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That still doesn't make sense to me though, to use your furnature analogy, it's like throwing a table away and then buying exactly the same one later that day. There's absolutely no difference between this thread and the last, and given genres are ever evolving topics of discussion, a point highlighted with genre threads being exempt from the no bumping after x amount of days rule, there's never not something to discuss, and the very nature of the thread accomodates people dipping in and out. It just seems a lot of effort to go to for no logical reason. Unless I'm missing something, are there any benefits to duplicating the thread?

Like ke$ha said, it's just to keep the thread fresh. That's all there is to it. There wasn't a lot of effort put into making this thread, either. 5 minutes, tops. I'm very sorry that having threads being remade troubles you.

Anyway, go back to discussing pop music.