Locke looked around the crowded room, filled with family, friends and mostly people he barely knew. It was all his Grandpa’s doing. Locke just got back from his second tour as a trainer and finished top 25 in the Johto league. He still felt he could have done better, but he always felt like that. He took a sip of his slightly watered down beverage when a girl with long curly brown hair collided with him. She was give him a hug, “I’m soooo glad you’re home!!!!!!” She exclaimed.

He chuckled and blushed, “Why is that, Grace?”
“Because I missed you .” Grace said point blank.

Locke shook his head and chuckled. “Even if I had stayed home you would have missed me seeing as how you were in Johto too.”

She giggled, “I know, but now we can spend a few weeks together before I go off to Hoenn with Keel.”
Locke smirked. “So, what are the plans this time?” Grace asked. Keel walked up and placed his arms around Grace pulling her in close.

“Yeah, Locky. Where do you plan on going next?” He asked. Locke shrugged and took another sip of his drink. He watched as Brick and Scarlet, Brick’s girlfriend, were approaching. When the arrived in the small group that had started to form Locke answered.

“Not sure, I got a call from Battle Tv asking if I were interested in battling the Kanto Frontier.” He answered. Grace jumped up and down, so excited for Locke.

“Oh my gosh! That is so awesome!” She cheered as she jumped, holding on to Locke’s shoulder to keep her balance.

Brick nods, “Yeah I got the same call. Scarlet and I are heading off to Pewter in a few weeks for the first event.”

Locke looked lazily over to Keel, “So, you and Grace are finally going on that Hoenn trip.”

Keel chuckled and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. “Yeah.. I promised I’d make it up to her after the whole Johto fall out.”
Grace crossed her arms grumpily, “That’s right mister! No running off last minute to train with Clara!”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Training under Kanto’s best fire gym leader for a year isn’t a big enough deal to ditch my plans? Besides you traveled with Locke in Johto didn’t seem like you were complaining to much then.”
“We didn’t travel together the whole time!” Grace stomped her foot and stared at him with burning anger.

Locke chuckled and eased away, as did Brick and Scarlett. They walked in silence to the door of the restaurant, “You still got a thing for her, huh?” Brick stated. Scarlett awed to the fact. And Locke blushed a little.

“Yeah..well you know.” He said as he walked out. Brick and Scarlett turned around and went back in to socialize. It was crisp and clean air outside and the moon was full and bright. A little red puppy walked up barking at him wagging his tail. “Hey Growlithe, buddy.” He patted the little pup and walked on to the gentle flowing river. He took a deep breath and sighed.

“Well if it isn’t mister big shot.” Locke turned around to see his old buddies. “Looking right tough with his growlithe by his side.” One guy said.
Locke smiled and stuck out his hand, the tallest one with a shaved head shook it and grinned. “ Keith.” Locke said.He leaned and looked past Keith at Wade and Connar. “You headed out tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” Keith looked at the sky as dark clouds filled the night sky. “Going to be stationed in Shinnoh for a while.” He ran his hand through his hair. Wade was about to make a remark when lightning struck right beside Locke in the river. Locke jumped back and fell to the ground knocking Keith over almost landing on Growlithe. Growlithe growled at river and then began to bark uncontrollable.

Everyone from inside rushed out to see what was going on. Whispers went amongst the people as worm hole opened up infront of Locke and the others. The wind swirled toward the portal and a loud roar was let loose. A gaint pokemon flew out and whipped around in the night sky.
Scarlet pointed, “Giratina!” she shouted.
“In Cerulean? That is a Shinnoh myth..” Brick said as he watched. The dragon pokemon then zoomed back into the portal with Growlithe following, barking.
“Growlithe, No!” Locke shouted as he jumped for Growlithe. The portal closed sucking them both up and leaving Locke’s friends, family and others behind.