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    Default Twisting Fate of a Girl and Spinarak

        Spoiler:- Chapter List:

    Authors Note: This is 2 years after the events of HG/SS, between the B/W and the B2/W2 arcs.

    Chapter 1: Uprising

    Valor Lakefront. Even though it's located a bit far from those populous cities that people get to visit, it's rather peaceful in nature. Some people that reside in this area are quite boastful when it comes to living in this fine area. Some that also live here tend to care of their Pokémon and have fun with them.

    But it was one tranquil morning in the middle of April. In one of the hotels, there lay a brunette girl that slept peacefully in her comfy white bed. She snored so quietly as a whisper. Nearby her bed, one of the Poke Balls rolled around vigorously, until it ejected a luminous, icy glow. It reformed into a Vaporeon.

    "Vap vap." she yapped in curiousity. She was daring to see of how this day may go.

    She glanced through her window and looked at a flock of Starly and Swablu flying through the luminous sky. As she slowly crawled towards it, she looked at the sky, and saw the intense sun. She awed in curiosity, until it flashed her eyes.

    "Vapor!" she shrilled in pain as she used her tailfin to wipe her eyes. Suddenly, she heard peaceful rumbles that penetrated her ears. She turned her head towards her master who held her red keychain, embedded with glistening crystals, in her arm.

    She quickly jumped on her master's chest and rubbed her soft face with her nose. She felt that her face was like a soft cushion that you can lay on. But as soon as she tried rubbing her master's face, her brown eye slowly began to open.

    Vaporeon stopped her rubbing and gazed at her master's blank eye. The whole room was instantly silent. Her master's face was frozen in shock.

    "Yah!" she shrilled in a loud manner. She instantly rolled out of the bed and fell on her head on her white carpet, while Vaporeon ran out of her room.

    "Owwww…." She got up and rubbed her silky head, "I swear that Aquarius will pay for trying to tamper me!"

    She then sighed in relief as she walked to her big window. While she glanced at the Starly and Staraptor flying around as they chanted happily, she couldn't bear to think of what it was like for her to be in Johto once more where she was once with her childhood friends and family in Goldenrod City where she conquered to get the eight badges.

    She thought, "It must be 2 years now… My mom and my dad must be worrying about how I am alone in Sinnoh… I need to step up my game towards being a good coordinator. I am Melissa… the Pokémon Coordinator….."

    A while later, Melissa was in her living room, where she was frying up the juicy pancakes that awaited for her sensitive taste buds. As she was humming with her eyes closed, she felt a tug on her blue pants.

    She glanced down and saw her troubled Luxio. Her Luxio purred in a painful way with her whimpering face. "What's the matter Libra?"

    She purred painfully as she pounded on her tummy. Soon, she dropped the silver pan and rushed outside to the balcony, not even noticing of how her pancakes would be.

    Outside on the balcony, Melissa was pouring the Poke food on the bowls for her 3 Pokemon. She ignored the soft breeze that swayed across the atmosphere. Even though it flows through her hair and white short sleeved shirt, she ignored as if it was nothing to worry.

    "Here you go." She dropped the red shaped bowl towards her famished Luxio. As soon as she sucked in the smell of the scrumptious food, Libra ate and ate until there was nothing more. Then she fell down and fell asleep.

    Melissa smiled as she looked at Libra, but glanced at Vulpes, her Vulpix. She slowly munched away the Poke food. Vulpes had a blank and fixed stare on the bowl as she continued to eat away the diminishing scraps.

    "I wonder on where I can get a Fire Stone for Vulpes. I wish for her to be a Ninetales. But I guess that can wait for now….." Aquarius and Togetic faintly snored as they fell asleep from their heavy stomach.

    They rested on the grassy mat with their legs close together. Melissa looked at the whole vicinity. She can't help but look at the whole trees that are displayed a bit far for her view as she saw Jumpuff and Mothim fly away.

    Suddenly, a vibrating tone was roaring inside. Melissa's heart was racing as she rushed inside of her room and put the phone on her ear.

    "Hello?" a familiar voice said out of the phone.

    Sweat slithered through Melissa's skin as it barely dampened her clothing.

    "Oh hey Mom!" Melissa happily hollered.

