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Thread: Rate Pokémon Gens. I-V, from top to bottom! Which one is your personal favorite?

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    Default Rate Pokémon Gens. I-V, from top to bottom! Which one is your personal favorite?

    So here's how it's gonna go...
    It's pretty simple! Take regard to ALL of the gen. related things that correspond to that region from Pokémon design, types, places, characters, to games, story, to anime, to manga, merchandise etc. EVERYTHING IN GENERAL! You get the deal right? lol

    Give them a letter grade from (A-F) and then rank them from 1st place to last place...just wanna see what other people's thoughts are!
    If you want to, you can add reasons/descriptions on why you rate them that way and why that's your favorite or why that's your least favorite.

    I'll start with my opinion! So you get how it's gonna go!
    Kanto (Gen. I) - A
    Johto (Gen. II) - C+
    Hoenn (Gen. III) - A-
    Sinnoh (Gen. IV) - B+
    Unova (Gen. V.) - B

    My overall rankings (Top-Bottom):
    1st place: Gen. I
    2nd place: Gen. III
    3rd place: Gen. IV
    4th place: Gen. V
    last place: Gen. II

    Call me biased, but there are COUNTLESS reasons that I can explain why Gen. I will always be my favorite! With Gen. II being my least favorite, don't get the wrong idea! I LOVED the G/S/C games and found it better than R/G/B/Y but I didn't really like Pokémon in this gen. and the starters in my opinion were the weakest! But overall I don't really hate anything and I LOVE ALL REGIONS IN THEIR OWN SPECIAL WAY! This is just how I rank 'em :3

    So what are your ratings? Think about everything before you post
    Just to get your best and honest opinions!


    Do you think the Kalos region (Gen. VI) will live up to the hype?
    And do you think it will be any better than any specific gen. you have in mind?
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    Gen I: A
    Gen II: A+
    Gen III: B
    Gen IV: C-
    Gen V: C for B/W, B- for B2/W2
    1. Gen II
    2. Gen I
    3. Gen III
    4. Gen V
    5. Gen IV

    G/S/C wins overall for me, but R/B/Y is very close behind and wins in terms of starters over G/S/C. It's very hard to choose between the two, I love the playthrough of Gen I better probably? At least over the beginnings of G/S/C, but getting to train and battle through both regions makes it for me. For the Pokemon I love Gen I the best. It's extremely difficult to pick, but as said, because Gen II plays through both Johto and Kanto it takes a small step ahead.

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    I'm copying your layout :P Easier. I'm pretty easy to please, I guess.

    Kanto (Gen. I) - A
    Johto (Gen. II) - A+
    Hoenn (Gen. III) - A-
    Sinnoh (Gen. IV) - A (gave me lucario <3)
    Unova (Gen. V.) - B-

    My overall rankings (Top-Bottom):
    1st place: Gen. 2
    2nd place: Gen. 1
    3rd place: Gen. 4
    4th place: Gen. 3
    last place: Gen. 5

    I know I place Unova in dead last. But I still enjoyed Black/White and B2/W2. I have multiple copies of each game (from red to white 2). So it's hard for me to choose :P I liked Johto the best just because it gave me the best of both worlds. Something new, and a bit of nostalgia. I still chuckle at that one Team Rocket member (hyuck-hyuck-hyuck) everytime I do the radio tower :P Good memories!

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    So, um, yeah.

    Gen I: E (it looks the worst, and didn't introduce any of my favorite Pokémon, besides Caterpie, who nearly everybody loves anyway)
    Gen II: C (it was okay)
    Gen III: A+ (my god, this was nigh-perfect)
    Gen IV: A++ (best. Thing. Ever)
    Gen V BW: D (there's just... Soemthing abut this that I don't like)
    Gen V B2W2: B (IMO vastly different. Also loved the music and other trivial things more than BW)

    1st place: Gen IV
    2nd place: Gen III
    3rd place: B2W2
    4th place: Gen II
    5th place: BW
    6th place: Gen I

    But, yeah, IMO Gen III and IV were at the peak of their game.

    Nothing touches them.

    Also, yeah, Kalos will probs live up to the hype.

    I already know it'll be better than Gen I, II, and BW.

