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Thread: Pokémon Bright Dreams Official Thread (Fan Pokemon Series)

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    Default Pokémon Bright Dreams Official Thread (Fan Pokemon Series)

    This is the official thread for Pokémon Bright Dreams. If you don't know what it is, Pokémon Bright Dreams is a fan-made Pokémon sprite animation series I'm making on YouTube. I use FireRed's textbox for the dialogue though, because I don't have voice actors, although I prefer it this way, since every other series made like mine also uses textboxes and not voice acting.

    The story of Pokémon Bright Dreams is that a boy from New Bark Town named Akarui has just turned ten and is about to start his Pokémon journey, but things don't go quite as he planned. But then he finds out this change of plans is going to make his dreams come true.

    I'd say this series would be rated G, there's no foul language, no adult themes, no graphic violence. If you can watch the Pokémon anime without any issues, you can watch Pokémon Bright Dreams just fine. It's for all ages!

    Currently, one episode is out and I plan episode 2 to be done around early-mid November.

    Episode List:

    Episode 1:

    I'll be using this thread to keep Pokémon Bright Dreams organized. Mods, PLEASE PLEASE do not lock this thread, if it's not fitting to be here, please move it, but please don't lock it, I need an organized place to keep it.

    If you like Pokémon Bright Dreams, be sure to like, comment, subscribe and spread the word of the series around!

    Yeah... I suck at forum formatting, this OP looks kinda lame. If anyone's willing to make it with cool colored fonts and stuff, please PM me. XD
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    Click this link to check out the official thread for my Pokémon fan series: Pokémon Bright Dreams!

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    i like the episode
    had me giggle at the beginning cause it was so adorable

    i've subscribed and am waiting for episode two ^w^

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