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In Adventure Time, worms have the ability of mind control, as well as dream-manipulation and telekinesis.

Ya see! How awsome would a psychic worm be lol. ooooo... But what about shuckle.. lol Purhaps an evolution of shuckle?

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great show
a worm pokemon that is bug/psychic?
that would be pretty cool
i wonder if it had an evo, what it would look like or turn into
maybe a butterfly or something
(i know some people think the whole worm--->cacoon--->butterfly thing is cliche but i actually like this)
it gives me something to look forward to every generation, wondering what this one will be like
hehehe that would be an interesting evolution ay, its seems odd lol but it would work haha.
I think Purhaps a psychic worm wou;d be better suited to evolvinto a psychic millipede or centipede, cause it would
kinda maintain the weird sctucture of the worm lol.
oo I just thought of a slater bug( as we call them in australia lol ), their aprently called Woodlice though.

I think these would covert sooo good into a pokemon, perhaps a bug, rock type? It fits soo well that it could even come from a fossil ya no, the next fossil out of 6th gen!

Yeahh im liking the slater bug idea sooo much now :P
But think about it .. slater bugs are soo versatile they could really be "typed" as almost anything with bug, bug/grass bug/earth/ bug dark watever, if they tweak the structure and design of the slater it could be anything ay, its got so much potential <3