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    Welcome to Chaos Theory with in the clan are 3 division having it's own special meaning. Random Conditions the act of random chaos with out control. The Butterfly Effect is peaceful and evokes the statement that even the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can have tremendous effects on the world. Eventual Order are focusing on Steel type and technologies when the world finally come to a grand peace.

    (24 November 2011) Chaos Theory is officially OPEN
    (11 March 2012) Sadly closed on this date it was very sad day.
    (29 December 2012) The Grand Re-Open Of Chaos Theory

    1.) No Trolling, spamming, or flaming.
    2.) Use common sense this will solve most of problems.
    3.) Follow all rules set by Serebii Forums
    4.) Respect other members and your Leaders.
    5.) If there's a problem in the clan talk to a leader about it, we’re here to listen.
    6.) Be a good sport and do not rub it in someone's face if you beat them.
    7.) Be literate
    8.) Any desisions made by the Leader is final. If you question it, do it via PM.
    9.) Remember to have fun.

    Application Form

    PO Name:
    Wi-Fi Friend Code:
    Which Division:
    Why you want to join:
    Number of SBF Symbols:
    Battling Experience:

    Credit To Eeveelover824
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