I don't understand this logic.

You don't need to have your club active every second. Sure it would keep things lively and more things to talk about but as long as there's a post within a month of the last post, (say if I posted after Raymon two weeks from now just to contribute to the club) then the club can still remain open and fortunately alive.

I honestly don't know where people made these "rules" about a week when clearly any thread that has no new posts in a month, is considered dead and closed. Same with a club owner. Technically, you can keep the club running up for years without a club owner. People nowadays just want to keep an updated first post, which is fine too. I remember clubs having dead owners AND co-owners for months and members not giving a whoop because hey we can still keep up with the discussion, right? Only time a club was closed or restarted is when someone actually bothered to say, "hey we should get a new thread if the owner is gone for good." I guess times are changed, lol.

Any way, closing upon club owner's request!