arms in front of Annie and Oakley. A sphere opened up to reveal a seat inside as two steps leading up to it emerged from the solid marble floor.

    “This is the control seat,” Oakley explained.

    Annie shivered. “Ick, it looks creepy and cold in there.”

    Oakley rolled her eyes and ignored her. She walked up the steps and sat herself inside the sphere. Immediately, she could feel something taking over her the moment she got in, the overwhelming feeling of being powerful... Two semi-circle rings then came down at her eye level, becoming the control seat’s main screen as images of the city flashed before her.

    Oakley smirked and cackled. “Finally, after all the time and preparation, I have total control of the city!” she cried. “Nothing, nothing at all will be able to stop me! Not even the most powerful Pokemon!”

    She rapidly gestured her hands in front of the screen, issuing a massive command over the whole city. “No one shall resist, oppose, nor challenge me now. I hold the ultimate weapon in my possession, and I will make this city fall to its knees before me!!”
    Hopefully this chapter was enough to compensate for such a long time it took to update it.
    Ara ara! The SD version cast of ARIA! ^_^

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    Many many thanks to the amazing Yoru Ryu for making these adorable Ash & Latias Couple Dolls!! *Huggles them*

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    Don't worry about that, I'm just glad that this fic wasn't deleted due to inactivity.

    Anyway, some fun Altoshippy stuph in there. You missed some stuff gramatically (i.e: laid instead of "lied") but aside from that you did a good job. I hope Triko and her GF would be able to help 'em out in time.

    And of course, I'd love to see a battle between Pokemon and the FFverse. XD That actually seems pretty evenly matched.

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    Thumbs up

    Yay! A new chapter! Very enjoyable! Plus I have two "late" comments to make about ch 7:

    1) I liked out you handled Latios' reaction to Latias getting hurt and then the realization that the Soul Dew was in jeapardy.

    2) But I was surprised that Triko and Vrikesho didn't go with Latios to the garden. I would they they would be concerned he would need help dealing with A&O after seeing what happening to his sister.

    As for the grammar Arrow brought up, I think it would actually be "lay" since the rest of the sentence is in present-tense. But who knows I'm not an English major.
    Latias aways gets a little carried away when it involves love - or perhaps that would better describe Ash in this situation! ^_^

    AltoShipping is Pikachu-approved! ^_^

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    I cant wait for the next chappie.

    Detail: Not bad but not good. the drawings help.
    Plot: If a repeated plot was nonexcistant, this would have a nonexcistant plot.
    Overall: Not bad but, needs work. Has great potential. 7.5/10

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    Ah I love this fic. I like how deep the plot runs. It makes me want to read more of your stories. I definatly like your style. PS. I only know FFX and after, so, it will certainly be new to me. PPS. plz update so i can read the rest
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    Wow, I didn't think anyone would review just recently. Thanks for all your positive feedback, despite the errors and mistakes. ^^;

    AscendingLatios (Sorry for not answering sooner!)
    2) Well, Triko and Vrikesho didn't know what exactly was going on, and they haven't made the connection that Annie and Oakley were responsible yet. Sorry for being unclear about that. I'll need to edit it later, but thanks for pointing that out for me. ^^

    As for some bit of news, I'm still working on this fic, and am currently on Chapter 9. However it'll take some time before I get to finish it and post it up here, so please be patient. With all these reviews, though, I might get enough confidence going to make sure the next chapter gets up and running as soon as possible. ^^
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    Hey everyone! It's me again, and this time I have a new chapter with me! *Dances*

    This chapter is more action-oriented, so there aren't much shipping moments this time around. This and probably a few chapters more will focus on saving Latios and eventually Alto Mare, so I hope that will be all right. But I'll do my best to give you guys the shippiness that you all are wanting in the first place. ^^

    Chapter 9

    “What the heck is going on around here?!?” Triko shouted in frustration, pacing impatiently from left and right. “Who does Ash think he is, running off all over the place? Next time I see him, I’ll strangle him!!!”

    “Calm down,” Vrikesho said. “Getting angry will not do us any good. I don’t know why Ash and Latias took off like that, but it must have been very urgent.”

    “Yeah, that was pretty obvious right there. So why didn’t Ash tell us about it if it was that important? We could’ve done something to help him if he needed it.” She recalled that time when they found Ash alone and unconscious the other day. “Do you know how long it’s been since we all traveled together? Ash should know by now that we would do anything we can to help him.”

    She shook her head and stared out from the front windows of the Pokemon Center. She thought to herself and criticized Ash’s other reckless escapades throughout their stay in the city. She couldn’t understand why Ash would do something like this and leave his two friends behind.

