The WEAsel's VILE Choice
-Ice Punch (Breed or tutor)/Ice Shard (Preevo Lv 51 or breed)
-Night Slash
-Ice Punch/Ice Shard/Brick Break/Aerial Ace/X-Scissor
-Ice Shard/Brick Break/Aerial Ace/X-Scissor
Jolly or Adamant
Choice Scarf or Band
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
So, if my puns are still deemed silly, I'm gonna need tips to make good ones. Whatever... Choice is used a lot, right? Better have a bulky ally, as Choice forces you to switch often. Too bad it can't learn U-Turn but... Whatever... Ice Punch and Night Slash are for STAB. If you're confident on great attack plus Choice Band you can also run Ice Shard for STAB and priority, but... Whatever. Brick Break rids you of Rock and Steel, deals with other Ice or Dark Pokémon and gets good coverage independently. Aerial Ace deals with Bugs and Fight-types somewhat (better use it with Choice Band). X-Scissor is a good option, but... Your STAB moves cover almost everything it can... Whatever... Scarf to outrun the game... Almost. Band to hit harder. Of course I said "Whatever..." a lot but... Whatever...
Serebii, sometimes you can say, instead of outrun or outspeed, something like "outfly" or "outswim", if you like.