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  • PaulxDawn

    11 20.75%
  • PaulxAsh

    15 28.30%
  • PaulxZoey

    5 9.43%
  • PaulxBarry

    6 11.32%
  • PaulxChimchar {Sure why not?}

    3 5.66%
  • Other

    13 24.53%
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Thread: What Paul pairing do you like the best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Flower View Post
    I like Ikarishipping. I like love-hate relationships too much!
    Zoey would hate paul much more than Dawn just sayin~

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    I like both Coma and Ikari, but I chose Ikari because I like the fanfiction for it just a tad more. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet May View Post

    But yes I like Comashipping (Ash x Paul) the best. Their rivalry was really intense and I'm wishing they would meet again so they can show each other their progress after the scene in the Sinnoh League. Secondary choices would be ColdCoffee and Eva. Yay Tobari bros love~ (but not in that way, unless you want it ;D)

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    Basically this for me, I really liked how Paul was sort of the new Gary, but more... "mean" XD; Ash and Paul's rivalry was very, very intense! Especially in the Sinnoh League! Those battles with Ash and Paul were Heart-racing! XD I also liked how at the end of DP, Paul and Ash became Normal friends, that was the only moment, that I can remember I didn't see Paul act so serious XDD

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    I have to say Other because Misty isn't one of the options, and I read about Misty and Paul hooking up. Hahaha, Misty was the only person able to scare Paul. I believe the name of the relationship is NovelShipping(?).

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    Oh man, this took me a little while to answer.
    I like the BL with Shinji and Satoshi but, I also think Shinji and Hikari is adorable. ///

    But, in the end I picked Satoshi. v w v;;

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