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Thread: 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament

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    Default 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament

    So how about all these upsets? My bracket was destroyed when MSU lost today. My Final Four was Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and MSU, with MSU beating Kansas in the title game. Think a couple of my Elite 8 teams lost as well.
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    Welp, Michigan's season ended. A 12-pt lead at the half leading to a loss is completely inexcusable, even despite the questionable fouls. A ton of "What ifs?" if our two senior captains, including best player, had been healthy to play for the second-half of the season. That being said, the players worked hard, but just haven't developed into what we had hoped. Hopefully next year's recruiting class pans out. It was yet again another forgettable season, but at least we made the bracket.

    A ton of upsets this year already! MSU's loss was absolutely hilarious. First 38-0 in football, and now beaten by Middle Tennessee (never leading, and tried floor-slapping to unnerve them lol).
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    Arizona, Kentucky, and Michigan St. messed up my bracket too. Makes you wonder if next year the committee will get it right by adding a few more mid-majors into the field of 68.

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    Purdue was the first team to ruin my bracket and then came Michigan State.....I'm a diehard Michigan fan, but I even I figured Michigan State would make a deep run....Michigan State came into the tournament as one of the hottest teams.
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