Hey there! Are there any fans of Disney's Wander Over Yonder on here?
The creator Craig Mccracken recently announced that Disney had cancelled it after season 2 Even though Craig and the crew had plans for a Season 3. Everyone wanted a third season but the big, big boss in Disney said no (simply because they felt 2 seasons were enough!) WOY won the Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production for Children last month and the fanbase is growing fast due to the recent release of it's Musical Episode - "My Fair Hatey".

Would anyone on here be interested in helping us to revive it for a 3rd season? We've been fighting Disney's decision with #SaveWOY over on sites such as Tumblr, Twitter and DA. We have a petition that has reached 5000+ signatures in just four days too! - https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney...onder-season-3 That number has gotta prove that Disney made the wrong choice, right!? If anyone would like to sign it please do, we'd all really appreciate it! I can post more info on how to help if anyone is interested too

If you do like Wander Over Yonder I'd love to hear your favourite episodes, characters and thoughts on the show! My favourite character is Commander Peepers! Followed closely by Lord Hater. But all of the main 5 are awesome in their own way!