    "Hey….. So I was wondering…. Did you get a dangerous boyfriend in the Sinnoh Region?"

    Melissa was dumbstruck by that absurd response. She trembled as she placed the phone away from her ear. Her mouth was open as her face turned into a shocked expression.

    Soon enough, she placed the phone close to her mouth, "Oh Mother! Why are you worrying about me huh! You should know that I am always in good behavior in Sinnoh, so I don't see on why you should worry about me huh!?" Melissa panted heavily and placed the phone close to her ear.

    "Oh, sorry about that." her mother giggled, "So, I saw that you lost in the recent Pokemon Contest. You were in sixth place, and I was mad of how Jessie and her Roserade won! I will come to Sinnoh and teach you how to be a top notch Coordinator and tell of that Jessie of how I was #1 in my previous career!"

    "No no mother… let's forget about that….." she carefully said, "living in Sinnoh for two years was a bit scary at first…."

    She thought back when she was in the boat, all by herself with Aquarius that was an Eevee at the time. She seemed solemn as she glanced at her mother waving goodbye with her friends. She was unsure of how Sinnoh might be. She remembered seeing it on TV a week after she came back from the Pokemon League.

    It showed the big Super Contest Hall and the elegant Pokemon and their performances, like a Piplup using Bubblebeam and froze the bubbles. They cracked and glimmering sparkles rained down which caused everyone to be amazed. Melissa was 12 at the time, and she realized her real goal; to become a #1 coordinator.

    Back to this, she was in a daze when she was thinking back.

    "Hello, you're still there?"

    Melissa jumped instantly as her eyes were wide open. "Yes yes. Bye mother!"

    "Wait, wait, I was about to tell you about—" the conversation was broken as she put the phone back. She released a troubled sigh. She noticed a charred smell that made its way to the whole room.

    "Ehh….." she turned towards the stove and noticed the black smoke emitting out. Sweat was rapidly racing down as she shivered.

    "No! My pancakes!" While she rushed to the stove, she turned it off and took the pan. She glanced at her crispy black pancakes that were like coal. Tears were running down and dripped to the ground. "No….. my pancakes are ruined!" She screamed as she glanced at the sleek, while ceiling.

    A while later, Aquarius and Melissa were walking towards the Super Contest hall in the populous Hearthome City. Various chatter and other noises were making its way.

    Various Pokémon like Houndour and Totodile would run around happily while their trainers would try to grab them. She felt the warm sky that was sending its rays to the whole town, which really irritated her a bit, except Aquarius, since she's a water type.

    "Hey, I wonder of how populated the city is. Everyone would crawl around this amazing area at all times, non stop." she said to Aquarius.


    She glanced at the various bystanders walking around with their Poffins and badges with their Pokémon. Then she noticed her friend from Sinnoh that was walking out of the Super Contest Hall.

    "Hey Lisa!" Melissa yelled in amazement.

    She looked up in response and glanced at Melissa and her Vaporeon. She slowly walked towards the two with her Poke Ball in her hand. "Oh, hey."

    Melissa looked at Lisa's dismal face and her black hair that barely shrouds her green eyes. They all wondered on why she was sad for that particular moment as she was in front of the expansive Contest hall. "What's the matter?"

    "You haven't heard? Remember Jessie that beat you a week back? She is #1 again, and she beat most of the contestants with Roserade all the time!"

    Melissa and Aquarius glared at Lisa in a troubled way, shocked by what she said.

    As soon as they were going to enter in the hall, Lisa said, "Wait!" They were alarmed as they turned towards her. "What is it?"

    "For the upcoming Pokémon Contest, you need four Pokémon to enter!"

    "What?" Melissa questioned in disbelief.

    She rushed into the hall and ran to the receptionist. The people that were in the hall, including the receptionist were instantly grieved by the girl's sudden appearance.

    "Four Pokemon to enter!? When was this!? I don't ever recall hearing this when I was here!"

    "I'm sorry, but you should have remembered this the last time you entered. You can't enter until you get four Pokémon after the previous contest was over."

    The bystanders glared at Melissa and the two since they were uneasy. As she walked back to her room in the night, Melissa jumped on her comfy bed and rolled all over it.

