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    Default Bug tournament

    THATS RIGHT, it is time..
    The bug-club is officially holding our first ever bug-type tournament .
    The objective of this tournament isn't only intended to further develop yourself within the cacoons of battle, we wanna celebrate bug-types in all walks of life, in a tournament where shells, thorax's, wings,claws and horns will all be commemorated in a way where the winner will be able to raise their tarsus ( that's a bugs foots >.> ) WITH PRIDE...

    Given the circumstances of the universe not everyone is able to battle within the dimensions of the wifi. So the tournament will be conducted through PO,PS and WIFI.
    If you yourself and your opponent both wish to battle on wifi, you may.
    Though that will be purely up to you and your match up.

    ,': )

    Now the club does have a very wonderful aray of prizes up for grabs

    1st place, will receive the coveted Bug-type Pokemon Master signature.

    2nd place, will win a shiny lvl 8, male silcoon. If the winner of this place does not have access to wifi, then you'l get some very nice commemorative artwork.

    3rd place, will win an interesting banner... hehehe

    4th place, will be blessed with the luxury of attaining a rare spectrum of choice words, which will illuminate the heart of its winner. The words destined to be known only be this winner,will hold meaning beyond the figurative and these words unlike others will contain what it is to come 4th in a tournament such as this..

    The tournament will begin 7 days from this post, so that all preparations and strategies can be assembled.
    The match up will be determined randomly and will be a best of 3, 6v6 OU battle, containing bug pokemon only of course.
    So if you wanna sign up for this tournament please make it very clear in the Bug-Type Pokemon club thread.
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