The FB Training Zone

Unlike other Fizzy Bubbles zones, this zone has been created for the sole purpose of introducing new members to RPing FB Style before venturing into current zones. It gives you a chance to familiarise yourselves with how we work and to experiment and expand upon your RPing skills before moving on.

While the updates I provide here will be far from top quality due to time restraints, they will still provide enough information for you to formulate a decent response and to RP to your highest standard. While updates won't be top-notch, your replies should be as whether or not you're given the ok to leave this zone behind and enter regular zones will depend upon how you reply. You should always be striving to give your replies everything you can as that is what is expected in all FB Zones. Please remember that while FB has Gyms, Contest Halls, Bases, the Arcade, and various other activities as well as Time Out to help pass the time between updates, our primary purpose is role playing and while we don't always expect lengthy replies, we do expect a reasonable degree of quality. Replies don't have to be long to be good as some people are mistakenly inclined to believe.

- No less than four (4) lines when replying, and by four lines I mean four complete lines of text. Not three or four words before hitting the enter key and writing another three or four words. Decent and articulate sentences are a must.
- No chat speak. No abbreviations. No icons/smilies. Type properly or I'll ignore your post.
- Please proofread posts. It's not only a great way to check for errors, it's also an excellent chance to see if you can expand upon/improve your reply before submitting.
- ALWAYS quote your update by using the quote button in the bottom right-hand corner of the post. If you c/p and add Quote tags, your post will be ignored. Also, don't quote the entire post, only the update that has been written for you.
- When using attacks for battle, please state clearly what you are ordering your Pokémon to do, and order no more than three attacks (offensive or defensive) per round of battle.
- Never take it upon yourself to encounter or capture a Pokémon. The Pokémon you encounter is entirely up to the discretion of your updator. If you've read through the Updates & Replies Thread you will find that there are several reasons for this rule being in place.
- When in a battle situation, never, ever try to control the moves or reactions of your opponent Pokémon. It's my job to give you an adventure, it's your job to overcome any obstacles I put in your path. Be sure to give clear and precise instructions for the moves you want your Pokémon to use, but don't ever try to control the Pokémon you are battling. I'm hoping I'll never have to PM anyone about editing their reply because they've posted incorrectly. It's embarassing for you, and uncomfortable for me.
- If your Pokémon has a nickname please don't expect me to know it straight off the bat. After a while I do become familiar with the teams of people I update but when you're new to me I'd appreciate it if you would refer to the Pokémon you have, not call them by name. For example, somebody says, "Blaze use Ember!" Ummm, who/what is Blaze? I know it's a Fire Type, but what is it? A Torchic, Charmander, Houndour??? I won't know unless you tell me.
- I do ask that you keep a profile of your FB team in your signature which includes your Pokémon, their levels and genders. I do however understand that not everyone wants to do this so if you could, at the very least, post a link to your registration post I'd appreciate it greatly. If you do neither and I need some information about your Pokémon, there's a strong likelihood you'll be skipped.

And lastly, I'm not expecting everyone to start off perfectly here. Mistakes are expected and I'm more than happy to offer pointers/advice when asked for it, as are many FB members. I'm lenient to a point, but if you've been informed about something that has been done wrong and continue to ignore the advice given to correct it, then you will be ignored. End of story.

Now that formalities are out of the way, how about we get down to business? Below are a list of areas you may enter (only one area at a time), so all you need to do is decide where you would like to travel before making your introductory post.

The Arcane Realm

Forest of Adventure (Please reply in LimeGreen)
According to legend, no trainer can enter this enchanted forest without an adventure befalling them.

Mediville (Please reply in LemonChiffon)
This well-populated village and its surrounding farmlands contain many low-levelled wild Pokémon suitable for beginning trainers to practice against. Levels are only gained by Pokémon under level 10.

The Graveyard (Please reply in Silver)
A haunting graveyard where the spirits of Pokémon have been put to rest. At night a thick fog hangs in the air while the restless spirits of those Pokémon with unfinished business rise from the grave, looking for closure that often never comes.

Desert of Illusion (Please reply in DarkOrange)
A vast desert, filled with all kinds of Pokémon. It is rumored that two special villages can be found here, but is this fantasy or reality?

Ancient Tomb (Please reply in Gold)
An ancient maze supposedly containing the tombs of long-departed kings which is filled with treasure and danger. You will not be able to leave until you find an escape rope and you can't bring one with you.

The Ocean of Mystery (Please reply in DeepSkyBlue)
An ocean with many mysteries that have yet to be solved. Only those with Water Type Pokémon can travel these seas, as whenever a ship has set sail, they have never again been seen. What has happened to these ships, their crew and passengers, is anyone's guess, but few are willing to take their chances by travelling out by boat.

Silverton Ranges (Please reply in LightSteelBlue)
A snow-capped mountain range where many wild Pokémon reside. Many old mines litter the mountainside from the days when silver was heavily mined, but due to the often below zero temperatures, they were eventually abandoned. Rumor has it however, that there are still many valuable ores hidden within the mountains.