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Thread: Pokemon Evolutions in Unova

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    Default Pokemon Evolutions in Unova

    Ash's latest team includes only Krookodile as the only fully evolved pokemon (Well, there's Unfezant but since he never uses it . . . and Leavanny, but again, it does not strike as extremely powerful).
    Before it kind of looked like Krookodile would be Ash's powerhouse for unova

    Pignite has defeated kotetsu's hydreigon and ferrothorne which pretty much shows that it's a fairly strong pokemon as well.

    which pokemon do you think will make it to their final evolutions in the end.

    I'm thinking pignite and boldore. snivy might evolve to servine because of battling lucario. other than that . . . can't really see any other pokemon evolving.

    oshawott's kind of the comic, yet fairly strong pokemon, so i'm guessing it probably wont evolve and palpitoad doesn't really battle all that much.

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    Hello! I see you have already experienced the lag issues around here and as a helpful hint, if you need to delete anything, there is a little check box when you choose to edit a post, which you can use to get rid of those pesky extra posts

    Also, there is actually already a thread regarding this type of discussion, its known as the Next Pokemon Thread and the above user has helpfully posted the link for you. You can find it stickied at the top of the Anime Spoilers sub-forum. It will be useful when this is inevitably closed by a mod in a short while.

    In response to the topic.. I really don't think we're done, as far as evolutions go. I believe that things like Snivy, Scraggy and Pignite still have plenty of chances to evolve in the upcoming N arc and that at least two of them will. My preferences would be Pignite and Snivy (well, after the unlikely Palpitoad), but truthfully I'll be happy with any.
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