Desert of Illusion

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The Graveyard

swampertforever:You start to panic at the loss of your partner, left to roam the unholy grounds of the cemetery on his own… as are you. Calling out to the Panpour, you get no reply at all, the Graveyard in complete silence save for the regular howls. You try to urge him to use Icy Wind so you can spot him in the distance, but either the fog is too thick or he’s too far away to hear your instruction, and after a while of looking in the distance, you sigh and give up. Best go see what all this crying is about…

You place your hand on the handle and turn it slowly. The hinges make a loud squeaky noise as the door opens, but somehow you already expected them to. You peek inside, half-scared and half-curious, but at first you can’t make out a thing – it’s much too dark. Is this place abandoned?

You step inside; the floor tiles creak under your feet at every step, and you move slowly in fear of bumping into something. The howling persists, and the further you walk, the more certain you are that it’s coming from within the house after all, meaning you’re definitely not alone.

After what you assume was the hallway, you pass through an open door into a larger division. It smells of burnt candle, but none are alight, the room pitch-black as not even the moonlight can penetrate the fog outside to lend the place some clarity. You keep moving slowly, until your shin hits something, making you trip and fall over; you don’t hurt yourself too much, but something else does happen… the howling stops. Whatever’s making that sound knows you’re here.

You struggle back to your feet, cursing your luck, and resume marching slowly but steadily, praying you don’t bump into anything else. And then you hear it. From somewhere you can’t really pinpoint, a low-pitched growl can be heard, and begins slowly increasing in intensity… the creature is moving toward you!

You try your best to stay calm and think clearly; if only you could see! The growling gets louder and louder, and then… silence. You freeze in place, your mind racing, wondering if the creature is about to pounce and eat you alive!

Whatever you decide to do, considering the likelihood of a feral beast attacking you at any second, you’ll have to do it fast, so…

What do you do?!

((The gate itself was no big deal at all. It’s just that self-updating in general is frowned upon in the official zones, so it’s something to remember in the future. Nothing to say about this particular update, keep it up!))

The Ocean of Mystery

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