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Thread: Problem with Pokemon SS

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    Default Problem with Pokemon SS

    Hello I just recently made my account and it's my first post here so I want to say hello to everyone. I've got problem with pokemon SS. It freezes. I have really tried a lot of roms and other "solutions" but none of them have worked. If you need any information from me in order to help me out just ask I'm gonna be online for quite some times or if this post is somehow against the rules feel free to delete it.

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    ROM discussion is against the rules here, sorry!
    My TSVs are 1021 and 1558

    If you have a matching egg, I will gladly hatch it for you! Please send me a PM with your FC, IGN, timezone/availability, and if you want a nickname.

    I am looking for people to hatch the following eggs for me:

    2895, 2653, 1622, 3548, 3208, 0848, 2682, 2844, 2955

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