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    In some random other news that I thought might be worth mentioning, the newest song by Ariana Grande, who is a Nickoldeon star on the TV series "Victorious", is currently at #1 on US iTunes. This is actually pretty shocking to me, because I used to think that only Disney stars could actually sell their music, but it looks like Nick is upping its game.
    in the 5 episodes of that show that I've seen little sibling problems Ariana is the best singer of the show, despite not being the star. it's about time she gets some recognition

    EDIT: SO MADONNA IS A BILLIONAIRE NOW! I didn't even know she had this kind of money to begin with, but she made (I believe) $300 million from her tour sorry I can't convert to Ł. so I would say that's extremely impressive for someone in her line of work, considering that most billionaires are computer savvy like Zuckerberg and Gates, or they own every business like Trump. but great for her; it's a real testament to her worldwide influence for the past 20+ years
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