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Thread: Need help with Emerald team composition

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    Default Need help with Emerald team composition

    This is my first post on this forum. I'm a casual pokemon player, I' played Yello, Red and Silver versions on mu cousin's GBC, as well as Sapphire on my own GBA. Recently I switched on emulator, since I don't have so much time (I run with speed up option).
    Now, as I got my hands on Emerald, I'd like to finally finish this game
    In previous versions, such as Fire Red (forgot to mention I got to the point of beating E4), I builded my team very balanced, and it was no fun after some time, team was simply put boring, consistin of stater, grass/water/fire depending on starer, geodude, kadabra and pidgeot. I think this really usuall team. This time I'd like to run with somethink unusuall, that looks cool,
    I was thinking of Weezing that wld cover poison, shadow and fire attacks.
    I'm asking you to suggest me a cool and viable team (with movesets if it's possible) that I can obtain before E4. If it's going to help, I was thinking about pokemons like: Weezing (love him), Golbat/Crobat, Walerin, Tentacruel, Slaking/Laudred, Heracross/Pinsir. These are ofc not all. Overall I love poison and normal types, I like bugs a lot too
    Please have in mind that I won't be able to trade pokemons, nor I will have time to play with breeding. Just a casual single player mode. Thank you for any suggestions about pokemons

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    If you're willing to do a little something extra get a slaking with skill swap and a shednja with endevor I believe (the one that lowers opponents hp to your own)
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    Crobat is definitely a keeper, with shadow ball and sludge bomb. For water type I would use Ludicolo with Rain dance with Rain Dish so it can heal itself, making it even tankier. Cradily is a good option since it's also tanky, with Recover, Toxic and Giga Drain. Or if you want to go out attacking rather than stall like Ludicolo and Cradily, then you could get Ninjask with Swords dance and one-shot everything with Aerial Ace and Slash :P good luck have fun

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