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Thread: TheSketchQueen's Project 365 - Pokestyle! (Inspired by Souku)

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    Default TheSketchQueen's Project 365 - Pokemon Goes Sketchy (Inspired by Souku)

    NOTICE: I am not giving up, but due to scanning problems and light problems, I cannot post here. And, honestly, no one was really looking at this thread. Ever. So, I'm may ask a mod to shut it down.

    Welcome to TheSketchQueen's Project 365!
    Long story short, I was bored and thinking of what to draw (I need to sketch something), when I thought of drawing pokemon. Then, I remembered what Souku did last year - drawing a pokemon everyday for a year (he's really good too - look at them here). So, I'm taking that challenge too!

    For those who don't know what Project 365 is, it's where someone does something every day for a year. Photography is one of the most popular, really you can do anything - from baking to sculpting to drawing.

    This year I'll be going straight through the pokedex- numbers 1 (Bulbasaur) -365 (Walrien) (I'll do the rest... next year!) with my ink, pencils, and my black sketchbook (Ideals) and my white (truth). Oh, and at the top/side/bottom, you'll see my artist notes and color tests. Just disregard that. So... as of now... here I go!

    NOTE: My thread might not get updated as fast, my scanner is on the fritz and sometimes works and sometimes not. I do have other ways of turning a drawing into a PNG, but it requires LIGHT. And, still being January, there isn't enough natural light from when I wake up until about... 8:20ish, and that's about the middle of first period on a normal school day. So it may be updated later in the day... sorry...

    And here it is, the final member of the -Saur Trio... Venusaur!

    Another pokedex inspiation. Originally I was just going to have the sleeping Venusaur. But, in a moment of inspiration, I looked up the pokedex entry. It said that when it rains, the flower smells stronger, and it attracts pokemon. I used oil pastel instead of colored pencil so it looked smudged and rainy, which make my hands a mess after a while of smudging. The pokemon I used in the background are Pikachu, Butterfree, Pidgey and Oddish, but the pidgey's really smudged and the oddish is kinda hidden.

    Progress for 2013

    1/1/2013 - Bulbasaur = 1/2/2013 - Ivysaur = 1/3/2013 - Venusaur
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