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    Welcome to Perpetual Motion. This clan combines the likes of electric and steel type Pokemon to energize the power harnessed inside all of it's members. In Perpetual Motion, we strive to be the best while having a good time in the process.

    Clan News

    June 3, 2012: Perpetual Motion Opens!
    July 11, 2012: Perpetual Motion wins it's first clan war against Sentient Dragons!
    July 14, 2012: Perpetual Motion gets it's first flawless victory against Omega!
    August 5th 2012: Perpetual Motion sweeps The Legacy!
    August 15th 2012:Perpetual Motion beats the wretched Project Retribution
    September 25th 2012:Perpetual Motion beats team Sky in a close battle
    November 6th 2012: Perpetual Motion manages to get the upper hand against Team America!
    November 11th 2012: Perpetual Motion unfortunately closes to make a terrible idea of a clan: The Battle Corporation
    December 31st, 2012: Perpetual Motion happily re-opens, with the loss of 00swms

        Spoiler:- Rules:

    If you break any rules

        Spoiler:- What happens if you're being an idiot:


        Spoiler:- Strikes:

    Registration Form

    Username (And nickname):
    What Division you want to join:
    PO/PS name:
    Time zone:
    Rate your battling from 1-10:
    Why you want to join Perpetual Motion:
    Who referred you:

    How to earn Volts (clan's form of currency)

    Win a battle against a higher rank opponent in your division: 10 volts
    Win a battle against a same rank opponents in your division: 7 volts
    Win a battle against a lower rank opponents in your division: 5 volts
    Win a battle against another division member: 8 volts
    Win a war battle:40 volts
    Be part of a winning war team:25 volts
    Win a Serebii Tournament Match- Amount Varies
    Win a Serebii Tournament-150 volts
    Win an Frontier badge: 30 volts+10 for each after (30 for one badge, 40 for two badges, 50 for three badges, ect...)
    Recruiting another member: 20 volts
    Posting something in the thread:2 volts a post (Limited at 5 posts a day) [You have to take account for this yourself. None of the leaders are going to count your daily posts]

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