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Thread: My favorite hobbies

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    Default My favorite hobbies

    I think hobby is a best thing that we all do i our extra time. I have also some hobbies.
    1. Music
    2. Walk
    3. Exercise
    4. Reading

    Whats you favorite hobbies. Share with us.

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    I like to go to municipal courts for the heck of it, normally resulting in something like this.

    I also like video games, which the results in the exact same way that the previously mentioned activity does.

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    I like to practice yoga. Research topics few would as well as study information few would.
    Video games from time to time, as well as reading and studying texts,stories and books that contain interesting concepts and knowledge.
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    Playing sports(american football and soccer), Computers, music,video games, sleep, be with my friends. etc
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    I like to read, write, play video games, mod video games/program independent games, listen to music, play music (learning guitar) and sing, build models (not so much anymore. I used to build model classic cars, if anyone cares. My favorite is still my 1966 "Samba" VW Microbus), and study/research whatever strikes my fancy at the time.
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