So, I recently purchased both a ColdShock and World Championships deck, and noticed Blastoise's (BW Boundaries Crossed 31/149 Rare) Deluge Ability is quite intriguing:

"As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Water Energy card from your hand to one of your Pokemon."

And then I remembered my surplus of Mewtwo EX's [3 from champion's deck and one from blister]. If I could pair up a benched Blastoise and Mewtwo, Mewtwo could become quite the amazing sweeper. I could then use my Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak ability to give Mewtwo free retreat (so long as I could pull a few dark energies,) and keep it from being one-hit-KO'ed by other Mewtwo EX's.

It would be a VERY energy based deck and would rely heavily on supporters like N for pulling Blastoise lines and energies. As such, it may be hard to draw any basics, though I think the risk of this is not something to throw the idea away because.

Here's the possible deck list:

Pokemon (12):

Mewtwo EX (Next Destinies 54/99 UR) x4

Darkrai EX (Dragons Exalted [I think...] 63/108 UR) x3

Squirtle (Boundaries Crossed 29/149 Common) x2

Wartortle (Boundaries Crossed 30/149 Uncommon) x2

Blastoise (Boundaries Crossed 31/149 Rare) x1

Trainers (20):

Professor Juniper (Dragons Exalted 98/108 Uncommon) x2

Skyla (Boundaries Crossed 134/149 Uncommon) x1

N (Dragons Exalted 96/108 Uncommon) x2

Cheren (B/W Next Destinies [possibly, I get confused with the set names...] 91/98 Uncommon) x2

Dark Patch (Dragons Exalted 93/108 Uncommon) x2

Energy Retrieval (B/W 92/114 Uncommon) x2

Pokemon Catcher (B/W Next Destinies 95/98 Uncommon) x3

Eviolite x3

Switch (B/W 104/114 Common) x1

Random Receiver (Dragons Exalted 99/108 Uncommon) x2

Energy (22):

Water Energy: x11

DCE: x3

Prism Energy: x2

Darkness Energy: x6

{{I AM aware there it only adds up to 54 cards, I am currently not at home and brought only the two decks and no other cards, I will add the other six when I get back and have more options. I am open to suggestions on these six, though.}}

Thanks for helping out,