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    Kanto - B+
    Johto - N/A
    Hoenn - A
    Sinnoh - C+
    Unova - A+

    My overall rankings (Top-Bottom):
    1st place: Unova
    2nd place: Hoenn
    3rd place: Kanto
    last place: Sinnoh

    I still have yet to play one of the Johto games, so I can't really rank it. As for my rankings themselves, I count FireRed (my first Pokemon game) as Gen I, but if it doesn't count, then I base my decisions off of Pokemon Yellow, which I enjoyed just as much.

    As for Hoenn, Sapphire was my second Pokemon game, and I enjoyed it so much more than FireRed. It just felt like it had more to offer, and I fell in love with most of the Pokemon moreso than Gen. I's Pokemon.

    Sinnoh is actually what turned me off of the series for so long. I still realy love that Infernape I raised from a mere Chimchar, but man oh man did I think it was a huge downgrade from Sapphire and FireRed. There were better graphics, and I liked how they mapped the dual screen capabilities, but I didn't care much for the Generation because I felt like there wasn't much to do and none of the Pokemon were very memorable for me.

    White is what brought me back into the series when I picked it up this year before I heard about X and Y, and it blew me away much more than any of the other installments in the series. Tepig will probably always be my favorite Pokemon, and Zekrom is by far my favorite legendary, but overall the atmosphere really hooked me. Not to mention the change in how the story ran, the way the Gyms felt more than just a simple Gym battle that you move on from, etc. Even though there wasn't a whole lot to do post-game, I still think it's my favorite entry into the series.

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    I just wanna clarify again with this (not that I'm mad or anything )

    "Take regard to ALL of the gen. related things that correspond to that region from Pokémon design, types, places, to games, story, to anime, to manga, merchandise etc. EVERYTHING IN GENERAL!"

    So don't just take the games to your judgement UNLESS the games are the only things you like about/do with Pokémon...I guess I'm cool with that!
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    First: Gen I A
    Second: Gen IV A
    Third/Fourth: Gen III B
    Third/Fourth: Gen II B
    Fifth: Gen V C-
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    Gen I - B+
    Gen II - A
    Gen III - B
    Gen IV - B+
    Gen V - B-

    1st: Gen 2
    2nd: Gen 1
    3rd: Gen 4
    4th: Gen 3
    5th: Gen 5

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    Gen1- A+
    Gen2- A+
    Gen3- A
    Gen4- B
    Gen5- A
    Gen6- ???

    1st- Gen5 (best pokemon introduced)
    2nd- Gen2 (awesome pokemon/story)
    3rd- Gen1 (Started it all)
    4th- Gen3
    5th/ Gen4
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    In order of favorite to least favorite:


    Kalos looks fantastic though, and could end up my 2nd favorite. But Hoenn will always reign in my heart.

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    Gen I: A-
    Gen II: B+
    Gen III: A+ (Perfect!)
    Gen IV: B+
    Gen V: B-

    Gen 3 for me is perfect - it was my favourite generation as it added new features while keeping traditional values, the games were great and the Pokemon were awesome.

    Gen 1 is second for me because it deserves the credit: The games are hat created the great franchise we have today and set the standards, everything was unique as well. In addition to the person who gave it E, you must give it credit as the games were far ahead of time when they were made.

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    Kanto (Gen. I) - B
    Johto (Gen. II) - A+
    Hoenn (Gen. III) - B-
    Sinnoh (Gen. IV) - B+
    Unova (Gen. V.) - A

    My overall rankings (Top-Bottom):
    1st place: Generation II
    2nd place: Generation V
    3rd place: Generation IV
    4th place: Generation I
    Last place: Generation III

    This is actually quite the hard decision for me. I believe I enjoyed Generation IV and V quite similarly, but I go with Generation V because I feel like it was fresh. I loved how B/W made us use different Pokemon than normal, and they were great games in the series aside from that.

    Really the only thing I can say for sure is that I'd have Generation III in last place. R/S/E were such disappointing games.
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    To be honest, if you reversed the order of each of the generations, it would be the order of how much I like them. Observe:

    1. Unova
    2. Sinnoh
    3. Hoenn
    4. Johto
    5. Kanto

    And, it seems Kalos is starting to beat Unova. Thus the pattern continues of me liking each new generation better than the last.

