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Thread: Celebi Glitch?

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    Question Celebi Glitch?

    I heard something about a glitch where there's a really, really small chance (like one in a million) that you can find Celebi on Route 123. Is this true

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    We've heard of it, but we have serious doubts of it actually happening: No really we heard of it:

    Most sites that cover it don't go in to detail on how to do it. Some Claim the chance of one is so low it's not worth doing.

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    I've heard all kinds of rumors about that but they are just that: rumors. Nintendo hasn't commented on it at all nor does bulbapedia or anyone like that mention it as definitively being a glitch that exists in Pokémon Sapphire version. And all the sites that purport it to be true give like a one and one million chance of it happening. The only confirmed way to get Celebi on a Gen III game is to have the Japanese Bonus disc for Colosseum and Idk how much those cost.

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