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    Default Battle Rhythm

    Welcome to Battle Rhythm, where the harmony between pokemon and trainer is found.

    Table Of Contents
    1. Introduction to Battle Rhythm
    2. Harmony Division
    3. Bass Division
    4. Melody Division
    5. War Team
    6. Tutoring
    7. Clan Shop
    8. Tournaments and Events

    The Clans Mission:

    To provide an enviroment for competitive battlers, artists, and general pokemon enthusiasts to learn and discuss pokemon, as well as obtain art and compete against other clans. Ultimately we just want to have as much fun as possible.

        Spoiler:- Roster:

        Spoiler:- Smooth Jazz Section (Bans and Quitters):

        Spoiler:- Hall of Fame:

    1. Being active is as important to this clan as any other, being inactive for more than two weeks without a reason given to a leader will result in removal from the roster.
    2. Don't be a douche. If you and another member have an issue take it to PM's or message a leader with your problem and we will do our best to solve it, ultimately just show respect to everyone.
    3. Don't clan hop, you may not be let back in if you attempt to leave and join several times.
    4. Don't spam on the thread (Yes, this includes gifs unless they have actual useful information attached) as it's annoying and mods don't like it.

    Something to Keep in Mind: This clan is primarily a competitive online battling clan. Although we are more than happy to accept members, we can't offer services or opportunities to things not relating to competitive battling (Example: Wifi) unless the need for it is from enough members. Thank you for understanding.

    At Battle Rhythm we have three divisions. When you first register you will be asked to select one of the divisions. Your decision really does not effect the path you take in the clan, but having seperate divisions allows for more even leadership and better opportunity for inter-clan competition. Some notes about leadership and divisions.

    -A leaders judgement is final unless overturned by the other leaders.
    -Any problems you have within the clan should be first taken to your division leader, then if need be, to me.
    -The clan is a democracy, meaning no decision will be made by the leaders until it is accepted by the majority of the clan, this includes wars, promotions, tournaments ect.
    -For anyone who doesn't battle (I.e, Art, Breeding ect.) You still select a division, however all functions involving art and the shop should be taken to Lost Requiem, our Shop Leader.
    -Sparkbeat becomes the interim leader of the clan should I be on leave.

    The clans currency is known as Beats, or BP for short. Beats will be needed to to rank up within the clan. The following are ways to earn Beats within the clan.

    -Winning clan battles (More on this later.)
    -Recruiting members to the clan
    -Providing art or other materials to the clan shop
    -Success in tournaments or events. (Can be in clan or out of clan.)
    -League success. (TMP and SBF are currently the only leagues that qualify to earn Beats)
    -War success.
    -Help with tutoring or pokenalysis
    -Good Stuff (Any good deed done for the clan not mentioned above that is worthy of a reward.)

    On Battling Within the Clan:

    Members are highly encouraged to battle within the clan. All battles are ON RECORD unless both members agree for the match to be off record BEFORE THE BATTLE BEGINS. The following is the values that can be earned through interclan battles.

    Winning a match against a member of equal or lesser rank- 5BP
    Winning a match against a member that ranks higher than you- 5BP + 1BP for each rank they are above you.

    No match however, will be recorded unless the following form is posted by at least one member who competed in the match.

        Spoiler:- Battle Form:

    *Leaders are eligible to battle and receive Beats from. We will also be attempting to climb through the ranks and earn BP because well...its more fun for us that way.

    *You cannot lose Beats from battling. This makes it easier for us too keep track of Beats, and makes battles more fun.

    Test Battling:

    Any member who was not recruited to the clan or we are not familiar with will be put into the default Ameteur rank. If you are recruited or recognized I'll let you know you will start at the apprentice rank when I accept your SU. You may also request a test battle from one of the following members to earn up to 100 Beats, and obtain Apprentice rank that way if you are good enough. Since you can only earn 100 points, the amount given will usually be pretty generous.

    Players you may test with are:

    The following form should be used in order to join the clan, a leader should get to your app shortly after you've posted.

        Spoiler:- Sign Up Form:

    This is where I'll Post any important recent information regarding the clan.

        Spoiler:- News:

    Thank You's
    This clan wouldn't look as nice as it does without the help of the fantastic art community at serebii, taking care of every ridiculous request we've made. The following artists made contributions to this clans art and have fantastic shops you should visit.

    For the text banners. Her Shop: Flower Paradise Graphics

    For the Tech Banners. His Shop: Brutaka's Fly High Request Shop

    Shadow for the rank userbars.

    Eevee also made the lovely leader bars.

    Important Links
    The Manhatten Project

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