    Don't judge me. .w.
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    Kanto (Gen. I) - B
    Johto (Gen. II) - A
    Hoenn (Gen. III) - B+
    Sinnoh (Gen. IV) - C
    Unova (Gen. V.) - F

    My overall rankings (Top-Bottom):
    1st place: Gen. III
    2nd place: Gen. II
    3rd place: Gen. I
    4th place: Gen. IV
    last place: Gen. V

    I know i gave Johto a better rating than Hoenn but i placed the later 1st in my preferences.... The fact is i loved Hoenn as a region, IMO the best one.... but i like more fen I,II pokemon designs than gen III. so i place hoenn first cause i enjoy so much playing it but it also includes pokemon of previous gen so i count them when i rate which gen is more fun to play but when i have to rate the gen for what it is and what it introduced i hace to exclude the previous gen pkmn it had. I place unova as dead last cause i didnt like it at all , it was also the only gen i played so few times because i could find pkmn to fill a team (yeap i like really few of them) not to mention the pixelization of the sprites was so unappealing to me....Sinnoh was ok it had a hoenn vibe (region wise) but it also had some really negative things like only 2 fire types lines (one of them was previous gen), and the also made for first time a fire elite 4 in this gen??!! that was so stupid imo... u had to use HM very often... etc etc.

    I also have to mention, that as gens goes i am more and more strict and i dont easily excuse mistakes (for examble hoenn also had the same problem of E4 pokemon distribution, but i am more judgemental in gen 4 cause it should be better than the previous one, they should fix mistakes of the past).. ...

    i was very excited of gen 6 but the weird distribution of megas and the small number of pkmn may hurt my final rating for this gen (also the starters evos were also dissapointing) but i am still excited for it and i think i am gonna like it a lot.... if i dont play it i cant really judge it yet.... cross fingers its gonna be one of the best

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    1. Gen III A+
    2. Gen IV A
    3. Gen V A-
    4. Gen II C
    5. Gen I D

    The Hoenn games were the first Pokemon games I ever had (my first was Ruby. I'm so sad I don't have either Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald anymore!), and though I'm extremely nostalgic, I do think it introduced the best Pokemon designs out of all generations. Coming in second Sinnoh definitely had the best human designs and implemented many characteristics which made the games easier and more interesting. Black 2 is the best game I've played, and I do like a lot of Unova Pokemon. I really like Heartgold, but other than that I don't care much about gen II. And I really am not interested in Kanto or Gen I.
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    1. Hoenn: Best Region so far.
    2. Kanto: Nostalgia feels
    3. Platinum: Best story
    4. Unova: Because it is better than Johto.
    5. Johto: Was a pain to train your pokémon. I mean, lvl 20 pokémon in the region of the 8th gym. Seriously??

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    1. Red/Blue/Yellow
    2. Black/White
    3. Gold/Silver/Crystal
    4. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
    5. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

    For me it's incredibly hard to rate the generations, because they each excel at different things. 3rd Generation for example has my all-time favorite Pokémon designs, but I think Hoenn is beyond rubbish as a region. 2nd Generation has probably my favorite piece of content and region, but has some rubbish Pokémon designs. I think 1st Generation is the one which excels best at all the things, with 5th Generation right behind it. The only thing I'll always be sure of is that 4th Generation will probably always be furthest behind, simply because I didn't like anything in it.

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    I'm going to rate the Pokemon and actual games separately. The Pokemon ratings will also include Kalos, because I've seen the Pokemon for them.


    1. Unova
    2. Hoenn
    3. Johto
    4. Sinnoh
    5. Kalos
    6. Kanto

    Oddly enough, my favourite Pokemon is not Unovian, but Hoennese (Jirachi). Unova, though, to me had just really good standard Pokemon designs and starters and Legendaries both had the right 'grand' feel to them, as did Hoenn and Johto but both to lesser extents. Sinnonian Pokemon were decent, but a lot of them, being evolutions, relied on the quality of older gens. Kalos is very hit and miss for me. Kanto is the same - its plainer, more realistic look, however, means that few Kantese Pokemon have really caught my interest.

    Games in terms of content:

    1. Johto
    2. Unova
    3. Sinnoh
    4. Kanto
    5. Hoenn

    I'm cheating here; Johto wins because it comes with Kanto as well. Even then, rechallenging Gym Leaders and the Pokeathlon were great as well. Unova got really good with Black 2 and all its content such as the World Tournament. Sinnoh didn't have loads, but the Battle Tower and Pokeradar were enough for me. I don't remember much of FireRed and Sapphire (only playing them to catch Pokemon to transfer), but they didn't seem to have an awful lot either - Sevii Islands give Kanto the edge, though.