    Huh, whatever gave him the idea that it was all right for him to get into careless messes? This all started to be just a simple vacation, and now it’s ended up like this. That’s always typical of him, jumping right into trouble whenever he does something he’s not supposed to do. And each and every time he does that I have to play “Big Sister” and come to his rescue again...

    She paused. Somehow this didn’t feel quite right to her. Hasn’t Ash already done many similar things like this in the past? She should be used to it by now. What is she all worked up about? She ran a hand through her black hair in confusion. Of course, she was still angry at Ash for being stupid and not telling them what’s going on in the first place. Though no matter what the circumstances were, she always did come to his rescue whenever he needed it. And every time he did get himself into trouble, Triko found herself worrying about him a great deal more than usual, making sure he wasn’t hurt or--in many cases--killed. Was that the reason why she was this upset with him now, because she was concerned for his well-being? Ash’s running off without any explanation wasn’t the problem, though it did bother her. What really mattered the most was his safety. Obviously, she was still mad that Ash would put himself in danger yet again, but wasn’t it supposed be a big sister’s responsibility to help him get out of it when he did?

    Triko finally pulled away from the window and turned to her Guardian Force, who was looking at her with a little worry. But to Vrikesho’s surprise, he saw that she had a content smile on her.

    “Well,” she started, chuckling to herself in a light-hearted mood. “You know, if Ash doesn’t have the proper sense to come and ask us for our help, then it looks like we have no choice but to give it to him ourselves. Even if we don’t know exactly what the situation is, that doesn’t mean we can’t lend as much help as we can. Right, Vrikesho?”

    The creature blinked a few times at this sudden change of thought, but then smiled and nodded deeply at his friend’s suggestion.

    At that, both of them made their way outside of the Pokemon Center and, with Triko saddling on Vrikesho’s back, flew up to the sky in search of Ash and Latias.


    Far below in another part of the canal-laden city, Ash and Latias hurried as quickly as they could to the Alto Mare museum. Knowing the whole city by heart, the dragon Pokemon led the way as she flew through a few shortcut routes, with Ash not too far behind.

    “Do you know how far it is to the museum, Latias?” Ash gasped after her. He was afraid how long it would be before his tired feet would give out, since they already covered a good distance from the garden.

    Latias hesitated a bit. “It’s still a bit far off… I’m not entirely sure we can make it in time…” she replied, her voice echoing quietly through the walls of the alleyway.

    Looking at her with a sad expression on his face, Ash could feel her uncertainty through her voice. Who knew what those two thieves could have done to Latios to pursue their selfish goals. Ash understood in his heart how worried Latias was for her brother, even though he had no brother of his own. But he knew very well the fear of losing someone, and it drove him to save Latios all the more.

    The only sounds to be heard were Ash’s running footsteps that rang through the dark alleyways of the buildings. However, it wasn’t long before something else overtook the silence. For some strange reason, Ash could feel a low rumble at his feet as he ran. He was sure it wasn’t from his running on the cold pavement. This one was stronger in magnitude and lasted a bit longer, but he had no idea what was causing those vibrations. However, with a quick glance ahead, he soon pushed the thought aside when he saw the light of the exit in front of them.

    But before Latias and Ash could get through the exit, a deafening and blasting noise erupted, and three gigantic stone pillars suddenly burst out from the solid ground. Both Ash and Latias immediately skidded in their tracks as the strange structure grew higher up in the sky, blocking the exit.

    “W-what’s going on?!” Latias asked in bewilderment. As soon as she uttered that question, however, another quake in the ground began, this time coming from where they entered.

    “Quick! We got to get out of here!” Ash yelled out. Together they backtracked their steps as fast as they could out of the alley. The rumblings on the ground became stronger as Ash and Latias neared the other exit. When they were only a few feet away from the exit, they both gave one final burst of speed before another set of giant stone pillars erupted behind them and blocked the path completely.

    Ash stumbled forward from the force of the pillars and fell face-flat to the ground. Latias regained her composure in the air and then quickly flew over to Ash, nuzzling his head to see if he was all right.

    He slowly picked himself up from the floor and smiled at her. “It’s okay, Latias, I’m fine,” he said as he patted her head. “But I’m not sure how we can get to the museum. These weird pillars are blocking the way.” All around them, they could see even more strange formations growing from the walls and buildings, cutting off any exits from the doors and windows.

    “It’s a defensive maneuver from the DMA. It’s to prevent invaders from entering Alto Mare,” Latias explained. “Deactivating it is the only way to remove them.”

