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Thread: my pokemon black team? help with attacks

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    Default my pokemon black team? help with attacks

    im working on getting my team for pokemon black its going to be

    Emboar so far with
    arm thrust, flamethrower, heat crash, take down

    lucario so far with
    focus palm(i think thats what its called)
    heal pulse
    bone rush
    swords dance

    Excadrill so far with
    rock slide
    horn drill
    hone claws

    beartic i still need to catch but he is one
    haxorus still need to catch but he is one too
    Archeops still need to catch dont know if i will for sure use him though
    help me out who could i switch archeops out for and what attacks do i get for all my pokemon

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    Emboar, replace arm thrust and take down with hammer arm (pwnage move) and rock head/ flare blitz
    Give Lucario Aura Sphere and Close Combat (lowers defenses, but he's so fast + strong, he could just KO opponents in 1st turn)
    Excadrill, replace hone claws with swords dance (his moves already have usable accuracy) and give poisn jab if you want
    Beartic, Haxorus IDK
    Archeops has terrible ability, so i would got with a prev gen flyer (Aerodactyl is good)

    ps get hammer arm from move rememberer

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    Mild/Rash/Lonely/Naughty Nature
    ~Brick Break
    ~Rock Slide/Wild Charge

    Hasty/Naive Nature
    ~Work Up
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Aura Sphere
    ~Bullet Punch

    Adamant/Jolly Nature, Mold Breaker ability
    ~Hone Claws/Swords Dance
    ~Rock Slide
    ~Iron Head

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