    Games in terms of characters:

    1. Unova
    2. Sinnoh
    3. Kanto
    4. Johto
    5. Hoenn

    Team Plasma may not have been fully used (I'd like to see their side torn apart properly!) but were a pretty cool team concept (not in Black 2, though) and it has my favourite rivals and Gym Leaders. The Kanto leaders aren't far off, though, and Sinnoh had both a decent evil team and set of Gym Leaders (as well as a cool Champion). Johto's rival and Gym Leaders were pretty good but nothing amazing. How n's just seemed mainly forgettable to me - Wally was cool but in practice didn't do much.


    1. Unova
    2. Johto
    3. Sinnoh
    4. Hoenn
    5. Kanto

    ...So the more recent games are higher, generally. I'm not surprised - I guess I mainly forgot the older ones, and the newer ones generally have more content to interest me. The ratings were generally the same around the board. I wonder how Kalos (excluding Pokemon) will rate in a month or so's time?

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    1. Gens 1, 2, and 5
    2. Gen 3
    3. Gen 4

    Hoenn is the worst region, but DP were so awful that I can't actually give Gen 3 the lowest rank. The pacing just grates.

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    Gen 1 - A+. This gen is nearly perfect to me. I love how simple it was, I loved how there was barely any story and it will always be my favorite Pokemon game, I like it 10 times better than the remake. I really have a taste for 8-bit music and graphics. And really, this game was my whole childhood. I would sit and play blue for hours. On he bus to and from school, in my room after homework, out on the swing in my backyard, at my friends house. I never left home with out my game boy color. . My only problem with it is that it's soooooo slow. I was on a pokemania high. I collected the cards, I had all the movies on VHS and went to them in theater when they came out, and I watched every episode of the anime. I wanted everything Pokemon I could get my hands on.

    Gen 2 - A-. Gen 2 was the other game that was my childhood, the story was great, and the addition of Kanto was even better. Crystal is the definitive version but admittedly I didn't play this one as much as gen 1. My only problem is that the internal battery went dry so fast. I don't know how many times I had to restart this game which lead me to playing my gen 1 games more. As far as the anime it's about the same as gen 1. Though this time my parents weren't letting me get any more cards and were trying to actively get me out of Pokemon.

    Gen 3 - C. Hoenn is where I started to get off pokemania,not fully, but enough to see less enjoyment in this game. I really didn't like that I didn't have a way to get my Kanto friends over to Hoenn, and there were barely old Pokemon in the game, plus I really didn't like many of the Pokemons designs. I also didn't really like the GBA graphics or the music, I don't like trumpets. The region itself wasn't that appealing to me either. I hated surfing, so this automatically put Hoenn as my least favorite region design wise. The beginning is also terribly slow and even to this day it's really hard for me to go back to RSE. FRLG also didn't really have my attention. I just didn't like the remakes. They were remakes of my favorite game, they changed Red the character totally, they changed the music I loved, and the graphics just didn't appeal to me. Plus they only added the sevii islands, a fetch quest. Really Gen1 is my preferred. I haven't beaten FRLG to this day. As far as the Anime this is time when I fully stopped watching. The VA switch just made me not want to watch it any more, and I really didn't like May, not because she replaced Misty, just because I didn't like her and Max, I thought they were annoying. I did however get into Colosseum a little.

    Gen 4 - B. DPPt got me back into Pokemon when they came out when I was in high school. I did enjoy the games for what I played, but they weren't my favorites. They were better than Hoenn, but I didn't really like the story. I missed the simple plain story of gen 1 and 2. The music and sprites were awesome though. HG SS was the saving grace for gen 4. HGSS is my favorite version of GSC and is just as awesome as the old game I remembered. Again through, it was a remake, and while I love remakes it didn't add to much aside from Pokemon following you...and I kinda wish they kept that. I still didn't like the anime at this point. I hated Paul with a passion while all my friends fawned over him, that and he converted all my friends from palletshipping like me to comashipping. I kinda got left in the dust. So the anime was still my mortal enemy. Overall though it effectively re-established my seat in the fandom.

