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Thread: Pokemon White 2 team help.

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    Default Pokemon White 2 team help.

    first i would like to apologize for my bad eanglish.
    I'm getting pokemon white 2 in next few days, so I'm planning my team.
    I was thinking of this team: (its just for ingame so it isnt super powerful):
    -Krookodile (dark/ground)
    -Lapras (Ice/water)
    -Vaporeon (water)
    -Espeon (psychic)
    -Jolteon (electric)
    -Arcanine (fire)

    and maybe:

    Im not planning to use my starter because i dont like snivy or oshetwatt starter in this generation and i have used tepig too much.

    My problem is that i get those pokemon kinda late in the game, so i was thinking i should get psyduck (golduck its one of my favourite pokemon), And i have 2 water types and that isnt good i guess...
    Please reccomend me some good pokemon. Thanks!

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    Your planned team is very nice, and the two water types aren't much of a problem. You do in fact have Krookodile, and I'm assuming that Jolteon is Volt Absorb too. The Eeveelutions are pretty early in game, as you can find wild Eevee in Castelia City. And you can catch Growlithe in Virbank Complex which is also early in the game. I'm not too certain, but I believe there are Lapras in the Village Bridge at a 5% chance of appearing in rippling water.

    I also noticed that you lack a flier. Getting around places in the game without a flier is very repetitive and tiring. You can get yourself a Flygon or Braviary, which both make excellent team members and fliers.

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    thanx for help. I need flier but i cant decide what to throw out, im thinking one of water types... maybe vaporeon...?

    EDIT: Im getting Braviary....but anyone know what to throw out? please help!!
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    Well Lapras will help a lot when you fight Iris! So I think you should keep Lapras instead of Vaporeon ^^

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    I think you already got some nice suggestions there
    But if you want more, try asking in one of these threads instead!

    read the rules, this section is "rate my team", not "build me a team"

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