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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial Moth View Post
    Im sitting on a bug mono type team myself actually. IM just training my very last 2 pokes to lvl 100 actually. I wont say everything about them atm.
    My pokes are venomoth,volcarona,scizor,galvantula,forretress and armaldo.

    But im thinking about Masquerain, Escavalier cause they have some potential.
    I think bug mono types are fun adn cool to create. But you have to run some weird move-sets to get around your opponent sometimes.

    EDIT: I finnaly completed my lv100 BUG team guys tell me what you think
    The team is good, but mot so good. I'll explain why.

    Life Orb on Foretress is a bad idea, just because it loses its Sturdy. I know it is to boost Explosion Power, but if you need to use Rapid Spin? Then you Spin, lose ypur Sturdy, and Foretress os KO'd by a strong attack. Look, use Normal Gem, it is way more powerful, and useful, because Foretress won't stand more than 2-3 turns anyway.

    Stealth Rocks on Armaldo is good, but it will be better to use Rock Polish and 252Atk/252Speed Adamant nature, so Armaldo can sweep.

    Choice Band Scissor may be good, but use Bug Bite over X-Scizor. Bug Bite has 90 Power, and the latter 80. Or use Superpower for coverage.

    It is a bad idea not to use Quiver Dance on Venomoth. Use it over Stun Spore.

    Use Life Orb on Galvantula, because Galvantula really apreciates 30% boost. Believe me, it is much better, and Galvantula has average defences anyway. But Moves are good.

    I have nothing to say about Volcarona, life orb benefits it.
    Well, that's it
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragontail View Post
    I don't think Venomoth actually appears in Emerald. I'm considering Pinsir, but I don't want to use two pokemon of the EXACT same type (Illumise/Volbeat). If I can't use anything else, maybe Pinsir, or possibly Ninjask could do?
    Pineco does. Use Foretress then, or Masquerain
    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian View Post
    Username: Elysian
    Favorite thing about Bug-types? They're soft and squishy! And they do have some awesome designs, among with unique cries, Yanmega and quick levelling
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