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Thread: Reshiram used V-Create! Wait, WHAT??

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    It also means switching in a Bouncer to block hazards doesn't work, which is really useful, and it means Magic Bounce Giratina can't do what it's meant to.

    EDIT: What about some kind of Archeops? It's fast and strong (if really frail) and can use an ability besides Defeatist. I'm not saying I'm dying to use it or anything, I'm mostly wondering how viable it'd be.
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    "Whether Castform the Weather Pokemon can weather the weather is dependent on whether the weather that it's weathering is the proper weather for it to weather. Whether the opponent can weather the weather is also subject to whether the weather that it's weathering is the right weather to weather. Whether Castform can weather the opponent is once again dictated by the weather and whether that weather is the favorable weather for weathering. But most importantly, you should know whether there will be weather to weather rather than what weather they will be weathering and whether they can weather that weather."

    - Smogon's Castform analysis

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