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    Default The journey after the journey!

    Hello everybody! I decided to try another fic, as the other one hadn't really been motivating me lately. This one is a little different, though still a trainer fic.
    After a couple of chapters, there will be a new region, made up by me so I hope everyone likes it!
    I also want to thank Psychic, for helping me with the script format since it's the first time I try a script fic.
    Last but not least, this fic is about Ash's Hoenn Rival, Tyson.
    PG rated, for harsh language (in future chapters)

        Spoiler:- Pm list:

        Spoiler:- Chapter List:

    Well, here it goes!

    Chapter 1:
    Now what?

    Narrator: As the Hoenn League came to an end, the world witnessed a tall and skinny trainer, with brown spiky hair lift the trophy. His name is Tyson. He got on a ship to Slateport City in sunny day. He got on the ship with his partner, a Meowth that wore boots and a hat, and just left. To where, however?

    Tyson (standing at the stern of the ship, with his loyal Meowth next to him): Well Meowth, this is the first time we won the league. (Tyson looks at Meowth, and the latter looks at his owner, and they both start smiling).

    Meowth (smirking): Me-owth!

    Tyson: You know, the moment you used Iron Tail on that Magmar in the finals… My heart… it skipped a beat. I was so happy and proud of you buddy. I still am.

    Meowth (stands calmly, crosses arms and nods, very proudly): Meowth… Meowth meowth…

    Tyson (looks up, gazes at the shining stars): We’ve been on this ship for some hours now, shall we head inside? It’s getting late now…

    Meowth (shakes his head): Meowth, Meowth.

    Tyson (looks down to Meowth, with a calm expression): Ah I see… You want to breathe some fresh air huh Meowth? This does feel good though. The gentle, fresh breeze blowing in our faces… The water looks amazing too… Look, you can even see the reflex of the moon and the stars on the sea…

    Meowth (nods and smiles): Meowth…

    Tyson (looking to the sea): I must say though. The battle that really marked me was against Ash. Man, was he good! When I saw Pikachu had been defeated, I sort of felt bad for Ash. Then, however, the smile on his face... the look in his eyes... He was so proud of Pikachu. It made me happy, and I think it made Ash a stronger trainer.

    Ash (leans down and grabs Pikachu): Hey pal, are you okay?

    Pikachu (smiling): Pika pi.

    Ash: You were great Pikachu. You gave it everything you had.

    Pikachu (with a weak voice): Pikachu…

    Tyson (walks up to Ash): Hey, thanks a lot Ash! That was an awesome battle!

    (Tyson stretches his arm, to shake Ash’s hands.)

    Ash: No, I’m the one who should be thanking you.

    (Ash stretches his arm, shaking hands with Tyson.)

    Tyson (looks down to Meowth, and excitingly, puts his arm up): Meowth, let’s give it our best! From now on, let’s travel that extra mile! What do you say?!

    Meowth (follows Tyson’s gesture): MEOWTH!

    (Tyson and Meowth head inside to their small room and they take a nap.)

    Captain (announcing on the microphone): We will soon embark in Slateport City.

    Tyson (stretches his arms and yawns): Ah, finally! Meowth, wake up pal. It’s time to go.

    Meowth (sits on the side of the bed, scratching his eyes): Meowth?

    Tyson: Yeah silly. It’s time to go to Slateport City! We’re almost home.

    (Tyson grabs his bag, and leaves the room with Meowth. They head outside and walk to the bow. They are still surrounded by darkness, where the only light available comes from the stars. After a couple of minutes, the ship embarks in the blue, big harbor.There was another big, white and red ship with the initials S.S.T on it. Tyson and Meowth leave, looking around.)

    Tyson (still looking around): Now, where could he be? I told grandpa to be here around this time… Oh wait, there he is! Hahaha!

    (Tyson points at an old, chubby man, with a big smile on his face. He runs to his grandpa, while Meowth follows him.)

    Wattson (laughing very loud): Hey there kid! Hahaha!

    Tyson (smiling): Hey grandpa! It’s been a while!

    Wattson: It sure has! I saw how you won the Hoenn League! Very impressive, I must say! Your Pokemon were amazing! Hahahaha!

    Tyson (scratching the back of his head): Thanks! My Pokemon were truly amazing!

    Meowth (sharpening his nails, and nodding at the same time): Me-owth.

