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Thread: Complete set competition - win an entire set

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    Default Complete set competition - win an entire set

    Okay, here's how this works

    You enter a card from the desired set and depending on the entered card, you will be given a specified number of entries into the raffle

    1 Common = 1 entry
    1 Uncommon = 3 entries
    1 Rare = 8 enties
    1 Reverse Holo Common = 5 entries
    1 Reverse Holo Uncommon = 7 entries
    1 Rare Holo (of any kind) = 12 entries
    1 Special Shiny (ie [Black] Rayquaza) = 15 entries

    Once all the cards for a specific set have been entered (or if entries stop coming in) then the raffle will be held and the winner will recieve the set that they entered

    you may enter as many cards into the competion as you like and all your entries will be cumlative (ie, if you enter 3 common cards, you will bw entered 3 times, and if you enter 3 Rare Holo cards you will be entered 36 times)

    If you wish to enter, Post saying wich cards you want to enter and wich set you want a chance to win and I will PM you with postage and entry details.

    Good Luck :)

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    What do you do with the cards we put in? And what if I put in ultra rares do I get the use of shinny rare entries or more? This seems kind of sketchy.
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    This scares me. It seems super sketchy, especially from a person who joined just today.. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole Qwaa

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    This isn't the kind of thing that should be on this site. It's not directly covered in the rules so there won't be any kind of infractions, but I'll be closing it either way.


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