    “Well, it looks like we’ll have to find a way around them then,” Ash proposed. He looked all around the area to find a possible detour, and soon he spotted something on the corner of his eye. He turned to what appeared to be covered in a large white sheet, and the shape of the object underneath looked particularly familiar.

    Ash hurriedly stepped over to it, looked at it for a bit, and lifted the sheet off with one clean sweep. And what was under there made him grin widely with excitement.

    “Latias, are you ready to race?”


    The whirring of the operating DMA machine continued to sound throughout the empty dark halls of the Alto Mare museum, and from the ceiling high above, a female voice echoed eerily along with it.

    “Now that this city is under complete lockdown, no one will interfere,” Oakley announced with a smug on her face. “Not even that annoying brat and that flashy light show of his will come through. Heheh, perfect.”

    Below at the foot of the machine stood Annie, who stared in disbelief at her friend inside the cockpit. “What happened? Why is Oakley acting like this?” she said to herself. “She was never… not like this. Ever since she got into that thing, it’s like she changed into a whole other person.” Annie continued to look at her friend, finding it hard to believe that the person up there was the same Oakley she always knew.

    Suddenly an alarming beeping signal could be heard from the cockpit. “What…?” Oakley made a small hand gesture at the glowing monitor in front of her to bring up a video capture of Ash, who was riding on a race pod through a canal as Latias pulled on the rein. “Auughh, they managed to escape?!” However, a smirk slowly appeared on her lips. “Well, looks like we’ll just have to play harder then, shall we?” She automatically made elaborate movements with her two arms in front of the screen, and summoned aloud, “Arise, Aerodactyl and Kabutops!”

    The two ancient fossils of the prehistoric Pokemon that were sprawled on the museum floor gleamed and glittered in a faint blue light. In one final brilliant flash the two Pokemon fossils transformed magically into their living counterparts. Aerodactyl and Kabutops cried out as life pulsed through their skeletons, and over the noise Oakley commanded, “Stop that boy from coming here! And bring that Latias to me!”

    The two Pokemon responded with terrible screeches and sped through the large hallway and out into the bitter night.


    Within less than a mile away from the museum, both Ash and Latias zoomed through several canals at top speed. As he rode on the racing pod from the Tour de Alto Mare race, Ash held on for dear life as Latias swerved around the sharp corners in good speed and timing.

    The dragon Pokemon flew as fast as she could over the cold dark waters, with a determined look on her face. We’re almost there, she thought with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Just hang on a little longer, Brother. We’re coming!

    She zipped by a few familiar shops and homes, assuring her that she was heading into the right direction. Just as she again turned a corner to the left, a loud and terrible screech filled the air. Turning their heads up to the sky, Ash and Latias could see an Aerodactyl with pale yellow eyes hovering right above them. And with no warning, the Aerodactyl screamed again and swooped down to seize Latias in its clutches with great force.

    “A-Ahhhhh!” Latias cried out in pain. “Let me go!” The Aerodactyl however continued to hold a powerful grip on her neck, and with the upper hand it fought against the Eon Pokemon’s struggle to break free.

    “Latias!!” Ash yelled after her. He had to do something to save her quickly, but he was being held back by the force of the winds. C’mon, Ash! You got to save her! Think! He thought furiously on how to take out the Aerodactyl without hurting Latias in the process. Offensive magic spells won’t do. She’ll be in their range of damage. Argh, what to do…!

    Suddenly, he remembered the Aerodactyl fossil he saw from the museum a few days ago. He could be wrong, but that fossil may very well be the same Aerodactyl right before him. It was very likely that the DMA’s power revived the ancient Pokemon, under the command of the two thieves. And somehow, the yellow eyes of the Aerodactyl particularly struck at him, almost as if they were the gaze of the undead…

    Thrusting his left arm forward, Ash quickly called forth a magical force that flowed and concentrated onto the palm of his hand. As soon as the spell gained enough energy for release, Ash yelled out, “Cure!!”

    A gentle green aura appeared and surrounded the Aerodactyl, surprising the Pokemon for a moment. The magic calmly surrounded its body, and in the complete opposite effect of the spell, struck the Aerodactyl in searing pain. With that, the Pokemon screeched several times before releasing Latias from its clutches. The Aerodactyl then flew up higher and wildly in the sky, trying to recuperate from the attack it just endured.

    “Latias, are you all right?” Ash called after her. The Pokemon shortly recovered from the strain on her neck, and replied back to him with a smile and a nod of her head.

    Unfortunately, there was no time for rest for Ash and Latias, as another different cry could be heard not far from where they currently are. It seems as though the Aerodactyl did not go after them alone. A couple of skittering steps echoed in the alleys around them, but then died down. After a few alarming moments of silence, a shadow suddenly sprinted by past them on the stone street edging the water canal.