    Wattson (looks down): Oh! And there’s the star of the show! The Meowth in boots, or as I like to call him, the Puss in Boots! Your battle skills were outstanding!(Meowth jumps up and scratches Wattson’s face)

    Tyson: Yeah, never call him that. He hates it… My face felt terrible for the first weeks that I owned Meowth… (Tyson starts laughing, and Meowth starts smiling)

    Wattson: Well, shall we go then? Ever since you left, I and a couple of others that worked on New Mauville built lifts from here to Mauville, to make access easier for those who don’t own bikes. You can go from Mauville to Slateport quickly and easily now!

    (They all walk out. They walk past the big Pokemon Center, the ancient museum, the normally busy market, until they get to the beach, where the waves hit the shore hard. Since it’s still night, there’s only a few people. All are heading to the lifts.)

    Tyson (with an amazed expression on his face): Woah! You guys built this when I was out?

    Wattson (laughing in a proud way): Hahaha, yes we did! It didn’t even take us very long!

    Tyson: Well, good job. It’s huge!

    Wattson: Yep! And look, we’re also building some from here to Dewford, to make access easier again, of course.

    Tyson (with his eyes and mouth wide opened): Awesome! Let’s go then.

    (They go through the big sliding doors, walk to the brown counter and get some tickets. They then sit on their lift seats. Each cabin is colored with a very light blue, and has big windows so everyone can see the view.)

    Tyson (looking down): The view is amazing! Woah what’s that big house? (Tyson points down, intrigued.)

    Wattson: Oh, that’s the Trick House! The owner has added a bunch of trick rooms since you left.”

    Tyson: Oh, I see… Good to see that Hoenn is developing.

    (The lifts arrive in Mauville City, behind the Pokemon Center. Tyson, Meowth and Wattson leave the building, and head home.)

    Tyson (looking at his house. It’s a big yellow house, with a garden. Murkrow could be heard on the trees around it): Ah, home sweet home. It seems like nothing has changed here.

    Wattson: Nope. Well, I’m gonna leave you guys alone, so you can rest. Good bye Tyson! Meowth!(Wattson leaves to his house, while Tyson and Meowth enter the house)

    Tyson (walks up to his room with Meowth): Well, here’s my room. There’s the desk where I used to study before I went on my journey. Here’s the bed… and here’s your bed. (Tyson looks at Meowth and smiles)

    (He grabs a blanket and a basket, and puts it together on the floor, next to his bed. There is also a desk with a computer on it. There are even a lot of books about Pokemon on the desk.)

    Tyson (smiling): There, you can sleep here.

    Meowth (lies down under the blanket): Meowth…

    Tyson (lies down on his bed, turns off the lights): Well… good night Meowth, it’s been a long day.

    (The next morning, Tyson wakes up to the sound of the doorbell.)


    Tyson (gets up): Oahh… I’m coming! I’m coming!

    (Tyson goes down the stairs and heads to his door, while the bell is still ringing. He then opens the door.)

    Mailman: Hey there Tyson! Good work at the league!

    Tyson (embarrassed): Oh thanks! Haha.

    Mailman (gives Tyson a letter): Well, here’s your mail!

    Tyson (closing the door): Thanks!

    (Tyson goes to the living room, puts the letter on the table, and sits on the couch.)

    Tyson (puts his hands on his head): Ah… I wonder… what should I do now?

    (Meowth comes down the stairs, and sits next to Tyson.)

    Tyson (patting Meowth’s back): Hey there Meowth. How are you?

    Meowth (grins): Meowth...

    Tyson (looks up): Hey Meowth. I still have the trophy in my bag; let’s take a look at it.

    (Tyson takes the Hoenn League trophy and sets it on the table.)

    Tyson: Hm… So many good memories… What now though?

    Meowth (looks up as well): Me…owth…

    Tyson: Hm… well, let’s see what the letter says…

    (Tyson opens the letter, and starts reading.)

    "Dear Tyson,

    We saw how you won the Hoenn League. How you battled with all you had.
    The bond between you and your Pokemon is superb! Meet us in Sootopolis City, at 10 pm tomorrow.

    Sincerely, the Elite 4 Committee"

    Tyson: Hey Meowth, wait a bit here.

    Meowth (nods): Meowth.

    (Tyson stands up, grabs the trophy and goes upstairs, to his room. He puts the trophy right next to his Pokemon books.)

    Tyson (looks at the trophy one last time and smiles): Hmm…

    (Tyson heads downstairs again, goes next to the couch and looks at Meowth.)

    Tyson (with a huge smile on his face, while his heart beat is quicker than normal): Well Meowth, I know what we’re doing next.

    Narrator: Meowth stands up, and both him and his master have a new look on their faces. They look happy, excited. They have a new journey.

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