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Thread: Headphone problems! Help!

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    Default Headphone problems! Help!

    I just recently got a pair of awesome over-ear My Little Pony head phones from Hot Topic last month, and I like them. But for some strange reason, for the past couple days, they've been acting really weird! Now when I listen to music on them, both on my computer or my CD player, the sound is more muffled than usual, and the vocals of the songs I listen to are barely audible except for the instrumental part! I don't know how this happened or why, so I started using my dad's headphones, but for some reason the same thing's happening to them too! Help me!
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    Sounds like a dirty 3.5mm connector (the connecter where you put your head phones in), try to clean it, If it is corroded or otherwise damaged from fluids or other dirty stuff your media player (i assume some kind of mp3 player) may be broken at its audio connector (the 3.5mm audio jack which I already mentioned)

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