    “Wh-what was that?!” Ash asked out loud. The shadow soon reverted on its tracks and swiftly lunged directly at them, with its scythe armed ready. The shadow aimed its blade not at Ash and Latias, but at the cable they’re both holding on to.

    “Kabu-TOPS!!” In one clean and precise slash, the middle of the rope was split in two.

    The sudden loss of momentum dragged Ash and Latias forward, knocking them off balance and out of control. Ash fell off the race pod and sank deeper into the water, while Latias stumbled in the air before knocking into a wall in front of her.

    Underwater, Ash opened his eyes and looked about his surroundings, trying to find which way was the surface. He then spotted a distorted glow from a street lamp to the side, and quickly swam up to the surface in that direction to catch his breath. He shook off excess water from his head, and looked up to find that he was face to face with a Kabutops.

    “Kyaahhh!!” The Pokemon rapidly raised its forearm and swung at Ash with incredible speed. It came at him so fast that Ash couldn’t begin to swim away in time to dodge the deadly assault. It seems as though this could be the end for him. But before the blade narrowly struck him, a red blur flew in from behind and gave the Kabutops a hard tackle from the side. A giant splash erupted as the Kabutops skidded roughly on the edge of the street and plummeted into the water.

    “Wow, Latias, thanks for saving me,” Ash said with a sigh of relief. “But now we better get moving. We can’t fight them like this, and I can’t take both of them on myself. Our only choice is to run for it. We need to shake them off our tails while they’re still down.”

    At that, they both took to the streets and ran as fast as they could to the museum. However, by this time the Aerodactyl and Kabutops already regained their full composure. Enraged at their apparent mishaps, the two prehistoric Pokemon roared furiously and dashed after the two. It only took a few short seconds for the ancient Pokemon to catch up to their prey, and as they got ever closer they gave one final pounce forward. Ash and Latias knew they had no chance to escape this time. They could do nothing but brace themselves for the worst as the ancient Pokemon prepared their finishing blows.


    After a moment of silence and no pain, Ash and Latias slowly opened their eyes and looked over at the ancient Pokemon in confusion. To their utter surprise, a girl stood in front of them with a giant axe blocking the Kabutop’s sharp forearms.


    The girl turned her head and smirked, “Well, it looks like you two have been quite busy.” She turned back to face the Kabutops that was struggling to break through her axe, and took on a serious tone. “Look, Vrikesho and I will take care of this in no time. Where are you guys heading?”

    “We’re going to the Alto Mare museum. That’s where they’re keeping Brother,” Latias explained to her.

    “All right, we’ll come over there once we finish this up. You two need to hurry and go right now,” Triko insisted as she swung her axe to drive back her opponent.

    “But Triko…” Ash whispered with worry.

    “Don’t worry about us, Ash! We’ll be fine. Just get out of here!” She immediately sprinted into battle and made several swings at Kabutops, to which the Pokemon blocked with its double scythes.

    Latias assured Ash that things will be okay from here. Ash understood and nodded in agreement, and the two of them rushed their way back to the museum.

    “… Looks like they’re gone,” Vrikesho informed her as he engaged in battle with the Aerodactyl hovering in the sky.

    Triko made a few strikes at Kabutops before replying back to him, “Now we’ll finally be able to go all out in this fight! Ready, Vrikesho?” She ran straight ahead at the staggering Kabutops and swung her large axe downward. The attack made its mark, but Kabutops did not back down that easily. The Pokemon retaliated by widening its forearms horizontally, looking as though it would cut Triko like giant scissors. She quickly took notice of this and jumped out of the way before the Kabutops could chop her into two.

    While in the air from her jump, Triko swung her axe around and around for a few turns. And when the weapon gained enough momentum and speed, she hurled it at the Kabutops. With its quick eye, however, the Pokemon hopped backward and dodged it completely. The axe clashed heavily into the stone street, locking itself securely into the newly made crack on the ground. Triko landed back on the floor and faced Kabutops. Her axe was behind her, but it was several yards away. The ancient Pokemon observed that the weapon the human was wielding was well out of range for her to retrieve again, so thus the human was defenseless. Kabutops cried out in sheer victory and extended its blades after her.