    Gen 5 - B - Black and white was...meh. I was just coming off of HGSS so I was really looking forward to using Pokemon that I remembered, but Black and White was all just Unova Pokemon,and frankly I didn't like many of them. Grinding was again so slow and the gyms levels were spaced so far apart it. The story was also meh tome.I don't really care for story in my Pokemon games, I only care about the leveling so I never got to much from the story. Black and White 2 however was a different story. I think that version is the definitive and I love these games to death. It's again mainly because I can use my old Pokemon once more. The anime was great and oddly enough I really got back into it for some reason. I loves the characters and it just had this charm.

    If I had to rate them in order.


    Sorry Hoenn fans, I just couldn't get into it.

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    Gen III - A: My favourite generation, hands down. Yes, I freely admit to having a bias. I do not care. I love the region, I love the music, I love the Pokemon designs. The only weak points I can think of right away is the fact that the physical/special split had not occurred yet, leaving lots of cool Pokemon outclassed or just terrible; and how forgettable most of the human characters were. Other than that, flawless.

    2. Gen I - B+: Broken, unplayable, glitchy as hell... but fun. Yes, extremely fun. They just have a classic feel, and atmosphere is one of the things I strive for in games. Not perfect, but still very fun to play.

    3. Gen V - B: I'm really not a huge fan of the Unova region. I was excited when it first started leaking, and when the games were first released; likely because of that "OMG new Pokemon!!" phase I always go through. So as time passed, I kind of started to dislike gen V, but when push comes to shove, it is pretty good. So many cool Pokemon, many of them (Archeops, Chandelure, Hydreigon...) are now favourites of mine.

    4. Gen II - C: I totally understand all the hype. Totally. It completely changed the game of Pokemon, I realize this. But I was late to the party. This was the last generation of Pokemon that I got to play as a younger child, when I acquired a copy of Crystal. I gotta say, it was really fun. But honestly, without playing it as a child, I must also say that I have no emotional connection with gen II. It's just kind of there. I'm not too fond of many of the new Pokemon introduced either. So really, it's just kind of 'meh'.

    5. Gen IV - D: The bottom of the barrel, I loathe these games. I mean it, I really mean it. The primary thing that I dislike about the Sinnoh games is their pacing, my god is it awful. And slow. And boring. Sinnoh is just a boring, bland as hell region. There is almost absolutely nothing memorable about the region of Sinnoh. The only really memorable thing is how much of a pain it is to traverse. Now, the Pokemon introduced weren't all bad. There were some really good ones. There were some really bad ones... (Rhyperior is superior to no one!!) So yeah. Not a Sinnoh fan.
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    I love gen 3 the most because they were my first games and one of the easiest lands to navigate (at least if only fly to Pacifidlog or Sootopolis). I've never been too fond of Kanto because it's a headache to navigate (at least HG and SS made it a little better by making Mount Moon shallower), even if Charizard is one of my top favorite starters. My top to bottom order:

    Hoenn- fun to navigate, berries, great pokemon
    Sinnoh- I love Platinum! Hate Pokeradar, though. It's also the only region where I love all the starters equally.
    Johto- Love HG and SS! Not a lot of great pokemon, though.
    Unova- Too high-tech for a girl struggling to get wi-fi. At least the shiny charm is something great to aim for. Hopefully I'll get it really soon!
    Kanto- Hard to navigate, though less so in HG and SS. Darn you, Rock Cave.
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    Gen III: A+ (I grew up with generations one and two and for some reason this gen induces more nostalgia and fun)
    Gen IV: A+ (Same as above, to me these two were the peak of pokemon)
    Gen II: B+ (Introduced my two favourite pokemon - Scizor and Ho-oh)
    Gen I: C (Despite growing up with it, not a fan of the overhyping)
    Gen V: D- (Aside from a couple interesting pokemon, this gen was a flop to me. One out of five isn't bad though)

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    1. Kalos. Hey, it's a new region!
    2. Unova. It had some of my favourites.
    3. Hoenn. It' said cool place with cool Pokemon.
    4. Sinnoh Not the best, but it was still fun to explore.
    5. Johto. I just didn't really like it all that much...
    6. Kanto. Though it might be the first, even with HG/SS, it was still bland compared to other regions.
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