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You know I'll be standing guard in case Kelly & Michelle try to get on that stage. She could be waiting until the last day or so to try and maximize sales, but I'm starting to worry about her comeback.
i've decidid to refrom destins child but kely is busy and i cant rember the othr 1s naem

R&B is dead in the 2010s. It was thriving in the 90s and peaked in the 00s, but now its at an all time low. The only black females to have Top 10 singles since 2010 are Nicki, Rih and Bey (in Telephone no less) and that speaks volumes. The only reason Bey can still sell is her massive fanbase.
But electropop managed to make a comeback? If anything, I see that electro/dancepop is on it's way out. It was fresh and exciting on the charts in 2009 but thanks to all the go-to producers (RedOne, Max Martin, Doctor Luke) the charts became stale with the same beats, lyrics, formulae, and electropop became sterile and disinteresting as a genre. It shows a lot to know that last year's biggest three hits ignored the electropop formulae, as audiences are tired of this sterility and are ready to move onto something else. R&B could easily make a comeback. It's been around ten years since it was last on the charts, but it's not going to return by being endorsed by forgettable, disposable songs like Suit and Tie.

(And also, Nicki and Rihanna are no way near being R&B artists at the moment. People equate race and genre too much).