    Before the Pokemon could get to her, Triko reached behind herself and pulled out a secondary weapon: a blade-tipped whip. She turned her back on the Pokemon and quickly cracked her whip and hurled the blade at her axe. The whip’s long length traveled over the distance and successively grabbed the handle of the axe. Triko pulled with all of her strength to pry it loose from the ground. Kabutops charged at her ever still, but Triko persisted on. In one single burst of power, Triko finally managed to free her axe off the street. She swung her whip over to her side, using the axe like the spiked ball of a flail. She made one wide circle of her whip over her head and immediately landed the axe’s blade directly on top of the Kabutops.

    Struck by the heavy might of the attack, Kabutops was beaten down by the blade and fell hard on the cobblestone street. Multiple cracks emerged on the ground, but the blow didn’t seem to crack the tough hide of the Pokemon.

    Triko wound back her whip together and fastened both of her weapons on her back. She then took some steps forward and examined the fallen Kabutops, and noticed that the Pokemon only fainted. “… Almost forgot. Pokemon don’t really die in this world. They just faint. No matter how many times Ash explains it to me, I still think the whole concept’s strange.”

    Meanwhile, another battle still ensued, this time in the sky. Vrikesho and the Aerodactyl flew overhead as they gave hostile glares at one another. Aerodactyl however took the first initiative and fired a Hyper Beam. The Guardian Force flapped his wings to the side to avoid the yellow beam. He then responded by firing his own beam attack at Aerodactyl. The dark black and green ray shot at Aerodactyl’s right wing before it had the time to recover from its Hyper Beam. The Pokemon wobbled in the air, desperately trying to fly with a damaged wing.

    Enraged and furious, the Aerodactyl soared at Vrikesho with surprising speed despite the handicap. The Pokemon got close enough to use its serrated jaw to clamp on to Vrikesho’s neck. Vrikesho bellowed as Aerodactyl continued to tighten its bite on its enemy. Vrikesho fought to keep himself in the air against Aerodactyl’s weight, but as he continued losing his strength from the Bite attack, the two flying beasts ultimately fell down and landed on the waters below.

    The impact from plunging into the water forced Aerodactyl to release its grip on the GF. Freed from the razor-sharp teeth, Vrikesho used his spiked tail to strike the Pokemon. Aerodactyl thrashed about in the water and tried to swim away from Vrikesho. He could see that the Pokemon was struggling fiercely, given that rock-type Pokemon are weak against water. Vrikesho took this opportunity to attack the Pokemon full on.

    He folded in his wings and rapidly dove into Aerodactyl like a torpedo underwater. At impact the Pokemon coughed out large masses of air bubbles as the GF’s sharp beak stabbed into it. Deciding that the end of the fight was here, Vrikesho used his energy to fire one last beam. Positioning underneath the Pokemon, he opened his beak and blasted another dark beam at Aerodactyl. The beam flung the Pokemon right out of the water and high up into the air. The Aerodactyl, its consciousness already gone, fell back down to the earth and landed on the street with a thud.

    Vrikesho then flew out of the water majestically and landed beside Triko, shaking his whole body to dry himself out.

    “H-hey, you’re going to make me all wet!” Triko complained.

    “Well, judging from your attitude you seem to be okay from your battle,” Vrikesho answered.

    “And judging from you, you seemed like you had fun fighting back there,” Triko replied back.

    Vrikesho could only chuckle to that. “Hm, hm. But now’s not the time for joking around. We need to hurry over to the museum and get to Ash and Latias.”

    “Do you remember where it is?” Triko asked.

    The creature looked up at the sky. “We can fly over the town and find it. Was it the one that almost looks like a cathedral with stained glass windows?”

    Triko hurried over and jumped on Vrikesho’s back. “That’s the one. I don’t think the museum is very far, so they may already be there by now. Come on, let’s go.” The two of them lifted up higher into the sky and soared over to their next destination.
    The beginning of the chapter was the hardest for me to write (took a good several months), so I hope it flows well, or not. ^^;;

    Towards the end of the chapter, however, was the most fun for me. Writing up the battle scenes was cool, and I have to admit that I written those segments entirely by instinct and the spur of the moment. Eheh. ^^

    As always, I'll try hard to get into the next chapter. I'm sorry for those of you who still follow my fic have to wait so long for each new update. I emphasize with you, since I too want to finish my fic at a much faster rate than I currently am. I hope that will change once summer vacation starts this year. =)
    Ara ara! The SD version cast of ARIA! ^_^

    Banner made by me. Please no stealing!

    Many many thanks to the amazing Yoru Ryu for making these adorable Ash & Latias Couple Dolls!! *Huggles them*

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    Any chance the new chapter is coming out soon? Seems like its been forever, and there hasn't been any developments in the story, not even any new comments from readers. I don't want to look impatient, but I'm just so absorbed in this shipping fic, and I want to read what happens next. Great job with the story so far!

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