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Thread: Prepare to be destroyed!!!

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    Default Prepare to be destroyed!!!

    Hi. As the title suggests, you're about to be utterly stunned by my awesome pokemon ideas. Or something like that.

    I've played pokemon since 1st generation and my favorite pokemon through the whole time has been Articuno . Anyway, uh...

    I've always got amazing thoughts which people dismiss at the beginning then 2 months later someone says "actually, that was quite a good idea", by which time I've moved on and it's too late. But, that's life.

    So, to sum it all up, Hi.
    Arceus is the god of pokemon? Autocorrect got Articuno really wrong that time...
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    welcome to serebii articuno. my arcanine could beat it though, so u better watch out :P

    FC: 4167-5603-4051
    Gotta have one for me and one for one of my best friends on here!
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    Welcome to the forums
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    Welcome to sppf!

    If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.


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    Welcome, and matter of fact I just discovered articuno's mind reader/sheer cold combo possibility recently myself (reffering to Articuno's signature, btw), and have since started to train an articuno, but unfortunately sheer cold is learned at such a high level....but you may be not so happy (or not who knows :P) to know that according, I think it's anime pokedex entry, it's appearance is like the symbol of certain doom and death to people lost in snowy mountains. Really, I've remembered that for like.....a very long time. Not that articuno isn't awesome. Just, um....saying. Well anyway hi, and I'm pretty new fact I actually came to this forum section (the newbie lounge) to write an introduction of myself (didn't do it yet)! But um yeah hi, and sorry if this is off topic (not the point of this post of course!) but as I am writing this I just can't stop staring at the dancing trapinch trio in Darato's signature, the last post so thus right above where I am typing. lol they are like awesome....and I'm not even that crazy about trapinch but that sig is cool :P
    My 3DS Friend Code is 0576 3520 6954. I have both sun and moon version, and my sun version has my well trained and semi-competitive pokemon.

    I have played and beaten all of the main series pokemon games at some point except for Silver, Crystal and Pearl versions, though the only ones I still have now are Sun, Moon, OR, AS, X, Black 2, Plat, FR and Emerald. I also have a virtual console yellow version. I also love XD Gale of Darkness.


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