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Thread: Magic the Gathering Gatecrash Spoilers

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    Default Magic the Gathering Gatecrash Spoilers

    Here I will post the Magic: the Gathering set Gatecrash spoiler when released. As of now there have been about 20 spoilers so I will post those when I get some free time but I will arrange them by guild or if there isn't a guild for the card that will be it's own spoiler tag.

        Spoiler:- Boros Guild:

        Spoiler:- Simic Guild:

        Spoiler:- Orzhov Guild:

        Spoiler:- Gruul Guild:

        Spoiler:- Dimir Guild:

        Spoiler:- not a specific guild:

    Feel free to discuss the cards as you feel. and if this is breaking any rules that I may have missed, I read over the sites rules a few times and the Alt card discussion rules a few times. If this thread is breaking any rules feel free to lock it or hide it. and if I missed a card I probably saw it and it either didn't have a picture: or the picture was really small and you couldn't read the text. I'll update this as soon as I see a new card has been released and I will do this for the next set as long as this isn't breaking rules.
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