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Thread: Generation 7: Theories, Ideas, Tweaks, etc.

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    Default Generation 7: Theories, Ideas, Tweaks, etc.

    As far as I can tell, there is no thread dedicated towards the next Generation of Pokemon. Now I'm sure you're thinking, "But we don't even know if they will make a Gen 7."

    Lets face it, Game Freak and Nintendo will keep making Pokemon games as long as;
    A) There is money to be made
    B) They don't run out of ideas for Pokemon

    So I'd like this to be a collective of anything you might want to see in (or even removed) Gen 7. All ideas are welcome (especially the crazy ones), but don't bash an idea with the comment "That's a stupid idea." Give us your logic on why it wouldn't work.

    Here are some of my ideas.

    1) A Dark Type Gym. Yeah, you heard me. This type still remains the only one to not have a gym. And they've been around since Gen 2.

    2) The Elite 4 and Champion being stronger when you face them a second time. I'm not sure why they took this out in Gen 6. Put it back in.

    3) Another Female Champion. Technically, we only have two (I do not count Black2/White 2).

    4) More Fairy Type combos. (*Uses Force Persuasion* You want a Dragon/Fairy. You want a Dragon/Fairy.)

    5) Adding in type combinations that haven't been done at all or are low in numbers.

    6) The starters for Gen 7 having secondary types that actually make them strong against their weakness (to an extent).

    7) Event Pokemon no longer being restricted. (i.e. all Event Pokemon would be globally available)

    8) Nix the Roller Skates.

    9) Weirder ways to evolve our Pokemon. (holding the 3DS upside down? psh. amateur)

    I may add more on when I have time to think of them.
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    Sorry, but these kinds of speculation threads aren't allowed.

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