    She thought, "What am I going to do? I don't have four Pokémon with me. I'd just do fine with two….." Then an idea popped in her head. She got up and sat on her bed, having a wide smile of her new idea that was generated in an instant.

    "I can just catch a Pokémon!" She quickly grabbed one of her Poke Balls and ran out of the hotels to the dark outdoors. She raced into Route 229, trying to scour across the lands in search of a Pokémon with her bright flashlight. She glanced at the night sky that had glimmering stars. She awed as a shooting star was traveling its way until it disappeared.

    As soon as she was trailing around, she heard a prickling sound that emanated through the whole route. She shivered in fear as she wondered on what's going on. A tear that rained down from her eye dried instantly from the warm temperature.

    "I'm running out this place!" As she was quickly pacing away from the dark and ominous place, a long shadow quickly blocked her way back to her home. She instantly fell down and glanced at the creepy shadow that's coming from the dark bushes. Soon enough, a sticky white thread latched on her leg.

    "No, this can't be….." she thought. She thought back of how Bug Pokemon would intimidate her as a kid. They had those big and blank eyes, those scary mouths that had pointy teeth, and those weird evolutions that are disgusting. She knew that this might be a Bug type, and she wanted to elude from its sticky grip.

    She heard the prickling sound again, and it's nearby. She shivered more and more as sweat was erupting out of her skin. Her heart pounded and pounded as if it were going to explode. A dreaded pain was coursing through her body towards her sweat and her faint breath. "Oww…"

    She slowly got up and was about to take out her Poke Ball, but the shrouded figure jumped on her chest. She was alarmed when she saw that it was a cute Spinarak that was blankly staring at her troubled face. It cuddled on her and had its fangs close to her that made Melissa intimidated.

    Melissa emitted a loud shriek as she pushed the Spinarak. She shivered with her clenched arms on her face, afraid of this creepy crawler. Her Poke Ball rolled and released a luminous light that reformed into Aquarius.

    "Oh….. I hate Bug Types…." Melissa thought, but she heard piercing cries coming out. She looked at Aquarius blasting a Water Gun attack, but the Spinarak quickly evaded it as the blast hits the trees that caused leaves to shower down.

    As soon as Aquarius was going to blast another Water Gun, the Spinarak vanished from their sight. Aquarius was in shock and plunged to the tree. She tried to get up as she struggled on her feet, she panted and panted roughly while she tried to grasp on the little energy she has.

    "No….. This can't be…" Melissa tried to look inside her bag for her Poke Balls, but she was grieved. She forgot to get them back from the hotel! She couldn't bear to watch this disturbing scene. Then the wild Spinarak fell from the tree while Aquarius wasn't even expecting this.

    "Aquarius! Above you quick!" Melissa yelled. But when Aquarius stared at the Spinarak's fangs, it quickly pierced her back with its poisonous fangs. Poison seeped into her bloodstream that's slowly damaging her body.

    "NOOOO!" Aquarius tried to get up, but she collapsed to the ground as she shivered. Melissa just returned her back to the Poke Ball and quickly tried running for her life.

    "This can't be." she thought, "This can't be happening. Right now during the night while I'm trapped with this thing!?" She grabbed her chest tightly with her head down, but she felt the web on her leg pulling her back towards the Spinarak.

    "No! No!" As she tried to grab on the grass to keep her safe, she was quickly being sucked back forcefully. She painfully breathed, wanting this madness to stop. Her silky brown hair was pulled back by the Spinarak as she was reached to it.

    When Melissa glared at the Spinarak's blank face, she quickly bit her arm and red jacket. She couldn't believe that this was happening. In all of the times that she encountered a Bug Pokémon, she never expected for this monstrosity to happen.

    She thought back on when she fought Bugsy. She had a Chikorita at the time, and she lost so many times against the Scyther that she thought of giving up. But with her determination, she finally defeated Bugsy and got the badge.

    But with this, she never saw a Spinarak that fast and strong. She felt a crawling sensation all over her stomach as the Spinarak was close to her face. "No, get away! I don't want you to kill me!" She placed her soft arm in front of the Spinarak.

    As the Spinarak was about to bite her, she remembered Melissa saying that she hates Bugs. The creature seemed solemn and released her from its grip. Melissa quickly eluded from that small threat in the dark and dangerous area.
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